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Tying the knot soon? Fashion pundits share tips to pick the right bridal outfit for your D-day


Updated on: 05 January,2024 07:58 AM IST  |  Mumbai
Aakanksha Ahire |

Modern brides of India are laying great emphasis on comfort and personalised style when shopping for their bridal outfits. If you are soon to tie the knot and have yet to shop your wedding outfit, we have fashion pundits breaking down bridal trends that will help you make the right choice

Tying the knot soon? Fashion pundits share tips to pick the right bridal outfit for your D-day

A wedding is a deeply personal experience, and the bridal look should align with how a bride envisions herself on that special day, whether it's a minimalistic charm or a regal queen-like presence. Photo Courtesy: Geisha Designs (Left)/Asha Gautam (Right)

Key Highlights

  1. Indian weddings have now started spotting bright colours and the comeback of reds
  2. Sarees and lehengas are undoubtedly our all-time favourites
  3. Brides who love pastels and reds can also try combining the two palettes

A bride’s hunt to find the perfect bridal outfit begins the moment families confirm a union. From drawing ideas from a celebrity’s bridal outfit to scrolling through social media to checking what’s trending in the world of bridal fashion, brides-to-be leave no stone unturned to pick the right bridal wear for themselves. Further, with so much attention directed towards brides in Indian weddings, looking pitch-perfect is non-negotiable.  
While this is true, bridal fashion in India has seen unconventional styles emerge, redefining Indian brides. At the core of these styles are the bride’s comfort and contemporary statements that counter stereotypes that have been dominating Indian marriages for far too long.  
More and more modern brides of today are making a progressive statement via the choice of their bridal outfits while also maintaining the essence of Indian bridal wear. If you are a modern bride ready to set out on your bridal shopping expedition, we have fashion pundits spilling out bridal trends and outfit ideas that ensure you will shine on your big day. 
According to Paras Bairoliya and Shalini Jaikaria of Geisha Designs, “A modern bride is a woman who celebrates being unique, a woman blossoming with self-belief, unperturbed by society’s expectations. She isn’t demure or coy anymore. She is connected to her roots and has an eye for intricacy and precision.” 
Similarly, Gautam Gupta, co-owner of the label Asha Gautam says, “A modern bride often embodies a blend of traditional and contemporary elements, reflecting her style and preferences. This modern bride values individuality and personal expression, often opting for unconventional dress colours, non-traditional fabrics, or a departure from classic silhouettes.” 
Modern brides are opting for personalised outfits
Indian weddings have witnessed a massive transformation with regard to bridal fashion. Changes in societal values, cultural influences, and the evolving roles of women have contributed to this transformation. 
Paras and Shalini share an interesting observation: In 2007, brides typically arrived with their parents, decisions were influenced by elders, and the designs adhered to conservative norms. Necklines were modest, and sleeves were often covered. Brides aimed to conform to societal expectations, limiting their adventurous and expressive choices. Contrastingly, today's bride is characterised by her experimental nature, self-confidence and evolution. She embraces individuality, seeks comfort in her own skin, and values fun in her choices. This modern bride is assertive, non-submissive, and confidently articulates her preferences in wedding attire.
Adding more to how bridal fashion has evolved, Gupta of Aasha Gautam shares, “Sustainability and eco-friendly practices have become important considerations in bridal fashion, with designers incorporating organic fabrics and ethical production methods. Bridal fashion has also become more accessible, with affordable options and rental services allowing brides to achieve their dream look without breaking the bank. Further, bridal fashion has become more versatile, with brides opting for multiple outfit changes on their wedding day — from a traditional ceremony gown to a more comfortable and party-ready reception dress.” 
Both fashion designer duos confirm that modern brides today are leaning towards more personalised and unique bridal appearances and attire. They are moving away from traditional norms and embracing their individual style and personality. Brides are now opting for non-traditional colours, such as blush, champagne, or even bold hues and experimenting with different silhouettes. Additionally, modern brides are incorporating more intricate and unconventional details into their bridal looks, such as statement sleeves, intricate lace patterns, or even feathers and sequins.
While the choice of personalised designs is preferred by most modern brides, Paras and Shalini add, “Modern bridal trends also draw inspiration from the location of the celebration; whether it's a destination wedding on a beach, in a desert, or amidst the charm of Europe. The chosen setting influences the theme, concept, and intricate details. For instance, a wedding in Rajasthan may lean towards a palatial influence, with the bride aspiring to exude a regal appearance. In contrast, a resort location encourages a more light-hearted and casual vibe, where the bride seeks enjoyment and dancing throughout the celebration. Bridal trends have evolved into a holistic approach, seamlessly integrating elements from decor and menu to the overall ambience of the location.” 
Pastels take a backseat as bold colours emerge 
While pastels still continue to remain a choice of many brides, Indian weddings have now started spotting bright colours and the comeback of reds. 

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