RPF men told to hang up the phone

Jun 04, 2012, 07:23 IST | Vedika Chaubey

Following the death of a head constable who slipped off a moving train while he was on his phone, RPF personnel have been warned against using their mobiles unnecessarily

It appears that the death of one of its own was just the kind of wakeup call that the Railway Protection Force needed.

Following the death of a RPF head constable, the Senior Divisional Security Commissioner (DSC) has cracked the whip and is now ensuring that all RPF officials are alert and more attentive on the job.

Dangerous behaviour: The RPF Senior Divisional Security Commissioner has also instructed that all officials wear their uniform at all times while on duty

On May 4, head constable Vijaykant Jha attached to the Dadar RPF fell off a moving train after his night shift at Dadar station on a fast local. Passers-by rushed him to Sion hospital where he died after he was in a coma for three days.

Officials say that the accident occurred as he was busy on his mobile and slipped and hit a pole.

Following his demise, the RPF has now begun a crackdown on the use of mobile phones within the department. “We have been asking our staff for a really long time to maintain proper discipline and not talk on phones during work. However, the staff was not taking it seriously but after the senior DSC’s instructions, a change has been noticed,” said a RPF official, on the condition of anonymity.

The official added that it was not just Jha’s death that spurred them into action but several other incidents where passengers died because they were too busy on their phones that eventually cost them their lives.

“Time and again, we have asked passengers not to use their phones while travelling, but our men commit the same mistake and hence, we have decided to train our men.”

He added, “If any of our officials are found talking on their mobiles incessantly, they will be punished.” Additionally, the officials have been instructed to always be in uniform.

Alok Bohra, Senior Divisional Security Commissioner, RPF, CR, said, “I want our officials to be more disciplined. Instructions have been given that they should not be talking on the phone.”

He added, “I have told them that mobiles should be used only in cases of emergency.”

The number of people who have fallen off the train in Dadar jurisdiction in 2012 

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