Mumbai: MLA highlights crimes against minors through mid-day report

Mar 12, 2016, 13:01 IST | Dharmendra Jore

Congress' Mumbai legislator Naseem Khan brought up the issue in the house by presenting this paper’s report on the recent attacks on minors, one of whom was from his constituency

The recent crimes against minors in the city came up for discussion in the legislative assembly on Friday after a Congressman presented a recent mid-day report on three little girls who were attacked within a span of three weeks.

Congress legislator Naseem Khan presented this mid-day report from March 10 in the Assembly yesterday
Congress legislator Naseem Khan presented this mid-day report from March 10 in the Assembly yesterday

The cases
The report, ‘Three minor girls attacked in three weeks’ was published on Thursday, after the third girl — a four-year-old — was found dead inside an underground water tank in Powai. Just two days before that, on March 7, another four-year-old’s body was found in the bushes in Mankhurd, after she was abducted, raped and murdered. Three weeks ago, on February 16, a five-year-old was spotted weeping in Sion after she had been kidnapped and raped. Mumbai legislator Arif Naseem Khan (Congress) raised the issue through an adjournment motion, following which the government was asked to make a statement. Khan produced a copy of the mid-day report in the house to establish the facts.

Khan represents the Chandivali constituency where the most recent victim used to stay in Tunga village, Powai. The victim’s mother is a constable in training and had gone to the police training camp with her husband, while the girl was left in her grandmother’s care.

Her family has blamed the police for starting the search too late. “The people in Tunga village were very angry on Thursday. Some 30,000 people gathered to protest the crime. The government and police must arrest the culprits and prevent further rapes,” Khan told this reporter.

“No culprits have been arrested in the heinous crime. Minors and women are not safe in Mumbai,” Khan stated in the house. In a recent development reported by this paper yesterday, a man was arrested for the rape and murder of the girl from Mankhurd. The man admitted to the crime and said he was an addict and a sexual deviant who not only solicited prostitutes, but also raped animals when he didn’t have money. The police are now investigating whether he may have been involved in the other two incidents as well.

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