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Tenikle Reviews [CONSUMER REPORTS] : Don’t Buy Till You’ve Read This!

Updated on: 06 December,2023 01:23 PM IST  |  MUMBAI
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Tenikle is a game-changing marvel that transcends the ordinary when it comes to mounting your gadgets.

Tenikle Reviews [CONSUMER REPORTS] : Don’t Buy Till You’ve Read This!

Tenikle Reviews

In the realm of revolutionary phone mounts, there's one standout that has disrupted the market with its unparalleled design and functionality. Disregard the conventional and make way for Tenikle, a marvel that captivated the discerning minds of the Shark Tank panel, ultimately leaving the competition in its wake.

As a seasoned tech reviewer constantly sifting through a sea of uninspiring products, stumbling upon Tenikle was a breath of fresh air. This octopus-inspired creation boasts a uniqueness that defies the mundane, swiftly selling out within a mere 5 minutes of its Shark Tank debut. It's not just a gadget; it's a game-changer that promises to redefine content creating journeys with its device that let's you mount your phone anywhere in seconds

Curious to unravel the mysteries behind this unconventional marvel, this Tenikle Reviews delves into the myriad uses that make Tenikle an indispensable addition to the tech landscape. Prepare to be amazed as we explore the innovative brilliance that has set Tenikle apart, sparking a wave of fascination and prompting the question: How did we ever take cool photos and videos without it? Is Tenikle really worth the hype from Shark Tank and Consumer Reports with no major complaints from customers!?

What's Tenikle?

Tenikle is a game-changing marvel that transcends the ordinary when it comes to mounting your gadgets. Think of it as the lovechild of a tripod and a twist tie, taking on the appearance of a tech-savvy octopus!

This ingenious phone and tablet mount boast flexible, maneuverable legs equipped with robust suction cups, effortlessly latching onto nearly any surface. But it doesn't stop there – Tenikle is your ticket to hands-free freedom in seconds, accommodating phones, cameras, tablets, and more.

What sets Tenikle apart is its dynamic rotation capability (360°), granting you the freedom to position your device at any angle, regardless of the awkwardness of your mounting surface. And the best part? Tenikle ensures your audio remains unobstructed, your buttons and plugs are always accessible, and neither of your device's cameras is covered.

The Story of Tenikle And Its Creator (Shark Tank Reviews)

Situated in the vibrant hub of San Diego, California, Tenikle emerges as a testament to innovation and resilience, founded by the creative visionary Hans Dose.

The journey of Tenikle began with a frustration-turned-inspiration moment when Hans experienced the failure of a traditional tripod, resulting in the unfortunate demise of his iPhone. Transforming adversity into creativity, he set out to invent a solution that would redefine device mounting.

The birth of Tenikle wasn't an overnight success. It took numerous prototypes and the support of a community through a triumphant Kickstarter campaign that raised over $110,000. This marked the official launch of Tenikle, introducing a revolutionary device mount to the world.

Even in the face of challenges posed by the pandemic, Hans Dose showcased his invention on the iconic platform, Shark Tank, in Season 13, Episode 11. The result? A successful partnership with Daymond John, an influential investor who recognized the potential of Tenikle.

Today, Tenikle stands as more than just a device mount; it's a symbol of ingenuity and determination. From its humble beginnings in a garage to the grand stage of Shark Tank, Tenikle has consistently sold out, making it a sought-after accessory that transforms the way people use their phones and tablets.

Hans Dose's journey from frustration to inspiration, from Kickstarter success to Shark Tank triumph, highlights the resilience and creativity that define the spirit of Tenikle. It's a story that resonates with anyone who appreciates innovation and the pursuit of turning ideas into reality.

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Features Of Tenikle Phone Mount

  • Flexibility Beyond Limits: Tenikle introduces a 360° arm that bends in every direction, providing yoga-level flexibility. This isn't just a mount; it's a dynamic companion adapting seamlessly to your preferences.
  • Unmatched Suction Power: Marvel at the staying power of Tenikle's powerful silicone cups, ensuring a secure grip on any surface. It's a force to be reckoned with, promising stability in every mounting scenario.
  • Crazy Strong Performance: Tenikle can effortlessly hold over 100 times its weight. This isn't your ordinary mount; it's a robust powerhouse ready to handle your devices with ease.
  • 360° Motion Exploration: Experience newfound possibilities with Tenikle's removable 4th arm attachment, offering 360° motion. It's a game-changer, expanding your device's range of motion and enhancing your creative potential.
  • Stability and Security: Bid farewell to wobbling devices as Tenikle combines bendy legs and powerful suction cups for unmatched stability. Your devices are secured, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.
  • No Setup Required: Enjoy the convenience of instant gratification – Tenikle requires zero setup. In a matter of seconds, you're ready to mount and go, eliminating unnecessary delays..

