Bruce Dern tells Leonardo DiCaprio to take risks

Dec 08, 2013, 23:32 IST | ANI

Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that Bruce Dern had told him not to be afraid of taking chances at the Paramount holiday party held recently.

At the bash, held at the Italian joint Remi in Midtown, when the 77-year-old actor walked in and told Robb Report’s Bill McCuddy that he had never met the 39-year-old actor, the younger star immediately jumped up to chat with the Hollywood legend, the New York Post reported.

After which the ‘Nebraska’ star told DiCaprio that he has noticed that he goes after controversial and risky roles.  

Bruce Dern and Leonardo DiCaprio
Bruce Dern (Pic/AFP) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Pic/Santa Banta)

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