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The Yubo Platform Promotes Fun Friendships and Real Connections- It's Not a Dating App

Updated on: 20 October,2023 09:26 PM IST  |  MUMBAI
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Yubo’s commitment to fostering friendships and genuine connections allows the app to become a Gen Z favorite for live social discovery.

The Yubo Platform Promotes Fun Friendships and Real Connections- It's Not a Dating App

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As technology continues to enrich nearly every aspect of life, social media is expanding its prominence on the digital landscape. In May 2023,  HYPERLINK ""Forbes Advisor estimated that 4.9 billion social media users are spread across the globe. By 2027, this number is predicted to reach 5.85 billion users. For perspective, the average individual spends roughly 145 minutes (or over two hours) on social media daily.

Not surprisingly, many social media users believe short-form videos win the engagement battle. Typically running under a minute, these shareable snippets are 2.5 times more engaging than longer video clips. Authenticity is also key, and 34 percent of viewers think the shorter-form videos reflect a higher degree of sincerity.

Finally, social media users most commonly interact on their mobile devices. Over three-quarters of social media fans prefer their smartphones, with a pocket-sized device enabling users to chat with others from across the globe. Others pull out tablets from their purses or gear bags. Taken together, this shows the existence of a highly mobile global user base.

Dating Apps’ Popularity ─ and Why Yubo Doesn’t Fit the Mold

Not surprisingly, Gen Z users (from 13 to 26) are highly interested in the dating scene. These young digital natives are adept at swiping right to explore a potential love interest (or swiping left to say “no thanks”). Live social discovery app Yubo also builds a swipe functionality into its services, causing some to think Yubo is another social media dating app.

Yubo Focuses on Friendships

To set the record straight, Yubo is certainly not a dating app. Instead, the platform is at the forefront of the online friendships phenomenon. In fact, Yubo carries a friendship focus into each of its platform interactions. Whether users chat, play games, or participate in a group livestream, the emphasis is on meeting new same-aged friends from around the world.

Yubo Encourages Users’ Authenticity

Yubo also stands out in another important way. Founded in 2015, this Paris-based platform doesn’t integrate Likes and Followers into the mix. These metrics could lead users to engage in inauthentic behaviors designed to increase their popularity while perhaps taking an emotional toll.

Instead, Yubo encourages users’ authenticity and invites them to make sincere connections. To accomplish this goal, Yubo has designed its features for small groups ─ just like a group of real-life friends gathering together.

Perhaps most importantly, Yubo requires every platform user to be courteous and respectful in their interactions. All users agree to follow the platform’s Community Guidelines when they sign up to access the app.

Yubo Maintains an Overarching Emphasis on User Safety

Yubo consistently strives to keep its platform as safe as possible for users of every age. Gen Zers make up approximately 95 percent of Yubo’s user base. Although some Gen Z users are 18 or older, many minors also regularly engage on the app. For reference, users must be 13 or older to access the Yubo platform.

100 Percent Age Verification

Yubo has taken steps to ensure everyone on its platform belongs there. In 2022, Yubo became the first major social media app to mandate that 100 percent of users verify their ages. Verification of the app’s current users was the first priority. Next, Yubo required new users to verify their ages before being given access to the platform.

Some social media apps’ online age verification protocols require users to submit official documentation. These ID cards or other documents largely form the basis for the user’s approval or denial. However, Yubo has taken a different tack. The company recognizes that younger users may not yet have their ID cards. Therefore, Yubo implemented an easy-to-use digital age verification process.

Working with leading digital identification provider Yoti, Yubo debuted a well-planned age estimation protocol. The Yoti technology has a 98.9 percent accuracy rate in determining that the subject user is above or below a predetermined age parameter. This accuracy rate holds true for every skin tone, gender, and age. For perspective, the Yoti age estimation technology has received the valued iBeta certification.

How Yubo’s Age Verification Works

Every Yubo user can complete the age verification process inside the app. Gen Z users should be able to perform the necessary tasks in just a few minutes, and they’ll receive the decision without delay.

First, the user enters the Yubo app and snaps their real-time photo. After this takes place, the Yoti liveness algorithm shoots a short video to confirm the photo’s validity. The algorithm seeks to ensure that the user is not using a Google image or screenshot.

