Woman gives savings to widow, friend repays her kindness

Apr 08, 2014, 08:15 IST | Agencies

Catherine had saved money to buy a new car but gave it away to a woman in need; moved by her generosity, her friend Debbie pooled in money to buy the Good Samaritan a new set of wheels

Catherine has always had a big heart. Customers always find her sporting a smile while working at a bakery.

“She’s an angel among us,” Catherine’s friend, Debbie, says in the above video posted by I Like Giving — a nonprofit that works to inspire generosity in the public at large. “If you watch her [at work], everybody comes in to see Catherine.”

Catherine told Debbie she’d been saving money in order to buy a new car, as the one she owned needed costly repairs. A few months later, when Debbie asked how the car fund was coming along, Catherine revealed she’d given the $5,000 she’d saved to a widow in need.

“I cannot give what I don’t have,” Catherine said. “So I just gave what I had.” That’s when Debbie decided she had to act. She and her husband went to a car dealership to inquire about purchasing a vehicle.

“[Debbie] came into the bakery and she asked me, ‘If you were to buy a car, what kind of car would you like?’” Catherine said. “I said, ‘Debbie, I’m not really planning to buy a car,’ but she says, ‘Oh, just tell me.’”

Catherine told Debbie she’d like a light-colored SUV with cruise control. The dealership had the perfect one. Debbie, her husband and the car dealership owner all pitched in to surprise Catherine.

“We all stood there in tears, as we saw the joy on Catherine’s face,” Debbie said of the moment Catherine saw her new car. “And we got to be a part of it. And the joy of that was unbelievable.”             

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