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5 reasons to gossip

Updated on: 24 November,2009 07:57 AM IST  | 
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While you may term gossip as dirty, disgusting or as the pursuit of the lowly, there is no denying that you indulge in it every once in a while

5 reasons to gossip

While you may term gossip as dirty, disgusting or as the pursuit of the lowly, there is no denying that you indulge in it every once in a while. As long as it is not malicious or simply irresponsible rumor-mongering, gossip is not exactly a bad thing.u00a0 In fact, more and more firms are supporting 'water cooler conversations' as they help build groups within an organisation. So, here are some more reasons for you to join the bandwagon.

Make friends

Trust us, gossip will help you make more friends than your IQ level or fashion sense (that is if you have one). Colleagues who gossip together are happier than ones who indulge in pure professional talk. This is because people find similarities between one another in a gossip session and bond better. And gossiping need not be back-biting only it can be about personal lives, commuting woes, shopping trips, radio, politics etc.u00a0

Feel good

Gossiping is a harmless way of venting frustration, sharing insecurities and connecting with others. At times, if bitching about someone makes you feel good then go ahead with it, as long as it's not vicious. It can help you beat your social and professional worries. It can also help build your confidence.u00a0

Get powerful

You will be one of the most sought after persons in your office if you give a good scoop every now and then.

Having inside information can make you feel powerful. It will also help you stay ahead of others in crucial professional matters. Moreover, people who gossip also invariably build better networks within an organisation.

Stay informed

Most people enjoy gossip as it gives them information they wouldn't have laid their hands on otherwise. You can get a whole lot of information in a gossip session i.e. stuff you wouldn't come to know otherwise. It will give you an insight on how trustworthy or reliable people are, and who can be trusted with what type of information. This type of information can help you succeed and stay away from dubious characters.u00a0

Relieves stress

Well, 15 minutes of gossip at the water cooler can help you beat the stress that you build up in a span of three-four hours. And this gossip need be about berating about.

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