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Importance of horoscope and astrology explained by Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Updated on: 27 January,2021 12:47 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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In a no-holds-barred chat with us, Dr. Bajrangi spoke in detail about the public perception of astrology, especially Vedic Astrology, and how he has been trying to bridge the gap between faith and faithful over the years

Importance of horoscope and astrology explained by Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Contrary to popular misconceptions, Vedic astrology is rooted in science and scientific concepts. This depth in its conception has helped astrology cover the distance between mysticism and the modern world, where it is not the sole domain of ancient sages and seers anymore. In fact, top best astrologers in India like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, often consulted by the high & mighty as well as the AamAadmi, have been instrumental in creating goodwill for Vedic Astrology through their accurate predictions and scientific techniques to suggest solutions to problems about marriage, work, love, studies, and what not! The fact that Dr. Bajrangi is a post-graduate Civil engineer along with holding a Ph.D. in Astrology makes him an Indian Vedic astrologer with an edge. He has been practicing Vedic Astrology for almost 2 decades; his writings are regularly published in print and social media, besides his own website,

In a no-holds-barred chat with us, Dr. Bajrangi spoke in detail about the public perception of astrology, especially Vedic Astrology, and how he has been trying to bridge the gap between faith and faithful over the years.

What are the qualities/skills that a good astrologer should possess?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi – Indian Vedic Astrology is a diverse school with many branches that allow better maneuverability to the professional Astrologer to achieve optimum results. So, even before I enumerate the qualities or skills required to be a good astrologer, I should speak about the various branches, main among whom are led by Bhrigu, Ravana, Parashara, K.P., Jaimini, Krishnamoorthy, and the South Indian Nadis. An astrologer must equip himself with the knowledge of these various branches, even though each of these branches is complete in itself. Having said that, a competent astrologer must achieve a solid knowledge of most of these techniques of astrology. Besides, there are 3 main aspects of an individual's life, which an astrologer must be able to analyze and understand – Desh (country or place of birth), Kaal (time of birth), and Patra (individual characteristics). For instance, astrological readings of a person born in England won't be the same as his counterparts in India or Australia, even if their time and birth date are the same. In addition, educational pursuit, patience, intuitiveness, ability to exercise caution, and above all, devotion to God, are the qualities that turn a mere enthusiast into a skilled and experienced astrologer.

How to locate a good astrologer in India?

DVB – It is imperative to zero in on a competent and honest astrologer because that his/her predicitons can mean the difference between life and death, success and failure for the client. There is no dearth of astrologers who start playing with the clients' horoscopes just after finishing their elementary studies in the subject. So, you need to refer to my answer to the first question to locate the right Astrologer for your needs. Here, I would like to borrow from our scriptures that ascribe the following words to Lord Vishnu – That person, who has had the experience of analyzing at least 50,000 horoscopes, can be termed a competent astrologer! So, you see, it requires a lot of hard work, perseverance, patience, and experience to be called a "Good Astrologer". You can also seek reasonable opinion from others about a particular astrologer, before consulting him. An astrologer, who can boast of sufficient third-party references, either through word-of-mouth or social media references, can be safe to consult, to say the least.

Who can be a good marriage astrologer?

DVB – An astrologer who possesses the ability to resolve his clients' marriage-related problems is hard to find. In addition, a good marriage astrologer needs to be a competent marriage counselor as well because both the things go hand-in-hand while dealing with clients. It needs to be the whole package for an astrologer to be called successful. So, if you are looking for a marriage astrologer, as per the Vedic Astrology, he should be able to suggest means to make marriages work despite every obstacle. A good marriage astrologer must possess the ability to prevent divorce for his clients. That is why I said, he has to be a counselor-cum-astrologer, for the long-term benefit of the client. Whether it is matching of horoscopes, suggesting karma correction, or reading of charts, a good marriage astrologer needs to be an efficient manager of all the aspects conveniently.

Who can we call a good career/business/work/study astrologer?

DVB – As I said in the beginning, having the knowledge of as many branches of Vedic Astrology as possible comes in handy when an astrologer wants to either diversify or specialize in his career. After all, there is a science to it, right? A good career/business astrologer is the one, who can analyze all the charts of his clients, pinpoint critical details and also take help from the supporting charts, will be able to offer a wholesome solution or remedy to his client's problem and thus satisfy him. An astrologer with a keen eye will be able to see through the client's finer charts and provide an effective answer to all his questions, whether related to education, work, business prospects, etc.

Is Vedic Astrology relevant for career predictions?

DVB – Once again, it depends upon a competent astrologer. It is not a question of having blind faith but an informed belief. The relevance of astrology in career predictions depends if the Astrologer is able to check the horoscope properly and can predict the right career path for his client. I myself read the birth charts of several youngsters worried about their career prospects and guide them as per their individual requirements. So far, by the grace of God, the results have been outstanding. Therefore, as per my own professional experience, I can say that astrology is a very reliable solution for career predictions.

