Your must-do list to throw a memorable house party this New Year's Eve

Dec 31, 2014, 07:00 IST | The Guide Team

You don’t need to be Will Smith to be a party-starter; throw your own memorable New Year’s Eve bash with these smart party planning tips

The first rule for planning a party is to send out your invites. Considering it’s New Year’s Eve today, we are hoping the invites are already out, and we offer some last moment tips to rock the party.

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Tipple tips: If you plan to serve cocktails, keep it simple, says restaurateur and mixologist Gaurish Rangnekar. “Cocktails such as mojito, whiskey sour and caipiroska, are easy to make and need just one of two additions to the alcohol. Lesser the ingredients, lesser the work,” advises Rangnekar.

As for ordering your booze, the most popular alcohol seems to be vodka, whiskey and rum (in that order). So, for a party of approximately 30 people, one will need at least three to four bottles of vodka, three bottles of whiskey and two of rum. “You can also buy a bottle of something like tequila to do shots for fun.

You can buy syrups from the market and do flavoured shots too,” advises Rangnekar. The syrups can work well for creating non-alcoholic concoctions for teetotallers. Stock on ice — a warm drink results in cold guests.

Menu matters: While planning for food, order more of finger foods and appetisers than heavy dinner items. It’s what gets consumed the most, as it is quick to eat, non-fussy, and can be popped in, while on the dance floor. After a few rounds of alcohol, few are in the mood to eat a greasy biryani.

The kids are here! If you’re expecting kids, set up a section that will keep them engrossed, with either temporary tattoo booths, a film playing on the screen, balloons or even colouring books. Opt for colours that can be washed off the walls.
Better safe than sorry: Keep first aid and medicines (such as antacids) to cure those who are heavy tipplers. Bottles will be
broken; shots will be downed.

Theme: If you have kept a theme, make an effort to dress up accordingly, so even if the guests don’t follow the theme, you end up keeping your end of the bargain.

Sound of music: Prepare your track list with your guest list in mind. Not everyone enjoys EDM, nor will everyone appreciate a night full of Bollywood tracks.

Cool tip
For food and cocktails, don’t overestimate your skills, as you will be busy schmoozing around, and not have time to whip up fresh sauces for the pasta or blending cocktails. The easiest thing to serve is popcorn in different flavours. If you have called for caterers, Rangnekar suggests to keep them in a separate area from the bar section.

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