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Oct 08, 2011, 08:15 IST | Soma Das

OWL (Objects With Light) is A Bangalore-based studio from where you can buy geometric shaped, eco-friendly lamps made from recycled polymer

OWL (Objects With Light) is A Bangalore-based studio from where you can buy geometric shaped, eco-friendly lamps made from recycled polymer

Making lamps using different materials has always been a passion for Manjunath Bhat. Even as a student of architecture at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), he would make time to dabble in his hobby. In 2011, when he finished college, he devoted eight years to working as a Partner / Associate at Design Clique in Hyderabad.

Hexa Mogaaro Lamp

But his love for lamps was still strong under the surface and in 2009, he took a break from architecture and interior designing to design and make decorative lighting products. He named his first venture Objects With Light (OWL), an apt choice as it perfectly described his work as well as his penchant for working through the night (like a night owl).

Intersecting Triangular (IT) lamp

At his studio in Bangalore, he runs a one-man-show where he makes innovative lamps out of recycled polymer. "The raw material contains a 50-60 percent recycled component (50% virgin polymer and 50% recycled polymer) and is fully recyclable. Plus, the production of each light shade causes minimal waste. The lamps are also chemically non-reactive, biologically inert and contain no plastic. They can also be washed using soap and water," explains Bhat.

Star lamp

A custom-made lamp

Hoot for the owl
While lantana and bamboo lamps are common these days, OWL lamps will strike you as unique thanks to their shape and design. "Most of my products are based on geometric and mathematical shapes, which are assembled to form lamps. My training as an architect helps me to understand three-dimensional (3D) geometry and simulate it in 3D softwares. Then, it is refined to make the final product," adds Bhat.

So far, his lamps have been installed in offices and are also popular during parties. He also custom-makes lamps on request. While eco-friendly products often veer on the pricier side, OWL lamps are affordably priced from Rs 400 onwards. "The lamps are eco-friendly mainly because of the material in use, which does not deteriorate or de-colourise and can be washed and used again," he states.

Inspire, ideate
Quiz him about his inspiration and he says, "Many of my lamps are based on Archimedean solids or Geometry and Geodesic Geometry. I have a series, titled IT, which is based on the principle that many geometrical shapes can be subdivided into triangles and that is why it is called the intersecting triangular series."

Now, Bhat is looking ahead towards working on a handmade series of paper lamps, which will soon go on sale. Neither is he averse to working with other mediums. "At the moment I fancy designing lighting products but I may move on to design other products later. Currently, I am working on a series titled Objects Without Light as well and plan to make it available soon," he concludes.

Email: owl.objectswithlight@gmail.com
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Price range: Rs 400 onwards

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