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Sure, fusion in food is now as old as the hills, but Kurries and Burries at Chowpatty does a good job by giving the good, ol’ Mexican and South Asian cuisines an interesting twist, finds Kareena Gianani

It is with some scepticism that we enter Kurries and Burries, a Mex-Asian restaurant which focuses on take-aways too, wondering just how well Mexican and South East Asian cuisines lend themselves to fusion.

Mexican Mex-wich at Kurries and Burries at Chowpatty
Mexican Mex-wich at Kurries and Burries at Chowpatty

But then, that is before we bite into 3-Layered Sandwich (Rs 120). Is it Mexican? Because there’s definitely tomato salsa and beans inside, yet its Thai undertone with a coconut-based sauce with peanuts is unmistakable too. Each layer of this pretty sandwich holds out promise to the eye, and the taste delivers. The flavours complement each other, which means Kurries and Burries is on the right track. It is more than a regular sandwich we reach out to as an evening snack. Do try this at home.

We decide to go back to the basics, and call for the Nachos Supremo (Rs 180) which comes with Mexican beans, tomato salsa, sour cream, jalapenos, bell peppers and cheese sauce. They are comfort food at their Mexican best – the salsa is a tad spicy, but we’d definitely go for another round if it weren’t for the Mexican Mex-Wich (Rs 150), which arrives soon after. This, we find out is cottage cheese, Mexican beans, crispy nachos and sour cream deep fried. Sure enough, our forks maneuver soft middles, crunchy bits and creamy parts encased in a burrito-like exterior. The flavours of each ingredient stand out, blend well and the resultant dish is a balanced, delicious treat to Mexican food lovers.

Kurries And Burries is a Mexican and South East Asian diner
Kurries And Burries is a Mexican and South East Asian diner

In the next round of dishes the Paneer Chilli Wrap (Rs 90) fares better than the Crackling Spinach with Paneer (Rs 160), though the latter definitely holds more promise. The wrap is your regular, hot and spicy concoction, but the paneer appetiser has a lot more going for it – the spicy sauce encasing the paneer can be quite addictive. And the spinach is quite crackling, unlike that at other restaurants – limp and lifeless. If the paneer weren’t so chewy, this dish would have deserved an encore. When Kurries and Burries says they are serving the best for last, they mean a 16-inch kilo-heavy burrito they call the Big Daddy Burrito Challenge (conditions apply on the cost). It is everything at once – Mexican beans, Mexican rice, salsa, Thai Curry, Kung pao potatoes, crispy babycorn, spring rolls, schezwan rolls in a burrito. Ask your server for the discount you get if you finish it under 15 minutes.

Kurries and Burries is a very good option for all those vegetarian foodies who love their South East Asian and Mexican food experiments. Their quantity is copious, price seriously competitive and taste very close to a gourmet Mexican/South East Asian diner.

We cannot rate this experience as it was a preview.

Kurries and Burries
At: 29/A, Jethabhai Govindji Building, opposite Merchants Club, Chowpatty
Service: Well-informed
Food: Flavoursome
Ambiance: Casual
Call: 30150898

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