Sheena Bora murder: How the action unfolded in Mumbai courtroom

Sep 01, 2015, 13:28 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Vidhie Mukerjea couldn’t hold back her tears when she came face to face with her mother Indrani for the first time since the latter’s arrest. A lowdown of what happened during the court proceedings

Vidhie Mukerjea couldn’t hold back her tears when she came face to face with her mother Indrani for the first time since August 25, when the latter was arrested on charges of murdering Sheena Bora; the court yesterday extended Indrani’s police custody to September 5. Here's what happened in court.

Illustrations/Uday Mohite

<< Do you have any complaint against the police?
All three said No.
Chief Metropolitan Magistrate S M Chandgade remanded Indrani, Sanjeev and Shyam in police custody till September 5.

>> No home food was allowed for Sanjeev Khanna, as it could have been poisoned.
Police Inspector Dinesh Kadam

<< The police wants to find out what the accused did with Sheena Bora’s mobile and clothes
Police wants to investigate whether the motive for the murder was money or a personal reason.
Police wants to know which car was used to commit the crime.
The individual search of the offices of the three accused is pending
Police wants to investigate if there were any more accomplices in the crime from another state
Police wants to know why the accused were silent for so long after committing the crime
Why did the accused hide information regarding Sheena Bora’s whereabouts.
Indrani Mukerjea has not been cooperating with the investigating officers
Public Prosecutor Laxman Rathod pressed for the extension of police custody of the three accused

>> The police have arrested Indrani on August 25 and she has been in police custody for six days
We have learnt that Indrani has been interrogated for 80-90 hours.
She was also taken to all the required spots for the investigation and has also been interrogated with other accused.
The only part of the investigation that remains is the FSL reports and for that her custody is not required. So she should be sent to judicial custody.
During the 6-day police custody, Indrani was not allowed to meet her lawyers despite having the court’s permission. She was not allowed to meet her relatives either
The police are not investigating, instead they are creating it (the case).
Indrani Mukerjea’s lawyer Gunjan Mangla wanted her to be sent to judicial custody.

<< The police have interrogated Sanjeev for 80-90 hours.
Sanjeev should be remanded in judicial custody.
Sanjeev Khanna’s advocate Hrishikesh Mundargi sought his judicial custody

>>Vidhie Mukerjea broke down after seeing her mother. Indrani was seen feeling giddy and faint in the courtroom

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