How effective is an Online Astrologer?

DVB – How effective is an online astrologer depends upon your personal requirement. Consulting an online astrologer is a daunting task, owing to limitation of time and space. So, if you are seeking answer to a simple question, you can go for an astrological session online, but you will get simple, one-line answers in that. However, if you need consultation about a serious matter, say about health, marriage, etc, you need to devote time for a detailed counseling session, which can happen only face-to-face/online virtually, for the best results. I also want to highlight here that the short, mechanized reports that we often offer our clients are different from the online counseling sessions because the former aren't always accurate since these are generated without considering all the aspects of a client's charts. However, if you live far from the Astrologer of your choice, or are physically impeded from approaching, then an online astrology session would be your best bet.

Why is birth date, time and place relevant in the birth chart?

DVB – Your birth date, time and place are instrumental in calculating the exact positioning of each planet in your birth chart. Each of these planets imbibes its characteristics into the newborn, which an individual carries on for the rest of his or her life. Another complexity here is that a Vedic Astrologer needs to study the planets' positioning and their inter-positioning vis-à-vis each other. To calculate the exact magnitude of influence cast by a particular planet on an individual's birth chart, his date, time, and birth place are of utmost importance.

What should a person do in case he or she doesn't have the exact details of his birth?

DVB – When a person does not have exact birth details, the easiest way out for such a human being is birth-time rectification, which is Astrologer's means to locate the exact birth details. The process is tedious and should be done only by an experienced hand.

What is Birth-Time Rectification? Can Astrology help us get the correct birth time?

DVB – Birth time rectification is a very delicate process and it requires minute precision because even a small change in birth time can affect predictions beyond your understanding. Like in case of twins, who may be born just minutes or even seconds apart, but still show severely distinct behaviors and personalities. Moreover, these twins grow up to have different fates and live trajectories. Having said that, Birth time rectification is a technique to calculate exact birth details of an individual and prepare his birth chart for future predictions. An astrologer needs to spend sufficient time in calculating the birth details, so, I would suggest, don't rush your Astrologer into giving you hasty results because that would hurt you. Astrologers, however, take ages to master the competence required to rectify birth details but once that is done, a good astrologer can get even the most erroneous birth details rectified.

Is there anything called a free prediction?

DVB – There are no free lunches in this world, and therefore, there are no free predictions. More importantly, you cannot plan your life based on these free predictions. A competent astrologer puts in a lot of time and effort to achieve expertise and experience and he deserves to charge a reasonable fee for his counseling sessions. But if you just need some entertainment, you can go for these free predictions. However, be aware that those would be nothing more than Chinese fortune cookies and we all know how true they turn out to be! I would suggest that people should not take major decisions of their lives based on these predictions that are, most certainly, pulled out of a mechanized pool. Other forms of such free or generalized predictions are career horoscope, love horoscope, etc. I would say, read them, feel happy, talk about it with your friends and family, and then forget about it. Don't plan your life according to it.

Is a good astrologer bound by his geography? Is there any difference between area-specific astrologers?

I somehow do not subscribe to this school of thought that rates astrologers in categories like Top 10 astrologers in India, Delhi, or Mumbai. A good astrologer's geography may have mattered about a decade or two ago when the means of communication were either limited or dated. Today, with the advent of fast means of transportation and communication, it doesn't matter whether your Astrologer lives in Delhi and you live in Indore. The expertise and knowledge of the Astrologer is also not limited by his geography. The world is opening up in terms of communications and counseling through live-video conferencing. So, even if you are living seven seas away, you can still enjoy the benefits of consulting a good Vedic Astrologer at the click of a button.

Is Daily Horoscope relevant in daily life?

DVB – Just like free predictions, your daily horoscope may be good for entertainment, encouragement, gossip too, but beyond that, daily horoscope has no relevance. A daily horoscope can, for sure, offer you a broad roadmap of your day ahead and a weekly or monthly horoscope may offer the same for a week or a month. But whenever you need to make a very significant decision about any of the important pillars of your life like work or marriage, go for a specific counseling session with a good Vedic Astrologer.

People are usually taken in by the Western concept of astrology based on Sun signs. Which one is more accurate – Moon sign or Sun sign?

DVB – I won't go into the debate of which one is better, but I have to say that the Moon sign that the Vedic Astrologers use to predict daily horoscope is a more accurate study of planets and charts. Therefore, I would recommend going by the Moon sign horoscopes, even for daily predictions. In case you are not sure about your Moon sign, you can visit my site,, to know more about it.

Is daily horoscope useful without birth time also?

DVB – I would say it this way – Since Moon remains in one sign for approximately 2.5 days, even if someone's time of birth is recorded incorrectly, he or she could still benefit from the daily horoscope. That way, Vedic Astrology is quite flexible, but only to that extent, not beyond it.

For those who are already impressed with the expertise and level-headed approach of Dr. Bajrangi, the top best astrologers in India , can connect with him through his website or call at 9278665588 or 9278555588.

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