I'll be a good mom: Bipasha Basu

Mar 18, 2013, 08:54 IST | Asira Tarannum

Bipasha Basu on her five-year-old co-star and being glad that married heroines are accepted in Bollywood today

Acting in horror films seems to come naturally to Bipasha Basu. Incidentally, the actress admits she is quite scared of the supernatural. So much so that she even wants to take a break from the genre after her next film in this genre. In a freewheeling chat, Bips also talks about being a mother some day and why her instincts have always worked for her.

Bipasha Basu

You seem to be in love with the devil?
I did not plan to do back-to-back horror films. But since the stories of both the films were so good and the scope of performance was great, as an actor I would have been foolish not to do them. If this film is a hit, I will say yes, I love the devil! (Laughs)

You always had a rather bold image in Bollywood. Are horror films a step to change that image?
Horror is bold too. I became an actor quite by chance and everything I have done is based on my gut feeling. It has been an amazing journey with many highs and lows. But when I compare myself to when I started out in the industry, I feel I am a much more evolved actor today. There is no particular thought process involved. But after Vikram Bhatt’s horror film, I definitely need to take a break from the horror genre. I don’t want to become a horror specialist.

Do you think the image of an actress has changed in the industry?
The best thing is that married actresses are being accepted today. We have come a long way! There was a point of time when I started out when we were not even supposed to admit having boyfriends. But then when it’s an important part of your life, how can you completely deny it?

We hear you are quite afraid of scary things?
Yes, very much. When people speak very loudly, I jump in fear. That’s been the case always and it’s not changing.

How is Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a co-star?
We have a very sweet equation. I talk and he listens! Suparn and I used to talk a lot and he just smiled and listened. He is a thorough gentleman.

You had a very young co-star too.
I realised I had to be patient. After all, she is five-year-old. At time she said, “Neend aaya hai” and she slept off. And we thought so gayi, shot kaun dega? Suparn reminded us woh bachchi hai. And we turned to our other shots after that. She would say, “bhook lagi hai, mera pack up kitney baje hai?” Suparn thought she was quite a diva! I am going to be a mother someday and I know I will be a very good mother.

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