Honey Singh injures his back and head in US

Sep 30, 2014, 13:27 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, who has been ill for a while, apparently slipped during rehearsals for SLAM! tour and could not perform at some of the concerts in US

Last week, Honey Singh made a quick trip to India from the US, where he has been busy performing as part of a promotional tour for Happy New Year. He flew down to Mumbai since he had to shoot for his show, Raw Star, and a day later, he flew back to the US to join the film’s team.

Honey Singh
Honey Singh

Sources say that the singer was visibly tired and unwell when he was in India and when he went back to the US, he is said to have tripped during a rehearsal. A source says, “Honey has been travelling a lot of late and his packed schedule is not helping either. He has been juggling things between his reality show and this tour. While in the US, he tripped during rehearsals for one of his performances and it turns out he has hurt his back and head.”

The singer, who is still in the US, is expected to return in a day or two. Another source says, “Honey was keen to join the cast and be part of the remaining performances.

But he couldn’t do so because of his injury; he had to miss out on the last three concerts. Even before reaching the US, he was feeling under the weather. Now due to his fall, he’s sporting a bandage on his head and is expected to recover soon. Doctors have advised him to take rest.” Honey’s spokesperson confirmed the story.

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