Mumbai's 10 Most dangerous roads - Part 2

Apr 02, 2012, 10:12 IST | Shashank Rao

With 5,900 deaths in the last 10 years, this city has the worst road accident record in the country. In a month-long campaign, MiD DAY will focus on these killer stretches. We hope the authorities will too.

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Killer Road: Adi Shankaracharya Marg, Powai

Accident spots:
Rambaug Junction
No of accidents in 2011: 17
No of deaths: 17

MiD DAY Road analysis:
The road on this stretch is uneven with the cemented part of the road being a couple of feet higher than the gravel

Case Study
On October 5, 2007, Vikram Solanki was riding with his fianc ee, when his bike skid in front of Azara Shopping Mall due to the rugged surface. Vikram died on the spot after a sixteen-wheel container ran over him. His fianc ee, Trishna Jedhia, died on the way to the hospital. While the junction near Larsen & Toubro has a huge pothole that has seen fatal accidents, other killer spots on this road include the IIT main gate junction, Pizza Hut junction and the Milind Nagar junction.

"The year 2011 has seen 14 accidents on the AS Marg, five of which were fatal," said Neelkanth Suryawanshi, police officer at the Powai police station. Suryawanshi added that most of the accidents took place in the monsoon, when the roads were wet and slippery.

Shailesh Tiwari, (33), distributor, "The Milind Nagar junction sees an accident every two days. There is a big pothole in the middle of the road since three months. There was a small barricade in front of the pothole at first as a warning for vehicles but it's gone now. Deepak Dubey, a resident of the area, said, "Six months back, I was on my bike at Rambaug junction and had to move from the cemented stretch to the gravel. This led to my bike skidding, and I fell down. I got a few bruises on my arm but I was saved."

Killer Road: Wadala-Chembur link road
Accident spots: Opp Anik Depot
No of accidents in 2011: 4
No of deaths: 5

MiD DAY Road analysis: Dumpers and oil company tankers frequent this stretch. The dearth of traffic signals and proper road markings has led to numerous losses of lives of pedestrians.

Case Study
On May 14, 2011, a speeding car trying to evade the cops after hitting another bike, banged Jignesh Patel's (25) bike and knocked him down. A speeding dumper coming from behind struck him again, killing him instantly.


"A vast majority of accidents is caused by trucks and dumpers plying in the area. Pedestrians who walk on the roads are knocked down by these trucks leading to casualties," said a traffic cop on the condition of anonymity.

"There is no exit signage. Motorists need to get an early intimation and accordingly lower their speed and change lanes. This would prevent accidents when people suddenly lower speed and change lanes to exit the highway," said Mahendra Patel, father of Jignesh.

Vaibhav Mane, Marketing Executive who travels through this route, said "I drive to my showroom at Andheri everyday through this route. This route has over four accident-prone zones within a couple of kilometres. I met with a minor accident once while a speeding dumper overtook my car from the wrong side.

Killer Road: Eastern Express Highway
Accident spots: Opp Pravin hotel and Godrej gate, Vikhroli, and in front of Kanjur Marg dumping ground.
No of accidents in 2011: 22
No of deaths: 5

MiD DAY Road analysis: Uneven at some places with no speed limit signage.

Case Study
As per available statistics, the Eastern Express Highway is one of the most fatal roads in the city where accidents take place almost daily.

On March 8 last year, Deepak Toskar (22) while was on his way to Wadala RTO, met with a fatal accident, when a speeding BMC dumper rammed into him, killing him instantly.

"There are four accident-prone zones on this stretch. The cause of accidents was mainly speeding and negligent driving. Apart from speeding motorists, even pedestrians are at risk due to the lack of FOBs," said a police official requesting anonymity.

Dhawal Shah, student, said "I commute from Mulund to Ghatkopar on a regular basis to my college through the Eastern Express Highway. In the last two years, I have witnessed several damaged vehicles parked along the highway, each of which has a blood-stained story to tell". The locals want the traffic police stationed at regular intervals along with more of speed breakers with proper lanes defined."

Casualties of road mishaps in the last 10 years
Year   Total    Accidents Killed Injured
2002  25,470  475 6,547
2003  25,162  394 6,220
2004  25,677  534 5,901
2005  29,265  654 7,476
2006  30,484  669 7,790
2007  29,906  651 6,510
2008  29,781  622 6,454
2009  29,327  628 6,567 
2010  28,424  637 5,940
2011  25,471  563 4,858
2012 (till Feb) 1,966  40 380

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