Brave Mumbai cop takes on Palghar's bootleggers and bullying politicians

Feb 11, 2017, 20:30 IST | Samiullah Khan and Anurag Kamble

When Naresh Bhoir, a Palghar Shiv Sena leader, attempted to bully SP Priyanka Meena's team against raiding his illegal liquor operation, she didn't back down, but arrested him

Police officer with the arrested bootleggers. Pic /Hanif Patel

Beware of probationary SP Priyanka Meena. In a display of gumption, when Naresh Bhoir, a local Shiv Sena leader from Palghar attempted to bully her team against raiding his illegal liquor operation, not only did she not back down, but also managed to arrest him along with five others for deterring a public servant from performing duty.

Based on information by residents that liquor was being illegally produced in backyards, Palghar superintendent Sharda Raut ordered action be initiated. To that end, on February 7, a team of local crime branch officers, led by SP Meena, inspector Ashok Honmane and API Prashant Langi, raided suspected homes in Rajondi and Gokhiware. In the first raid, they recovered eight plastic drums of 200-litres each, capable of producing country liquor worth Rs 1.19 lakh; in the second, they found ingredients to prepare country as well as foreign liquor.

However, after the two raids, when they attempted to check out 65-year-old Janabai Bhoir's home, her son Naresh stepped in and started abusing the cops.

Liquor drum found inside a houseLiquor drum found inside a house

Then Bhoir started taking on young lady cop in uniform. He told them to go away as he got connections and teach him lesson. Lady cop, a Probationary SP Priyanka Meena suspected his behaviour and told team to carry out more search in house and backyard. "We found his toilet full of liquor, which he thrown when he sensed police raid, we also found materials to prepare liquor" told another officer present at the raid. "Naresh Bhoir, actually wanted to bully cops so that, he will get away with raid. But, we nabbed and booked him with his mother. We have also booked Hausabai Bhoir (60) and Kisan Bhoir (45) for possessing and preparing illicit liquor told officer. All were arrested and produced in court on Wednesday."

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