Malky Mackay accused of racial attack against Vincent Tan

Aug 24, 2014, 06:20 IST | Agencies

Erstwhile Cardiff City manager accused of calling the club’s Malaysian owner Vincent Tan a 'chink' in a text message

London: Former Cardiff City boss Malky Mackay allegedly called the club’s Malaysian owner Vincent Tan a “chink” in a text message, the Daily Mail newspaper reported on Saturday.

Malky Mackay
Malky Mackay

Mackay has been embroiled in controversy over claims that he and right-hand man Iain Moody swapped racist, sexist and homophobic SMS messages when they worked at the club.

Vincent Tan
Vincent Tan

The Mail published what it said was a fresh batch of offensive messages including one from June last year when Mackay, then Cardiff’s manager, contacted Moody about a player they wanted to sign.

“Not taking no for an answer from the chink until the 20th time or unless somebody big blows us out of the water. Can you tell him that,” the message allegedly said. Tan controlled Cardiff’s finances at the time and that the club’s investigators believe that the text message referred to the owner.

Before Saturday’s report emerged, the Scotsman apologised for what he said was three “unacceptable” text messages on Sky Sports News Friday. But he added: “I am not racist, I am not sexist, I am no homophobe and I am not anti-Semitic.”

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