Food trends 2022: Indulge in these unique variations of biryani in Mumbai

30 December,2022 10:49 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Sammohinee Ghosh

A leading food aggregator’s trends report for 2022 has revealed that the country has once again elected biryani as its true love. With the dish remaining an undefeated winner for the seventh successive time, we pick its best variations

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That earthy aroma

A toast to the city*s food culture, the aromatic Bombay mutton biryani at Joshi House has a subtle sweetness. It*s made with whole spices, screwpine water and fried apricots that lend a sweet uplifting flavour to the dish. It*s dum-cooked in earthen pots.
At: Joshi House, 602, Ambedkar Road, Pali Naka, Bandra West.
Time: 12 pm to 3.30 pm; 7 pm onwards
Call: 9220081888
Cost: Rs 1,050

A treat to remember

This lightly spiced rice dish called dum gosht biryani is a specialty at this Karjat space. For those visiting the quaint place, this dish made with tender lamb, yogurt, spices and saffron rice will make the trip extra memorable. It isn*t greasy but lends a luxurious feel.
At: Saltt, Oleander Farms Private Limited, Khalapur. time 12 pm to 11.30 pm; 7 pm onwards
Call; 8097599430
Cost: Rs 920

From the city of pearls

Mutton biryani with smoked Burhani raita from Powai-based Turban Tales, give you a taste of Hyderabadi spices. They also have a crossover dish where a North Indian chicken tikka biryani goes best with Hyderabadi mirchi ka salan.
At: Turban Tales, 20, Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, Powai. time 6 pm to 12 am
Call; 9321158688
Cost: Rs 530 (mutton); Rs 425 (chicken tikka)

Aaloo rules

Find the perfect Kolkata biryani that marries the punch of tamarind water and fried onions with succulent chicken pieces, a perfectly boiled egg and a golden potato at Hangla*s. The outpost also sells biryani by the kilo.
At: Hangla*s, Galleria Shopping Mall, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.
Time: After 12.30 pm
Call; 7738061918
Cost; Rs 280 (chicken); Rs 355 (mutton)

Whiff of the South

Andhra chicken biryani from Bikkgane Biryani carries a flavourful whiff of curry leaf tempering. The chicken pieces are small and tender, which adds to the experience. The restaurant also offers a few Hyderabadi and Lucknowi varieties.
At: Bikkgane Biryani, D-34, ground floor, Kailas Industrial Complex, Park Site Road, Vikhroli West.
Time: After 1 pm
Call; 9891485897
Cost: Rs 315 (Andhra chicken biryani)

Banana-leaf parcels

Theeram*s ghee-laden Kerala-style biryani comes wrapped in banana leaf parcels. It has a smoked flavour because of the leaf, is light on spices and uses a broken basmati rice variety that spells comfort. The outlet also offers pomfret biryani, egg elakizhi biryani, karimneen, ayakoora and chemmeen biryanis.
At: Theeram, Church Road, Jamlipada, Kalina.
Time: After 12 pm
Call: 9867639000
Cost: Rs 237 (chicken); Rs 379 (mutton)

Wrapped in flavours

Would you think of digging into a plateful of biryani after opening a pretty lifafa made of filo pastry? Chef Vinayak Patil*s lifafa biryani presents a secret affair with food. It uses chicken tandoori tikka and draws from the Lakhnawi tradition of cooking.
At; All Butterfly High outlets
Time: After 12 pm
Call; 9152460022
Cost: Rs 330 (veg); Rs 380 (chicken); Rs 410 (mutton); Rs 525 (prawn)

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