The arrival of a star baby

Published: Nov 17, 2011, 09:57 IST | Sujata Chakrabarti |

This might be the first high profile 'delivery' for us, but star pregnancies and child birth have always managed to garner major attention in Hollywood....

This might be the first high profile 'delivery' for us, but star pregnancies and child birth have always managed to garner major attention in Hollywood....

Perhaps in Bollywood, there has never before been so much of excitement and anticipation surrounding the arrival of a star baby.

Suri Cruise

With bookies and astrologers working overtime speculating the sex of Aishwarya Rai's baby, now that Baby B has arrived, there sure will be some more guessing what her name will be. Ash and Abhishek's baby is the trending topic on Twitter currently.

Though we might be a little alien to the blitzkrieg surrounding the birth of a star baby, celebrity watchers abroad are familiar with the drama that surrounds the run up to the birth.

Have it, flaunt it!
One cannot forget that iconic Vanity Fair cover of August 1991, when Demi Moore posed in the buff, proudly showing off her baby bump to the world. Since that cover released, several other celebs followed suit.
In fact, pregnant actresses in Hollywood have inspired maternity clothing ranges, accepted awards on the dias while being pregnant and have spoken to various magazines and newspapers about their excitement of being soon-to-be mammas. Definitely, a far cry from our own crop of pregnant Bollywood beauties who rather prefer to be stuck indoors!

Showbiz, full on...
When actress and singer Jennifer Lopez introduced her twins to the world through the pages of a glossy, soon after their birth, the babies were seen wrapped in designerwear from head to toe, with matching prams embossed with the logo of a designer house.
The baby range from the couture house became an instant hit and everybody went home happy. When Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise's baby-faced wife became pregnant, it became the talking point on several American chat shows.

Since then, media houses have spent millions on exclusive photographs from the paparazzi who follow Suri Cruise's moves from clutching her favourite pink blanket to her favourite shade of lipstick and even her fetish for cupcakes.
Just last week, international media reported how Suri had finally perfected the art of pulling a face at shutterbugs to rebuff their requests for a picture.

To be or not to be

The paparazzi have chased Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's famous brood across continents and have accounted through photographs the sartorial choices of pop star Gwen Stefani's children.

In fact quite contrary to their image of being invasive, the paparazzi even respected the privacy of the devastated Lily Allen after her back-to-back miscarriages, as the musician and her fans silently shed tears at her loss.

Providing a daily dose of news and views about Hollywood star kids forms a multi-million dollar enterprise in entertainment news services abroad.
Actors and their families have gracefully accepted this as the trappings of fame and fortune. Watching their kids grow up in the pages of newspapers and magazines, for them, is just another day in paradise... So, live on!

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