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Feb 24, 2014, 07:40 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Once Upon My Kitchen is a newly launched website that helps people host homemade dinners and find a kitchen, if they miss the aromas of home-cooked food

If you are feeling homesick, and long for some homemade food, you might want to look up

Started with an aim to bring together those who love to cook, and those who want to eat quality homemade food irrespective of where they are, Once Upon My Kitchen is a small community of foodies and cooks. The initiative is present in five Indian cities — Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune, and hosts each other in these five cities.

Co-founder Sheetal Bhonsle

They plan to take the service across India soon. Mumbai’s Sheetal Bhonsle, who founded the community with husband Ranjith Rajasekharan, says that the idea hit her while she was working in the Cayman Islands. “The place was filled with expats, and each day, during lunch we would miss home food, and end up inviting each other home. Though the food in restaurants was good — these get-togethers offered a different experience,” she recalls. So, once she was back in India, she decided to start a service that would help people experience homemade food irrespective of where they were, from across communities.

Interested folk can sign in either as a host or as a guest. Their in-built system helps one to organise a menu for the evening. “People are usually passionate about home- made food, but apart from the taste, we offer much more. It’s similar to eating out, but the experience is different from a restaurant.

It’s more like a community where people share their experiences, tastes, likes and dislikes, discuss trends and ideas, and much more,” she explains, adding, “Currently, we are a small group, but we are increasing in number, a kitchen a time.”

Log on to: www.
Note: 10% commission fee and 3% convenience fee from the host and guest, each, along with an additional 12.36 % service tax on the fees are charged.

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