Mumbai Police issues preventive orders till April 8 for city, check list of exemptions

23 March,2023 07:45 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  Asif Rizvi

Mumbai Police, in the order said that the preventive orders will come into effect from March 25 and will remain in place till April 8

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Mumbai Police on Thursday extended its preventive orders for the city till April 8. The police in the preventive orders said that the order would come into effect from March 25. The Mumbai Police, in the order, also shared a list of exemptions in the city during the period.

In the order, Mumbai Police said, whereas, based on the information received from various sources, it is apprehended that there is likelihood of breach of peace and disturbance of* public tranquility and also there is grave danger to human lives and loss of properties. On that account, it is considered expedient to issue prohibitory order for restricting movement and unlawful assembly of five or more persons for prevention of breach of peace, disturbance to public tranquility and danger to human lives and loss of properties and to prevent any kind of riot or aflray in the arcas under the control of Commissioner of Police, Mumbai.

The order was issued by Vishal Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations), Mumbai Police.

An official said, "It is a regular preventive order for the city which is issued on regular intervals."

The order further said, the police prohibits, for the period commencing from 00.01 hours on 25/03/2023 and ending at 24.00 hours on 08/04/2023 throughout Mumbai the following-

- Any assembly of five or more persons,

- Any procession of any persons and

- Any use of loudspeakers, amplifying instruments, musical band and bursting of crackers in any procession by the assembly.

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The prohibition contained in the order is exempted for the following-

(a) Marriage ceremony and matrimonial functions etc.

(b) Funeral assemblies and procession on the way to crematoriums/burial places.

(c) Statutory meeting of companies, clubs, co-operative societies,. other societies and associations.

(d) Social gathering and meeting of clubs, co-operative societies, other societies and associations to transact their normal business.

(e) Assemblies in or around Cinema houses, theatres or any place of public amusement for the purpose of watching films, dramas or performances as the case may be.

(f) Assemblies in or around courts of law and offices of the Government and local bodies in discharge of Government or Semi-Government functions.

(g) Assemblies in or around schools, colleges and other educational institutions for academic activities.

(h) Assemblies in factories, shops, and establishments for normal trade, business and callings. Such other assemblies and the processions as may be permitted by Zonal Deputy Commissioners of Police, Mumbai and their supervisory officers.

The police said, Notwithstanding the expiration of this order after the period here mentioned above-

(a) Any investigation or legal proceeding may be instituted, continued or enforced.

(b) Any penalty, forfeiture of punishments incurred in respect of any contravention of this order may be imposed as if this order had not expired.

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