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Jan 23, 2010, 07:12 IST | Sanjeev Devasia

When it comes to getting fancy number plates, money is no constraint

When it comes to getting fancy number plates, money is no constraint

What do politicians, film stars and builders have in common? Other than the fact that they are all rich, they are also the ones who gladly shell out money to get a number plate of their choice for their vehicles.

The latest in this long line of names is Andheri MLA Baldev Khosa, who has paid Rs 1 lakh fee to the Andheri RTO and obtained the number 1 in the BP series for his Toyota Fortuner.

The state has a list of fancy numbers, which are allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis for a specific fee. The fee varies depending on the number (see box).

Politicians, film stars and builders shell out money to get a fancy number plate of their choice for their vehicles.

Earlier, builder Darshan Hiranandani had obtained number 1 in the AL series from the Tardeo RTO for his Mercedes Benz. Two of his other vehicles flaunt number plates with 555 and 777.

Not far behind are actors Madhavan and John Abraham, who have got fancy numbers for their Rs 20 lakh worth Yamaha V Max motorcycles.
According to RTO officials, Madhavan paid for the number 66, while John Abraham specially requested for 6777. While 66 falls into the fancy numbers category with a fee of Rs 5,000, 6777 does not fall in that list.

No Takers

However, despite the preferences, the Tardeo RTO are yet to sell two fancy numbers in the AL series that is 2222 and 6666, which does not seem to have found favour even as the AL series is coming to an end.
Though there are several fancy numbers, which are yet to be sold out in the BP series, the series has just started.

Pay, And Get Your Lucky Number


Fee category



Rs 1 lakh


9, 99, 111,

Rs 50,000


222, 333, 444,



555, 3333,



8888, 9999



2 to 8, 2727,

Rs 25,000


1818, 3636, 4545



6363, 9000, 9090



88, 101, 200 202

Rs 7,500


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