Benefits Of Tenikle 360

  • Seamless Adherence on Any Surface: Tenikle defies limitations – whether it's a smooth surface or an awkward one, Tenikle sticks effortlessly. Experience the freedom to mount your device wherever you desire, adapting to your surroundings with ease.
  • Endless Options, Compact Design: Tenikle's versatility knows no bounds, and its compact design ensures you save not just space but also money and stress. It's a game-changer, providing countless options for content creators, nature lovers, world travelers, athletes, teens, and busy parents alike.
  • Perfect Travel Companion: Travel becomes a breeze with Tenikle. Be it by plane, train, boat, car, surfboard, or bike – Tenikle ensures your devices stay securely in place, allowing you to capture and relive your journey safely.
  • Ideal for Workouts: Transform your workout routine with Tenikle. Whether you're filming yourself, checking your form, or following a workout video, Tenikle offers the perfect angle for an enhanced fitness experience.
  • Lifesaver for Busy Parents: For parents on the go, Tenikle becomes a lifesaver. From acting as a makeshift baby monitor to simplifying travel and keeping kids entertained, Tenikle seamlessly integrates into the dynamic lifestyle of busy parents.
  • Lifetime Warranty - Buy It Once For Life: Invest in peace of mind with Tenikle's lifetime warranty – a testament to its durability and commitment to your satisfaction. Buy it once, and enjoy a device mount that stands the test of time.
  • Endorsement from Shark Tank's Daymond John: With an endorsement from Daymond John of Shark Tank fame, Tenikle has proven its worth on a global stage, gaining recognition for its innovation and quality.

Does Tenikle Really Work?

Absolutely, Tenikle Works Wonders! Tenikle isn't just a promise – it's a game-changer in the world of device mounts. Its innovative design, featuring bendable legs and ultra-strong suction cups, ensures that it securely attaches to virtually any surface. Smooth or irregular, Tenikle adapts effortlessly, eliminating the frustration of limited mounting options.

The flexibility of Tenikle extends beyond its physical structure. It's not just easy to use; it's a seamless experience from start to finish. No complicated setup is required – just bend and stick! This simplicity, coupled with its ability to hold over 100 times its weight, makes Tenikle a powerhouse in device mounting.

Whether you're a content creator, a fitness enthusiast, a traveler, or a busy parent, Tenikle caters to your diverse needs. It replaces the clutter of multiple accessories with its all-in-one solution, saving you space, money, and stress.

The positive testimonials and endorsements, including its feature on Shark Tank and the backing of Daymond John, further validate Tenikle's effectiveness. With over 200,000 units sold and a lifetime warranty, Tenikle is not just a product – it's a reliable companion that delivers on its promise.

How Does Tenikle Work?

Breaking away from the complexities of traditional mounts, Tenikle relies on ultra-strong suction cups and flexible grippy legs to secure itself. Smooth surfaces succumb to its suction power instantly, allowing for an instantaneous and hassle-free mounting experience. But what about those tricky, irregular surfaces? Tenikle's bendable legs come to the rescue, forming a robust grip within seconds.

Truly, Tenikle isn't your average phone mount – it's a game-changer. With the ability to bend and twist in any direction, Tenikle transforms your device into a versatile companion. It's not just about being positionable; it's about maintaining unwavering stability.

Dispelling the notion that tech products require elaborate setups, Tenikle arrives ready to use straight out of the box. Whether it's a camera, phone, or tablet, Tenikle adapts effortlessly to your devices. And the showstopper? Tenikle's incredible strength, capable of holding up to 100 times its own weight!

Is Tenikle Any Good?

Tenikle is Exceptional with Rave Reviews! Far from being just good, Tenikle has garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative design and versatility with 4.85 customer reviews. Users worldwide have sung its praises, highlighting its effectiveness in securely mounting devices on various surfaces. The overwhelmingly positive reviews stand as a testament to Tenikle's excellence.

What sets Tenikle apart is not just its functionality but also its ability to address common complaints associated with traditional mounts. Its bendable legs and ultra-strong suction cups tackle the challenges of irregular surfaces, providing a solution where others fall short.

With over 200,000 units sold and an endorsement from Daymond John on Shark Tank, Tenikle has become a go-to choice for those seeking a reliable and effective device mount. The absence of widespread complaints and the inclusion of a lifetime warranty further underscore Tenikle's commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Why Should You Choose Tenikle?

In a world cluttered with specialized accessories, Tenikle emerges as the all-in-one solution, seamlessly combining the functionalities of tripods, selfie sticks, and pop-socket alternatives into a singular, superior device. Bid farewell to the bulk and expense associated with a myriad of accessories – Tenikle is here to streamline your packing list and your expenses, offering a lightweight, portable, and super-secure grab-and-go option.

