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IN PHOTOS: 3 flamingos dead after flying into direction sign board in Nerul

This incident occurred at the nonfunctional jetty in Nerul. The board remained in its place for a few hours, but the joint managing director assured that it would be taken down promptly, informs environmentalist Sunil Agarwal

19 February,2024 11:24 AM IST | Ainie Rizvi
As per the IUCN Red List, the Lesser flamingos have been tagged as ‘Near Threatened’ which highlights the importance of preserving these winter birds. Photo Courtesy: Vidyasagar Hariharan

Never-before-seen images capture Flamingo spectacle in Mumbai's wetlands

For nearly six to seven months every year, the wetlands at T.S. Chanakya turn into a sojourn for flamingos. The exodus that takes place from Rann of Kutch in Gujarat culminates at the feeding grounds of Mangrove swamps in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. spoke to a city-based photographer Vidyasagar Hariharan who camouflages in nature to study their courtship dance

15 January,2024 12:31 PM IST | Ainie Rizvi
Here are some animal-friendly ways to celebrate Diwali that ensure the care and protection of furry friends. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Pet-friendly Diwali: Here is how to ensure care, comfort of your furry friends

During Diwali, it is common to witness animals trembling in fear, experiencing sadness, loss of appetite, and hearing impairment. Animals can get terrified by pollution, light, noise, and may even get wounded by firecrackers

13 November,2023 08:41 PM IST | Mumbai | Editor
Saakshi Teckchandani (23), founder of Planet for Plants and Animals (PPAIndia), organised ‘Vriksharopan’ – a tree-plantation campaign along the shores of Carter Road

IN PHOTOS: How Bandra’s youth lead the way in combatting air pollution crisis

Starting out with phase 1 of the tree plantation drive, young leaders planted 53 saplings at the Carter Road Promenade to take action against the worsening impact of poor Air Quality Index

09 November,2023 10:59 AM IST | Editor
These species had remained unseen by scientists for over a century. Pics/Dattaprasad Sawant. Story/ Ranjeet Jadhav

IN PHOTOS: Rare damselfly rediscovered in Aarey forest of Mumbai

In a remarkable discovery that showcases the extraordinary biodiversity of Mumbai's Aarey Forest, wildlife researcher Shantanu Joshi, in collaboration with Dr. Dattaprasad Sawant of KEM Hospital and a dedicated team of researchers led by wildlife researcher Rajesh Sanap, has successfully rediscovered a species of damselfly that had remained unseen by scientists for over a century. Pics/Dattaprasad Sawant. Story/ Ranjeet Jadhav

20 October,2023 01:53 PM IST | Asif Ali Sayed
The European Space Agency (ESA) has said that it would lend tracking support for ISRO’s Sun Mission Aditya L1. Pics/PTI

After Chandrayan 3, ISRO now prepping to launch Aditya L1 mission to the sun in August

After the successful launch of Chandrayan 3, Indians can now look forward to ISRO’s anticipated mission to the sun. Aditya L1 mission is expected to be launched in August 2023

02 September,2023 12:01 PM IST | Editor
The 'Save The Tiger' event was held at the NCPA on July 16 to encourage children to learn more about environmental conservation. Photos: Sanctuary Asia Foundation

IN PHOTOS: NCPA hosts 'Save The Tiger' as a part of its Summer Fiesta programme

The 'Save The Tiger' programme is an annnual initiative in collaboration with the Sanctuary Asia Foundation's Anant Bajaj Paryavaran Mitra- Kids for Tigers initiative aims to create awareness and educate children about the importance of environmental conservation

16 July,2023 09:28 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
The Aadrai forest located in Malshej Ghat passes through a jungle that promises breathtaking views of the Kalu waterfall. As one navigates the trail, they will encounter other cascading waterfalls

IN PHOTOS: Follow these 6 trekking routes in the Western Ghats this monsoon

As the monsoon teases and threatens to arrive, three serious trekkers list their favourite routes to conquer peaks of the Sahyadris

15 June,2023 01:59 PM IST | Editor
These tips will grant our green friends a fresh lease of life before the rains arrive. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Mumbai gardeners share tips to take care of houseplants during monsoons

While we all love monsoons, plant parents would agree about the havoc rains cause on houseplants. With monsoons advancing, Mumbai-based gardeners and nursery owners suggest ways to take care of plants at home

14 June,2023 11:43 AM IST | Editor
Mumbaikars want to use their local parks for a variety of activities but there are many challenges that don't allow them to do it freely. Image for representational purposes only. Photo Courtesy: Istock

Why Mumbaikars believe more needs to be done to make Mumbai parks more accessible

Mumbai boasts of many parks but somehow city dwellers believe they aren't able to use the parks to the fullest. They say the parks not only have restrictions but are also not well-maintained dissuading many of them from stepping into them

02 June,2023 05:11 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
If we want to preserve corals, the first thing we can collectively do is to ensure that the ecosystems which they are part of continue to thrive. Photo Courtesy: iStock

IN PHOTOS: World Reef Awareness Day: Biologists share fun facts about Mumbai’s marine organisms

This World Reef Awareness Day, we have Mumbai-based marine biologists share with us facts about the city’s coral species and the need for necessary steps to preserve them

01 June,2023 02:34 PM IST | Editor
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