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Top 5 Most Trusted Astrologers and Tarot Card Readers Of 2024

Updated on: 30 June,2024 03:38 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Top 5 Most Trusted Astrologers and Tarot Card Readers.These gifted individuals have distinguished themselves through their profound knowledge, accuracy.

Top 5 Most Trusted Astrologers and Tarot Card Readers Of 2024

Top 5 Most Trusted Astrologers

In a world brimming with uncertainty, the guidance of skilled astrologers and tarot card readers can offer much-needed clarity and insight. As we navigate through 2024, Passion Review Magazine is proud to present our list of the Top 5 Most Trusted Astrologers and Tarot Card Readers. These gifted individuals have distinguished themselves through their profound knowledge, accuracy, and dedication to their craft. They have become beacons of light for many, helping people make informed decisions and find solace in life's complexities. Join us as we celebrate these exceptional practitioners who continue to inspire trust and provide invaluable support to their clients worldwide.

1. Aditi Handa

Aditi handa a well established and renowned Tarot Reader and healer ,  had an intense connection with the spiritual world . Her abilities allow her to pick up information and feelings from people as well as vibrations and messages from spirits and souls. Using her special gift She shows light to the people who are seeking clearity. whether it be answers regarding your present, past, or future. It’s been her experience that many have the knowledge they seek deep within them, and simply need the right spiritual guidance to find the answers they have buried inside.

Whether your are  first customer or you’re a returning customer , she would like to thank you for believing. Aditi has helped Thousands of people worldwide through her psychic and intuitive abilities . She is guiding people through her Intuitive Tarot readings , Vastu, consultation and spell casting / healing / akashic records / numerology/ lama fera etc!

Connect with her :

2. Richa Pathak

In the dynamic world of astrology and vastu, one name shines brightly – Astrologer Richa Pathak. With an impressive following of 45,000+ on Instagram and over 4,000 on LinkedIn, Richa has carved a niche for herself as a trusted guide in the cosmic realm. What sets her apart is her unique background as a finance expert in leading MNC Bank, bringing a rare blend of financial acumen and celestial insights to her practice. As a third-generation astrologer, Richa inherits a rich legacy in astrology and vastuology, making her a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience. - Instagram Followers: 45,000+ - LinkedIn Followers: 4,000+ - Background: Finance - Expertise: Astrology Gemstones, Yantra, Vastu products, Numerology - Experience: 25+ years in astrology - Client Base: Over 1 lakh clients worldwide.

Astrologer Richa Pathak's journey in the mystical realms of astrology and vastu is nothing short of fascinating. As the third generation in her family to delve into these ancient sciences, she not only upholds tradition but also infuses a modern perspective into her practice. Her proficiency extends to gemstones, yantras, vastu products, and numerology, making her a holistic guide for those seeking cosmic wisdom. With a client base of over 1 lakh spread across different countries, Richa's expertise is globally acknowledged, earning her the title of the BEST RATED Astro-Vastu expert in Mumbai. - Heritage: Third generation in astrology - Holistic Expertise: Gemstones, Yantra, Vastu products, Numerology - Global Recognition: Clients from different countries - Accolades: Best Rated Astro-Vastu in Mumbai

The founder of JYOTISH-DHAM, her work has been featured in magazines and newspapers, cementing her status as a luminary in the world of astrology and vastu. - Media Presence: Featured in Times of India, CNBC, Et market and many other magazines - Celebrity Clients: Trusted by celebrities and influencers

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3. Himanshi Choudhary

Himanshi Choudhary, a name synonymous with expertise and excellence in the realm of tarot card reading and healing, continues to astound clients with her exceptional insights and uncanny abilities. Recently honored with the prestigious Powerful Women Award 2023 for Best Tarot Card Reader and Healer, Himanshi has garnered a loyal following of over 10,000 clients who have benefited from her guidance and spiritual wisdom.

Himanshi Choudhary's journey into the world of tarot is as captivating as her readings. Hailing from Jaipur, a city known for its rich spiritual heritage, Himanshi discovered her gift at an early age. It was through a profound personal experience that she realized her intuitive powers and decided to dedicate her life to helping others through tarot card reading and healing.

With an impressive four years of professional experience, Himanshi has honed her skills and developed a unique methodology that combines tarot card reading, remedies, numerology, and healing. Her approach is deeply rooted in her belief that the cards serve as a mirror to the soul, reflecting the hidden truths and providing guidance for personal growth and transformation.

If you're seeking guidance, clarity, and empowerment, Himanshi Choudhary is here to unlock the mysteries of your life and guide you towards a path of fulfillment and success. Experience the transformative power of tarot card reading and healing with Himanshi, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

To schedule a session with Himanshi Choudhary or to learn more about her services, visit her on instagram -

4. Dr Sonam

Dr. Sonam is a distinguished holistic healer and Manifestation Coach, seamlessly blending her professional expertise and passionate pursuits. As a Freelancer International Educator in the Project Management domain, she brings a unique perspective to her spiritual and soul-transforming coaching. With over a decade of experience as a Tarot Counsellor, holding a PhD in Tarotology, she has mastered various healing modalities including Reiki, Lama Fera, Color Therapy, and Bach Remedies.

Dr. Sonam is proficient in diverse practices such as HOOPONOPONO, Candle Healing, Runes, Angel Therapy, and Rudraksha Therapy. She is a certified psychic reader, Spirit Guides Practitioner, and a skilled numerologist. Her expertise extends to Wiccan and white magic, Sigil, Money Reiki, and Manifestation techniques, emphasizing the Law of Attraction.

As a creative content creator, she integrates Herbs, Magic Oils, Crystals, Vedic Tantra, and Ramal Shastra in her practice. Dr. Sonam's intuitive ability to sense energies enhances her healing sessions. A poet and avid reader, she also balances her spiritual endeavors with being a devoted mother to her energetic 4-year-old daughter.

5. Vishal Kamal Saini

Vishal Kamal Saini is a certified tarot card reader and practitioner, renowned for his accurate predictions and healing services across India. With extensive knowledge in various spiritual sciences, his passion for tarot has driven him to excel in resolving client issues. Vishal's expertise spans business, finance, career, marriage, love, relationships, health, wellness, the law of attraction, and spiritual sciences. He also offers remedial and healing consultations. His commitment to making clients positive and satisfied is paramount. Additionally, Vishal has served as a consultant in educational institutions, providing tarot readings. Clients can seek his guidance for personal and professional issues or healing sessions, benefiting from his profound insights and solutions.

Disclaimer: Astrology is not a proven science or an exact method for understanding every aspect of life. It offers spiritual guidance, which individuals may choose to accept or disregard. It is not advisable to rely solely on astrology for answers. An astrological reading represents a personal opinion that individuals should consider carefully before accepting. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored article are those of the sponsor/author/agency and do not reflect the stance or views of Mid-Day.

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