Tired of juggling multiple accessories for various purposes? Tenikle simplifies your life by replacing tripods, selfie sticks, GPS mounts, bike mounts, and phone stands with one versatile solution. Its endless options and compact design not only save you space but also cut down on expenses and stress.

Tenikle's flexibility opens up a world of possibilities for capturing angles and settings that traditional tripods or phone stands can't achieve. Whether you're on the dashboard of a car, the balcony of your Airbnb, or a tree branch, Tenikle attaches to virtually everything and bends effortlessly to give you the perfect shot – every time. It's like having a personal camera operator in your pocket!

How To Use Tenikle?

●     Step 1: Bend & Wrap to Desired Surface

No need for intricate maneuvers. With Tenikle, simply bend and wrap its adaptable legs to the surface of your choice. Whether it's a smooth dashboard, a curvy tree branch, or an irregularly-shaped object, Tenikle effortlessly conforms to your needs.

●     Step 2: Attach to Phone

Secure your device in a snap. Once Tenikle is wrapped securely, attach your phone effortlessly. It's a hassle-free process that ensures your device is snug and ready for action.

●     Step 3: Enjoy the Freedom

With Tenikle in place, you're now free to enjoy hands-free convenience. Whether you're capturing the perfect shot, filming a workout session, or simply browsing content, Tenikle provides a stable and secure mount for your device.

Price Of Tenikle And Where To Buy

Tenikle can be gotten directly from the manufacturer’s official website for the following prices:


Tenikle Reviews Complaints And Customer Testimonials

Based on the feedback from an impressive 200,000 consumers and approximately 205 customer reviews, Tenikle emerges as an absolute crowd-pleaser with a remarkable 4.85 out of 5 rating.

Tara K - "Amazing! I absolutely LOVE my impulse purchase of the 'Tenikle'!! Having recently undergone surgery on both of my hands, this device has been a game-changer for holding my phone, making things much easier for me. I'm enthusiastically recommending it to everyone – it's a must-buy!"

Jennie Espy - "Wonderful product! I love this thing so much that I bought 5 more; one for each of my kids. It sticks anywhere, and so far, it hasn't dropped off of anything."

Phillip Blume - "Best small tripod for creating content! We love Tenikle! It gets a lot of strange looks and questions from folks with inferior tripods. But mostly, it just helps us, as photographers and traveling content creators at The Blumes, to get the job done more easily!"

Tenikle Reviews: FAQs

●     What does Tenikle stick to?

Tenikle is designed to securely adhere to smooth, non-porous surfaces, including glass, porcelain, fiberglass, gloss-painted wood, drywall, metal, and plastic. However, it may not stick as well to uneven, rough, or textured surfaces like leather, concrete, or textured walls.

●     Will Tenikle stick to my phone case?

Tenikle phone holders work seamlessly with smooth phone cases free of stickers, seams, or textures. For cases like Otterbox, leather, fabric, or those with perforations or grooves, Dot Adapters are recommended for compatibility. Alternatively, each Tenikle comes with a phone clip that can be used in these cases.

●     What can I use Tenikle for?

Tenikle offers nearly endless uses beyond its original design for mounting phones or cameras. It's versatile for:

  • Watching movies, instructional videos, or video calls hands-free on your tablet or phone.

  • Holding your camera steady for long exposures.

  • Taking selfies at creative angles.

  • Mounting your phone or device beside your computer.

  • Serving as a bike or car mount for GPS.

  • Being waterproof, it's suitable for water sports.

  • Following fitness videos.

  • Turning your phone or tablet into a baby monitor, and much more.

●     What’s Tenikle’s return policy?

Tenikle offers returns within 60 days of purchase. Additionally, each Tenikle is backed by a free lifetime warranty. If you have any concerns or need assistance, feel free to reach out to their customer support—Your satisfaction is their priority!

Final Verdict On Tenikle Reviews

In conclusion, the final verdict on Tenikle is a resounding thumbs up. It's more than a device mount; it's an embodiment of ingenuity, adaptability, and user satisfaction. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a creative professional, or someone seeking a convenient solution for everyday tasks, Tenikle proves to be a game-changer in the world of device mounts.

From securely adhering to smooth surfaces with its bendable legs and ultra-strong suction cups to offering a multitude of uses beyond traditional mounts, Tenikle stands out in the market. It caters to photographers, content creators, fitness enthusiasts, parents, and individuals seeking a hands-free, adaptable solution for their devices.

Backed by a stellar 4.85 out of 5 rating from an extensive user base of 200,000 consumers, Tenikle has not only met but exceeded expectations. Glowing testimonials showcase its effectiveness in various scenarios, whether it's holding a phone for someone recovering from surgery or serving as a reliable tripod for content creation.


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