Cafe review: What you should expect at these hottest new cafes in Bandra

26 March,2023 06:23 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Nasrin Modak Siddiqi

...Bandra has everything covered in the cafe space. Sunday mid-day stopped by two recently opened ones to check what’s different this time around

Eggs with greens and beans, and chicken cheese sandwich

SUnder a tamarind tree, by the steps

In times when cafes are more about Instagrammable corners, and less about food - Bandra stands out. That*s what we adore about this ‘hood - you*ll always find something new and with a character of its own. We decided to review three newly opened eateries - but one shut down a week ago. Hey, it*s a tough crowd.

Iced latte and carrot cake. Pic/Anurag Ahire

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First, we ambled on by to the Steps Cafe near (no prize for guessing) Mount Mary steps. At this three-level eatery, you have to first place your order at the front counter. After this, you head to the table upstairs through a narrow stairway, flanked by black and white striped walls that feel like they are closing into you. The first floor has artwork and tiny nooks where you can grab a bite and have your coffee; the top floor is more tranquil, where you are surrounded by plants. What*s interesting is that the trunk of a live-in tamarind tree runs through the centre of the cafe with the foliage spread above the top floor, giving the space a warm, quaint feel that*s much like sitting under a tree.

The food menu changes every day and the glass counters showcase the bakery items. We started with eggs with greens and beans (Rs 345), a chicken cheese sandwich (Rs 375) and a mixed veg sweet potato salad (Rs 375). The food was very average and pricing was steep. The almond croissant (Rs 249) was buttery and flaky, which everyone on the table loved; the carrot cake (Rs 225) too was moist and well made - and both went perfectly with americano (Rs 190) and iced coffee (Rs 250) alike, but still overpriced. The service was average and we were particularly disappointed with the unclean steel straw that came with the cold coffee. This is not a place to eat, but for coffee lovers who want to read, meet a friend, or work out of.

See you by the sea

A few days later, we headed to Grounded Cafe, off Bandstand. This open-air café near the sea has a very mild Mykonos vibe. There*s indoor seating too, with large open windows and air curtains. We preferred a spot in the shade under a frangipani tree and were blessed with the occasional shower and whiff of the fragrant flowers.

California Benedict

We started with BBQ chicken sliders (Rs 300) and spinach corn mushroom and cheddar sandwich (Rs 425), which we thought were priced on the higher side, but both were packed with flavours. The California Benedict (Rs 575) was going to be our deciding factor for the cafe food ratings - not everyone can make a good poached egg and Hollandaise sauce and this one was layered on a half-croissant.

Chicken sliders

While the eggs were poached right, the sauce lacked a punch and the croissant was perhaps reheated and so, very chewy. Maybe sticking to muffins would be a good idea. The cold brew latte (Rs 190) was well made and the salted caramel affogato (Rs 250) was the best we*ve had in a long time. In the mixed berry compote (Rs 275), we thought the aroma of eggs was too strong and the layers were overfilled, making it a messy meal.

One can easily imagine spending long afternoons, reading a book or meeting friends for long pending conversations. For those sitting outside, it may be warm right now, but the flower shower comes free.

What: Steps Cafe
At: Tertulian Rd, off Doctor Peter Dias Road, Mount Mary, Bandra West,
When: 9 AM to 10 PM
Call: 8082665284
Rating: OKAY

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