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Jun 24, 2014, 08:08 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Corporator with a difference
Here is a corporator who not only keeps his word, he puts it up on a billboard, too. Or rather, he has gone one step further and put up his mobile number on this board in the vegetable market area of Dombivili East, at not one spot but two.

Rahul Chitale’s winning move
Rahul Chitale’s winning move

Rahul Chitale of the MNS has taken this step so that people who have grievances about public services can contact him directly, and it has worked. He says he has received some three to four calls so far, informing him about choked gutters and non-clearance of garbage.

This is a quick way of getting things done without having to wade through the customary sea of red tape. The added benefit, of course, is that it seals the corporator’s image in the public mind. The downside, as it were, is that the corporator has to actually work. Chitale seems to be one of those who does.

Bring your own seat!
In a city known for its enterprising spirit, commuters like Dipali Bansode go that extra mile to make life more comfortable.

Pic/Shilpi Sampad

Bansode carries her own seat for the Kalyan-Kurla commute. She bought this foldable plastic stool 10 years ago for Rs 70.

Hear their pleas
You may choose to not see them, but they, for sure, can’t hear you. Over the last couple of days commuters at Dombivili have encountered a group of hearing-impaired youngsters holding a banner.

Capable and confident, all these youngsters need is a chance. Pic/Shrikant Khuperkar
Capable and confident, all these youngsters need is a chance. Pic/Shrikant Khuperkar

They’re not asking for assistance in the way you might imagine, though; on the contrary, they want to draw attention to their plight that they cannot get jobs because they are deaf. People tend to think that they won’t be able to work, while at the same time their families pressurise them to “Go and find a job!”

As one of the youths, Sharan Thambi, said, companies should at least give them a chance, call them for an interview and see what their capabilities are despite their disability.

If readers of this page would like to give these disadvantaged young people a chance in life, you can email them at, or send an SMS to 9167297329.

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