There is no bitterness now: Deepti Naval

Jan 30, 2013, 06:25 IST | Asira Tarannum

Deepti Naval on her separation from former husband Prakash Jha

Her marriage with filmmaker Prakash Jha may be long over but Deepti Naval has something rather interesting to say. There seems to be a tinge of regret in her voice as she admits that years after their divorce, she wished she had given some extra effort to their relationship.

Deepti Naval Prakash Jha
Deepti Naval and Prakash Jha

Deepti says, “Prakash ji aur mera kabhi koi jhagda bhi nahi hua tha, there is no bitterness. Back then we had realised we had different paths. While he went to Delhi I stayed back here because my acting world was here.” And now the senior actress feels very different after so many years have gone by.

“Now if I re-evaluate (our marriage), I feel agar us time thoda sa waqt de diya hota… I came to India only to act. Had I understood the value (of marriage) that I realised much later, I would have made more effort. You have a talented and a good person in front of you. At that age my decision seemed right. Now my point of view is different. But I have moved on now. I have the courage to go against the tide and pay for my choices.”  

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