Assuming the Yoti algorithm verifies the user’s photo, the next step is estimating the user’s age. Then, the algorithm compares the estimated age to the user’s claimed age during the sign-up process.

If there’s a definite match, the user is approved to use the Yubo platform. If they are declined, they must furnish more approved ID documentation. If the user is unable to verify their age, they cannot access the Yubo app.

Users’ Privacy is Paramount

Yubo understands that its Gen Z users want to protect their online privacy. Therefore, Yubo has ensured that its age verification process complies with European data privacy laws’ “privacy by design” requirements. Users should also know that the Yoti algorithm cannot link a certain facial image to an actual person’s identity.

Yubo’s “Age Gating” Establishes Defined User Communities

Yubo also utilizes age gating, separating users into age-based communities to limit adult-minor interactions. This practice mimics users’ preferences for real-life interactions with others in their own age group.

Age gating also has a second goal: to divide vulnerable teen users from adult users. The latter group could potentially post inappropriate content and/or discuss off-limits topics with minor users. Finally, age gating prevents scammers and bots from joining the Yubo platform to prey on vulnerable teen users.

Real-Time Video and Audio Moderation

In 2022, Yubo became the first top-tier social media platform to debut real-time livestream video and audio moderation. For video moderation, the platform’s high-tech artificial intelligence (or AI) tools scan second-to-second livestream screenshots.

Concurrently, AI tools transcribe livestream audio to identify inappropriate or potentially harmful content. If an issue occurs, or the user violates the Yubo Community Guidelines, the AI filter brings the issue to a Human Safety Specialist’s attention. Human Safety Specialists also monitor the livestreams and can take immediate action if needed.

The Safety Specialist can issue a user warning, remove the content, or temporarily ban the user from the Yubo platform. Device-level permanent bans are also an option. Escalation to appropriate law enforcement may also occur.

The “Community Guidelines” Promote Safe Platform Use

Regardless of a user’s age, they must read (and accept) Yubo’s Community Guidelines to receive a Yubo account. These guidelines detail the expectations and standards designed to keep community members safe and promote an inclusive atmosphere. As a living document, the Community Guidelines benefit from regular updates reflecting digital world advancements and other changes.

User-Generated Behavior Reports

Each Yubo user can submit a report about behavior that potentially breaches the app’s Community Guidelines. Submitting a report is simple. The user touches the app’s shield icon and then taps the “Report” button. A Safety Specialist will quickly address the issue.

At the same time, the Yubo algorithm seeks out inappropriate or possibly harmful content. If the algorithm finds it, the AI tool delivers a real-time pop-up alert asking the user to rethink their proposed action.

How the “Muted Words” Feature Benefits Users

Each Yubo user can control the content they view on the platform. First, they select the “Muted Words” feature. Next, they choose the words, phrases, and/or emojis they want to banish from livestreams or chats.

3 Tips for Online User Safety

Yubo has taken multiple steps to ensure its users’ online safety. To supplement these efforts, the company recommends three safety-focused precautions that apply to users of all ages.

No Personal Information Disclosure

Do not disclose personal information online. Examples include the user’s last name, phone number, and residence address. Users should also keep their school or work location private. Finally, minor users should know that Yubo automatically disables teen users’ location settings.

No Inappropriate Images Online

Avoid sending inappropriate (e.g. nude or semi-nude) videos or photos to other users. These images can potentially be distributed on other websites and/or social media networks.

Report Issues to a Safety Specialist

Report any instances where other users’ behavior made a specific person uncomfortable. If necessary, users can attach up to four images to the report. A Yubo Safety Specialist will address the issue without delay.

Guidance from the Yubo Safety Board

Yubo’s Safety Board regularly offers guidance on user-focused safety policies and procedures. Board members also provide timely advice on issues that may affect the platform’s users.

The Safety Board is composed of respected online safety experts from organizations such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, INTERPOL, Thorn, and The Diana Award. With Board members’ assistance, Yubo continues to be an industry leader in online safety innovation.

Yubo’s Human Safety Specialists Remain Vigilant

Yubo employs multiple digital safety tools and safety features. That said, the platform’s human Safety Specialists oversee all platform activity. Taken together, all safety techniques help to ensure users are following the app’s Community Guidelines and have a safe online user experience.

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