Pakistani man wears burqa on dinner date with wife; Twitter goes crazy

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This couple reversed their gender roles and took to social media to educate people about the social norms that are still prevalent in the 21st century; Twitterati could not stop from providing feedback on the same

The Pakistani couple broke the internet with their viral post that saw them smashing gender stereotypes and objectification of women Pic/Twitter The Mewly Weds!
The Pakistani couple broke the internet with their viral post that saw them smashing gender stereotypes and objectification of women Pic/Twitter The Mewly Weds!

In a sweet gesture, a Pakistani couple shared a selfie from their outing where the two were seen enjoying a dinner date but this wasn't unlike any other. This date was quite unique as the couple were seen smashing gender stereotypes and educating people about society norms.

Burqa couple

The newlywed couple were seen taking a dig at the way women are objectified in today's age!

Here's what the couple captioned while sharing their picture online: This is my husband. I took him out to dinner last night. Although I prefer he stay at home as the world is a bad place, it is ok when he goes out with me. I love how he modestly hides himself, as he is khuli tijori. Also, I let him work and drive cuz equality. Where's my medal?

Interestingly, the couple's caption took a dig at gender stereotypes and objectifying women in society. Since then, the post has gone viral on the internet. In the photo, the wife is dressed in casuals best while her husband is seen donning a burqa.

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In the Twitter post, the wife highlights the issue of objectifying women as she says that she keeps her husband's 'beauty' (read: identity) hidden as I am the only true haqdaar (owner) of it." Furthermore, the post reveals the details as to how the wife keeps a tab on what her husband eats so that his fertility is not affected. She also says that she likes him staying at home as the world outside is a crude place.

Here's the Pakistani couple's entire post on Instagram:

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This is my beautiful husband. Of course, you can't see how beautiful he is because I make sure he keeps his beauty (read: identity) hidden as I am the only true haqdaar of it. Everything he is, all his achievements, dreams, all of his fkn life, he owes it to me. Any namehram's nazar is haraam on him, so I prefer he stay at home as the world is a bad place. However, it is ok when he goes out with me. I took him to dinner at @madroostapk last night. We only go there because they use steroid free chicken and we are very health conscious, especially after knowing how growth hormone injected chicken can affect fertility. I don't want his fertility to be affected because his major purpose of existing is to give me children and make me a mother. So no matter what, I only bring him to eat out here. I Iove how he modestly hides himself while going out, as he is khuli tijori and I wouldn't want him to get molested. Even then if he gets molested, we will accept that as qismah and hope that the abuser will be punished in akhirah. I on the other hand can roam around and loiter on my own, in my chadda banyaan, in my tank top in my spaghetti strap top or even shirtless, because I am a woman. I am not scared of other women. They will not assault me. And even if they do, I will not talk about it because it will prove me weak and defenceless in front of the whole wide world. A woman is not supposed to be weak, you know, we were created to be strong and macho. Also, I let him go out to work and drive cuz I am a strong believer in equality. However, looking at na-mehrams and interacting with them in any way is strictly prohibited. It is my duty to ensure these practices as a pious husband is my key to jannah, how will I get to sleep with 70 virgins in the afterlife warna? Also photography and all is also haraam but we had to do this since in attempt to educate you all and save you from qabar ke saanp and jahannum ki aag. Where's my medal? . . . #genderroles #smashingpatriarchy #dawn #nomeansno #consent #endrapeculture #metoo

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The post which was tweeted on April 6 has amassed about 8 thousand re-tweets and nearly 21 thousand likes and still counting. Ending her post on a sarcastic note, the wife claims that she prefers to hide her husband under the burqa in order to save him from being molested.

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The woman then ends her post on a stern note as she writes, "A woman is not supposed to be weak, you know, we were created to be strong and macho." The post ends with the woman (wife) requesting for a medal for educating everyone about the norms of the society in a role reversal dinner date. 

A scroll through their Instagram also reveals that the couple has been vocal about gender equality. In one post, the woman's husband is seen picking up her bag during their shopping spree.

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The shame associated with men doing little things for their wives out of sheer courtesy and love is real. We expect wives to be obedient, subservient, submissive to their husbands, and often we're ready to quote all kinds of religious scripture to support them. However, thanks to patriarchy and our innate urge to justify and further impose it, we forget what religion says about treating your wife. Can my husband not fry himself some sausages or make himself a mug of coffee? He very well can, and most of the times he does. But sometimes I do it, because it makes me happy. In the same way, can I not carry my own bag, or open my own doors? Well, most of the times, I do. But sometimes he insists on carrying my bag, and I let him. The "joru ka ghulam", "zann mureed", "wife pleaser" tags are real. Real bullshit, I assure you. You, as men, owe your wives just as much love, respect, and tenderness as they owe you. Do not hesitate to practice this behaviour both in private AND in public. Do not be ashamed of it.

A post shared by The Mewly Weds (@themewlyweds) onApr 7, 2019 at 2:02pm PDT

While the post has gone viral, netizens couldn't keep calm as they took to Twitter to laud the couple for breaking gender stereotypes and social norms. Here's how netizens reacted to the couple's adorable yet groundbreaking post smashing objectification of women and breaking social norms:

Finally, a Twitter user gave her an award if not a medal.

While many supported her take on breaking gender stereotypes and societal norms, others took a dig at the couple.

One user on Twitter wrote, "I really like this post haha...I'm sure the message will go places and make the patriarchal society stuck by an evil ideology think of this oppression," wrote a user." Now, we really think she definitely deserves an award!

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