Troubled love life drives youth to attempt suicide on Mumbai airport premises

Jan 03, 2015, 13:05 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

While he managed to climb over the airport’s perimeter wall successfully, the CISF apprehended him; he was found carrying marijuana and admitted he had intended to commit suicide

Less than a fortnight after the airport witnessed a bizarre security breach when a naked man tried to scale the perimeter walls, the New Year began with a similar incident, with a youth attempting to commit suicide in the airport premises.

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A 22-year-old, Somnath Patil, was apprehended when he scaled the perimeter walls and entered the operational area on January 1, around 10.50 pm.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) found marijuana in his possession, and after questioning him on why he had broken into the airport, he revealed that he had intended to commit suicide because of problems in his love life.

Somnath Patil was apprehended by the CISF after he entered the airport premises on January 1
Somnath Patil was apprehended by the CISF after he entered the airport premises on January 1

“He was reluctant to reveal his identity and had to be convinced to disclose the reason why he had entered the airport. It was only after a lot of attempts that he revealed that he had entered to commit suicide due to romantic problems,” said an airport police official of Patil, who had entered from the Jari Mari side, in Andheri (East).

High alert
While he was scaling the walls, the newly installed Perimeter Intrusion and Detection System (PIDS) raised an alarm, marking the first time it detected an intrusion. CISF officials immediately cornered Patil, but when they found nothing suspicious on his person, they handed him over to the Airport police station.

It should be noted that the airport has been on high alert since December 31, owing to the prime minister’s expected arrival on Friday evening.

“At a time when all the security agencies at the airport, including the local police, were on regular rounds as a precaution before the PM’s visit, no one and nothing could be taken lightly,” said a policeman on the spot.

Naked climber
On December 23, a 23-year-old naked man had attempted to climb over the perimeter walls of the airport, but was nabbed by the CISF’s Quick Response Team. However, on questioning him, the police suspected he was not of sound mind and handed him over to Thane Mental Hospital, where he was declared mentally deranged.

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