Lean and mean machine for Akshay!

Jul 21, 2012, 06:29 IST | Shakti Shetty

A specialised two-wheeler with the price tag of Rs 10 lakh was commissioned to be made by the makers of Akshay Kumar's next film

Akshay Kumar’s fascination for his mean machines is quite well known. And no surprise that in his next film, the actor will be seen zooming around on a superbike as the modern day Krishna. Incidentally, a special motorcycle was designed by Vardenchi for him that came at a whopping price of Rs 10 lakh!


Dressed in leather jackets with a pair of Aviators in place, Akshay’s character in the film ascends from heaven on the aforementioned two-wheeler. Our source says, “It took 45 days to make the specifically-designed chopper. It was made keeping in mind the look of the film and the splendid personality of Akshay. Also, he loved the design and was very impressed by the drool factor of the motorcycle.”

The source adds that the motorbike was made keeping in mind the theme and concept of the film. Earlier, the makers have even designed bikes for high-adrenaline Hollywood projects like Ghost Rider Sunburn and Tron.  

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