Ayesha Kanga gets her foot in the door

20 March,2023 07:11 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Priyanka Sharma

Class actor on punching above her weight to bag role of her choice in show

Ayesha Kanga

While she may now be delighted to learn that her performance was appreciated, Class actor Ayesha Kanga*s appointment to the show required a fair deal of persistent effort. "I binge-watched all three seasons of Elite [the Spanish show on which the series is based], and fell in love with the character of Lu. But, I was selected to reprise Carla. I begged the makers to let me play Lu. I tested for [both] roles, and sent it to the casting directors."

Impressed by her portrayals, the makers had her pick the character she*d like to play. "I could have ended up losing the project. It was nice of the makers to have let a newcomer decide what she wanted."

Part two, she says, is currently being penned. "We haven*t been told when we will roll, but I am looking forward to seeing how Yashika*s story will progress. I am excited to see her grow. Now is her time," she signs off.

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