Three signals for Palm Beach Road

Jul 29, 2012, 07:38 IST | Saurabh Katkurwar

Navi Mumbai's traffic police claim that the lack of traffic signals on Palm Beach road has led to a huge number of accidents

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has decided to install traffic signals at three junctions on Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai.

The Navi Mumbai traffic police has requested the corporation to install traffic signals at all junctions on the infamous Palm Beach Road since these are accident-prone areas. They found that the junctions without traffic signals saw more accidents.

Navi Mumbai’s Palm Beach road is accident-prone, say traffic police.  PIc/Sameer Markande

NMMC officials had ignored the demand of Navi Mumbai traffic police for a considerable amount of time, claiming that the addition of traffic signals would obstruct smooth flow of traffic on the road.

“We did not want to add more signals on Palm Beach Road since it would affect the smooth flow of vehicular movement on the road, which has been built as a high-speed corridor. “But we have received an approval from the standing committee to install 13 signals at busy junctions in the city including three traffic signals on Palm Beach Road. The three traffic signals will be installed at Karave junction, T S Chanakya College junction and near Agri-Koli Bhavan on Palm Beach Road,” said an NMMC official, who requested anonymity.

The traffic police has welcomed the decision to install traffic signals. SA Quadri, Assistant Commissioner of Navi Mumbai Traffic Police, said, “The number of accidents at junctions without traffic signals is higher. We expect these to reduce once these signals are installed.”

NMMC is going to use solar energy to operate these signals. Tenders for the installation will be opened in the next few days.  

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