People rubbish DMC's claim of zero waterlogging in Pune

Aug 02, 2012, 08:09 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Fire brigade officials say they got at least three calls regarding waterlogging during downpour

If officials from the Disaster Management Cell (DMC) are to be believed, then there was not a single case of waterlogging in last two days in the city. Claims were made despite the fact that heavy showers lashed the city yesterday and day before.

Contrary to their claims, the citizens did complain of waterlogging at Seven Loves Chowk, Balgandharva Chowk, Khadi Machine Chowk on Katraj Kondhwa Road and DevelopmentPlan (DP) Road. 

Water, water everywhere: People wade through water that was logged at several places after heavy showers lashed the city in the last 48 hours. Pics/Lopamudra Sahoo

Fire brigade officials too said that they addressed around three to four waterlogging-related calls in the last two days. “Case of waterlogging were registered at Karve Road in a resident while the other cases were unregistered and transferred to police,” official said.

DMC’s Project Support Associate Ganesh Sonune said that unless the water did not remain at a particular spot for 15 to 20 minutes and remained even after the rainfall had ceased, only then it could be termed as waterlogging.

“Such a situation was not witnessed in any of the areas in the city and that’s why we can’t say that there were waterlogging incidents in the city,” Sonune said.

When pointed out that trenches that had been dug up on the roads were brimming with water and had led to chaotic traffic jams, Sonune said it was not due of waterlogging, but because of undisciplined commuters.

“As construction of DP Road has been ongoing for the past several years, the road is full of trenches. I had to drive through waterlogged street,” Vrushali Patil, a resident of Karve Road who travels daily on the DP Road, said.

She said commuters were unable to judge the depth of potholes on the road, making driving an arduous task. Jyoti Kanade, who was travelling via Khadi Machine Chowk, was struck in traffic for an hour due to waterlogging.

DMC’s duties
>> The cell is expected to work through out the year on 24x7 basis
>>  The flood control action plan is chalked out every year and strategies to deal with waterlogging are studied 

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