mid-day 36th anniversary special

Jun 25, 2015, 11:20 IST | team mid-day

From food, fashion, sports and the glitz-blitz of Bollywood to news and views about what Mumbai has, and needs for the future, mid-day's 36th-anniversary special will be a treasure trove for any true-blue Mumbaikar

mid-day begins a week-long celebration as it turns 36, and you're invited. An expert's eye sweeps across the city to bring you the best of the pulsating metropolis that never sleeps — from food, fashion, sports and the glitz-blitz of Bollywood to news and views about what the city has, and needs for the future. Backed up by eye-popping visuals, mid-day's 36th-anniversary editions, beginning with the fashion and lifestyle supplement on Monday, will be a treasure trove for any true-blue Mumbaikar.

Travel & Technology

mid-day 36th anniversary: Travel & Technology

The travel bug, which never seems to leave our side, has bitten us again, and the timing couldn’t be better! As we addressed the various aspects of this glorious metropolis of ours through the week, the one thing that always remains on top of the mind is the city’s veritable treasure trove of heritage spots and its sheer beauty, which is never lost on any Mumbaikar. It pains us, however, that tourists from across the world don’t get to experience Mumbai the way we see it. Thus, in the last special supplement — on Travel & Technology — in our week-long 36th-anniversary celebrations, experts tell us ways of making our city ‘smarter’ through the use of technology, and encourage heritage conservation to make Mumbai a favourite stop among tourists. Dive in.

'Mumbai needs to become a Smart City'. (Read more)

mid-day says: Upgrade emergency alert systems. (Read more)

'We must take pride in our local heritage'. (Read more)

Public viewing of our heritage. (Read more)

Transport & Infrastructure
mid-day 36th anniversary: Transport & Infrastructure

One of the great tragedies of the country’s financial capital has always been that infrastructure has never managed to keep pace with the burgeoning population. While projects are proposed at breakneck speeds, their implementation takes place 10 or even 20 years hence. Mumbaikars, thus, find themselves riding in jam-packed trains or negotiating bumper-to-bumper traffic and Martian craters on the roads. With the Metro extension and coastal road projects offering some colour to this otherwise gloomy landscape, mid-day takes a look at what the future holds for transportation in the city.

Infrastructure must be planned in accordance with Mumbai's growing population. (Read more)

How road transport in Mumbai can be made easier. (Read more)

Upcoming projects that can ease traffic congestion in Mumbai. (Read more)

mid-day 36th anniversary special: Bollywood

Long known for its propensity to make people dance around trees, Bollywood — an industry which both defines Mumbai and uses it as its muse — has truly come a long way. From strugglers to stars and keep-your-brain-at-home movies to new-age ones that dare to take the path less trodden, the Bollywood of today has something to offer to everyone. All this, while keeping the glitz and glamour alive. So dive into the fourth supplement of mid-day's 36th-anniversary celebrations to witness stars streaking across the filmy skyscape and find out about a new generation of directors and actors that are making the ascent.

How Nawazuddin's Bollywood dream became a reality. (Read more)

Top 5 songs that will make you nostalgic about Mumbai. (Read more)

These films will give you a slice of Bombay's Jazz Age. (Read more)

How the depiction of Mumbai police has changed in Bollywood. (Read more)

Ekdum Jhakaas! How Mumbaiya Hindi became part of Bollywood. (Read more)

Bollywood films that delved into Mumbai's murky underbelly. (Read more)

Painting the town filmy. (Read more)

Filmmakers on their love-hate relationship with Mumbai. (Read more)

Food & Nightlife
mid-day 36th anniversary: Food & Nightlife

Restaurants with unpronounceable names, bars with heady cocktails, nightclubs with groovy playlists… Mumbai has never had it better. And the best part? This is just the beginning. That, at least, is what our experts are telling us. Gazing into the crystal ball to get a sense of the future of the city's food and nightlife scene, they also tell us why it's important to keep at it — with newer, cooler and more innovative ideas — to ensure Mumbai remains on top of things. Live it up!

Expect more global cuisines to hit Mumbai, says Farrokh Khambata. (Read more)

More food precincts, 24x7 F&B districts. (Read more)

Sumer Vaswani: The entertainment industry must be recognised as fully legitimate. (Read more)

Where are the big artistes? (Read more)

mid-day anniversary sports

In a city which has given the world the likes of Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar, the chances of producing the next cricketing genius, the next Saina Nehwal or even the next Lionel Messi are being dimmed by a no-holds-barred assault on open spaces. With experts calling for a complete reboot of the way Mumbai looks at sport, mid-day's second supplement in our week-long 36th birthday celebrations brings you in-depth analysis, biting commentary and stunning visuals topped off with a dash of sporting nostalgia.

Lack of proper sporting infrastructure at grassroots level hurting Mumbai youngsters. (Read more)

The magic of Mumbai cricket. (Read more)

Mumbai needs more Maidans and multi-sport avenues: Rasquinha. (Read more)

Fashion & Lifestyle
mid-day 36th anniversary - Fashion & Lifestyle

From stardust to street fashion, home decor to design mantras, it's all in here. We invite the experts to speak on how to up Mumbai's style quotient.

Mumbai allows for fashion and freedom to coexist, says Anita Dongre. (Read more)

mid-day view: Fashion, streets and legality. (Read more)

Why art should move out of the gallery, says Krsna Mehta. (Read more)

mid-day view: More access to art. (Read more)

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