Here are 5 places to get the best baklava on a budget in Mumbai

04 June,2023 07:58 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Christalle Fernandes

Craving a crunchy bite of authentic baklava? Here are five places that won’t drill a hole in your pocket

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Middle-eastern love

1 Get the moist Turkish ones, and the dry ones of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon at Sufy's Kanafeh Point. There's also a variant from Yemen and Jordan known as cashew flower baklavas. You'll find the baklava rolls available in pistachio, hazelnut, cashew, and walnut flavours. Try them with ice cream - it's their speciality.
Sufy's Kanafeh Point
Price: Rs 350 onwards per box
To order: Zomato and Swiggy

Nuts about you

2 Pick a box of assorted baklavas including the classic, Turkish, and Lebanese ones from Mezaya. They also offer their version with a twist of chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel sauce confections. Their Turkish baklava is touted to be made using fresh pistachios and rosewater that comes all the way from Iran.
Baklavas by Mezaya
Price: Rs 500 onwards per box
To order: 9152105433

What's in the nest?

3 Heard of bird's-nest baklava? Foodeementals have these interesting ones that are made with shredded phyllo dough and resemble a nest. Also known as ocean bulbul baklavas, these are round and crunchy, with a centre filled with a dry fruit filling. You'll find all the other regular fares of baklavas too.
Price: Rs 550 onwards per box
To order: 9930069983

Cheesecake, anyone?

4 Bakhlavaji has six variants of baklavas, including a pistachio pyramid, walnut ring, an almond version called Medya in Arab, hazelnut rounds, bird's-nest, and cashew rolls. They also serve cheesecake baklava and cheese and crème ones made using sweet cheese, phyllo pastry, and sweet syrup.
Bakhlavaji, Vile Parle East
Price: Rs 275 onwards per box
To order: 7710044224

Layers of love

5 Besides the classic baklavas, Doyen Foods serves a Syrian version with more pistachios, and the Arabic ones with cashews and almonds. There's also a version made using Turkish cream and a cold one made using milk.
Doyen Foods
Price: Rs 2,000 onwards per kg
To order: 9820079670

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