Woman police officer caught taking bribe

Sep 28, 2011, 08:40 IST | A Correspondent

Inspector Maya Bankar, constable caught in ACB trap

Inspector Maya Bankar, constable caught in ACB trap

A woman police officer, Inspector (Crime) Maya Bankar, and her writer, Constable Rajendra Raut, were caught red-handed accepting a bribe from a person last evening. The two were caught in a trap laid by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). It was learnt that the bribe had been demanded to not take action against a person.
Complainant Yakub Hussien Shaikh (54), a resident of 113 Shivajinagar, is President of Shahi Masjid trust. Bankar was investigating a complaint that had to do with a dispute involving Shaikh and a few others, following an application submitted by a person called Iqbal Shaikh against him.

Red-handed: PI Maya Bankar, who was caught accepting a bribe. File pic

Shaikh approached the ACB last morning, claiming that Bankar had demanded a bribe from him. A team led by Assistant Police Commissioner (ACB) B M Kale laid a trap at the Shivajinagar police station and caught Bankar and her writer accepting Rs 5,000 from Yakub Shaikh.

The trap was laid in her chamber on the premises of the Shivajinagar police station. The dispute between the Shaikhs was over security measures implemented recently by the trust at the mosque. Yakub said he had installed some CCTV cameras in and outside the mosque premises and built a compound wall along it during the Ganesh festival, claiming he had done so in accordance with police instructions.

Iqbal, who is a trustee, took objection to it and removed the compound wall. Yakub said Iqbal then lodged a complaint against him with the Shivajinagar police station and stated that he was trying to disturb communal harmony in the city.

After Bankar began investigating the case, she allegedly called Yakub several times to the police station and demanded Rs 5,000 to "settle" the case. Yakub said Bankar yesterday sent him a notice under Section 149 of the Criminal Procedure Code and called him to the police station.

"She had also called Iqbal Shaikh at the police station. She recorded my statement after Iqbal Shaikh told her that he was not having any complaint against me," Yakub said. He said when he was about to leave the police station, Bankar and Raut again demanded Rs 5,000 from him. "I asked them to wait for an hour and went to the ACB and lodged the complaint," Yakub said. Superintendent of Police (ACB) Sarang Awad said that after verifying the complaint, a trap was laid at the Shivajinagar police station. "Both Bankar and Raut demanded money from Yakub Shaikh. Raut was arrested while accepting Rs 5,000 in the presence of Bankar," Awad said.

Rs 5,000
The amount the police inspector was caught accepting from a man in her chamber at the Shivajinagar police station

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