Gangster Pillai detained in Singapore; Mumbai police hope to get custody

Feb 21, 2016, 10:19 IST | A correspondent

The Mumbai police on Saturday sent dossier of the most educated gangster Kumar Pillai who is detained in Singapore. 

The Mumbai police on Saturday sent dossier of the most educated gangster Kumar Pillai who is detained in Singapore. Total of five cases which are registered against Pillai and documents proof were sent to Singapore. The Mumbai police is hoping to get custody of Pillai as they have extradition treaty with Singapore.

A senior police officer said, "Pillai was detained by the officials in Singapore several weeks ago, we were aware of the matter long back. However due to media hype and several questions raised, we are now disclosing the facts. We are in contact with CBI and Interpol who will help us in extradition process. He may be interrogated by central agencies too or directly handed over Mumbai police once in India."

Mumbai police spokesperson said, "The fugitive Kumar Krushna Pillai was detained by Singapore authorities couple of weeks ago on our RCN, There are 5 serious cases registered against him. we have sent out extradition proposal to them and that we are fulfilling all requirements from them. It is a protracted process which will take time to reach some definite stage."

According to officials Pillai has over 5 cases registered against him with the Mumbai police which includes murder, extortion and firearm cases. After he was detained in Singapore, the Mumbai police compiled all the documents and records related to Pillai which is sent to Singapore police on Saturday.

Pillai's background
Mumbais most educated don, Kumar Pillai, an engineer by profession, stepped into the world of crime to allegedly avenge his father’s death.

Pillai joined the gangsters to take revenge against the then MLA, Lal Singh Chavan, who killed his father. And he succeeded in killing Chavan, a suspected D-gang member, when he stepped out of Borivli railway station in the late 90s.

He was initially recruited by Amar Naik, and eventually became the right-handman of Naik’s younger brother Ashwin Naik.

Pillai’s stronghold is Vikhroli, where he mostly operates in the construction industry. He has been named in several extortion cases in north Mumbai. He is also suspected in the murder of an estate agent in Vikhroli.

Before his detention, police sources revealed that Pillai has been constantly shifting his base between UK, Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka or Singapore, which has a sizable Tamil population.

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