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Enjoy your summer chill time at home with these easy Tadgola recipes

18 May,2023 08:21 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Tanishka D’Lyma

Get your batch of tadgolas to try them in different recipes before the season ends

Tadgola is a versatile summer fruit. Representation pics

Thank goodness for tadgolas because what would mango non-lovers (we refuse to mention the best fruit and haters in the same sentence) enjoy during summer? And like the king of fruit, this queen is versatile, too. Mumbai boy Dharmik Darji, who documents his food journey on @the_temptationalley shares an easy ice apple recipe. "The essence of this fruit should be enjoyed without any experimentation," Darji tells us while sharing his favourite ways and combinations to eat the fruit.

Tadgola falooda

>> 3 tadgolas (cleaned and chopped)
>> 1 cup milk
>> 2 tbsp honey
>> 1 scoop vanilla ice cream
>> 1 tbsp sabja
>> 1/2 cup water

Blend the chopped tadgolas, milk, honey and ice cream in a blender until you get a thick and smooth milkshake. In the meantime, soak the sabja seeds in water until they swell. Add the sabja and the milkshake in a glass. You can top it with chopped tadgola and another scoop of ice cream. Serve chilled.

Dharmik Darji

Tadgolas 100 ways

>> Use tadgola in lemonade, infused cocktails and rose sharbat.
>> Make a hand-churned tadgola ice cream, or add tadgola pieces to your preferred payasam or phirni recipe. You can also add tadgola when making coconut panna cotta.
>> Try nature's cereal that includes tadgola pieces and other chopped fruits as the cereal flakes in a bowl of coconut water.

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