A deli good time

Aug 12, 2013, 09:08 IST | Kanika Sharma

Tuck into burgers, platters, sandwiches and more at Two One Two All Day, Santacruz's posh deli for a sumptuous bite

The delightful Mini Cooper showroom has found an equally delicious sight to behold. Two One Two Bar & Grill has opened shop as a deli called Two One Two All Day. Stepping into the amber yellow light, the wide rings haloed us in a warm glow while we parked ourselves on their granite table seating, on the outskirts of wooden seating on the floor.

Crab Farci, a true cracker of a dish

As we glanced over the menu, it featured many dishes that are specific to the deli; except perhaps the Cappuccino of Wild Mushrooms, which is present in the Grill’s menu, too. Looking for a delectable variety, our order contained a Sausage Platter (Rs 575) and a Fresh Lime Soda (Rs 100). Our polite attendant daintily placed the complimentary watermelon cubes topped with goat cheese -- a simple and textured relish. While we pondered over the long list of appetisers, our attendant suggested Crab Farci (Rs 575), admittedly a favourite of his. Just as we gave in to that, the Sausage Platter arrived without a wait. If you are maddened by the sinful sumptuous nature of pork, these four sausage varieties with tweakings of acidity, creamy and herby tinges
are absolute delicacies to die for. The Farci, with its smoked crab shell and minced crabmeat painted a pretty picture albeit that included a plating with rocket leaves and cooked truffle. A recommendation we think made to most who walk in, the dish lives up to its reputation.

Now that we had tasted blood (strictly metaphorical), the Pan Seared Cubed Tenderloin Steak (Rs 725) was asked for. Smacking our lips, we appreciate the attentiveness with which our hot water (flu blues) and dishes were served and cleared. The Steak arrived with its heaped plating. A moment of excuse to attend a pressing call led the staff to take it back until our return. On the steak’s second appearance, it was at the perfect temperature and served with just-right French Fries.

With the Mini Cooper showroom to its left, the deli exudes a glassy appeal. Pics/PradeepDhivar

With forks all around, the Penne Pasta (Rs 595 plus Rs 125 for topping) helped in following the ‘no elbow on the table’ adage. Banking on the Grill’s mastery headed by the Italian Chef, a penne pasta with chicken topping was predictable. The Parmesan shavings and basil flavours gave the dish a refreshing character. However, not being a fan of the creamy version of the sauce, we didn’t wipe our plates clean.

Ultimately, the selection of desserts was about strolling to the showcase. Our Le Cordon Bleu coat-donning dessert chef was most compliant and cordial and narrowed our choice to an Opera (Rs 195) -- a coffee- flavoured, many-layered pastry. The dense layers were obviously qualitative but again, not the diet-
wrecking kinds.

Named after the temperature when water turns into steam, this delicatessen is a hot pie with a heavy wallet to charge on.

At Two One Two All Day, near Mini Cooper Showroom, Santacruz (W).
Call 26615212

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