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Why Compliance and Security Matter in Forex Trading: Best Practices by STARTRADER

Updated on: 10 June,2024 05:30 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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STARTRADER allows the clients to have a more secure and safe journey in the world of finance.

Why Compliance and Security Matter in Forex Trading: Best Practices by STARTRADER


The main aim for investors around the world is to maximize the potential returns on their capital. Such a rewarding experience comes with its own risks. Indeed, risk is an integral part of almost any investment venture, However, it can be significantly mitigated if some factors are taken into consideration.

One major element that can help reduce perilous risks is to deal with regulated brokers, as regulated brokers are obligated to comply with the rules set by a financial regulatory body in a certain country. Adhering to these rules protects one’s capital, information, personal or financial and prevents fraud activities from taking place.

With the advancements in technology and online trading platforms, the number of forex brokers has been growing, giving the investors the chance to compare and contrast the advantages, then choose the one they think is the best. When looking at brokers’ offerings, traders are advised to opt for a regulated firm.

Otherwise, they will jeopardise their capital and even personal information. STARTRADER is a highly regulated broker that is committed to complying with the highest standards of regulations and following the best practices of security that assure clients they can trade with peace of mind.

STARTRADER’s Continuous Adherence to Regulatory Standards

As one of the fastest-growing brokers, STARTADER has expanded its operations to over 200 locations around the world. With over 16 years of experience in the market, the team of STARTRADER has strategically and rightly obtained licenses from various financial regulatory bodies, underscoring the importance of such practices in instilling a sense of confidence and trust in their clients. It is no wonder that the company has gained clients satisfaction globally as

STARTRADER currently operates under the surveillance of several authorities:

  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa
  • Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles

STARTRADER Offers Security of Information

When it comes to security matters, STARTRADER adheres to all practices that keep client’s information, secure and protected, be it personal or financial. Because winning clients’ confidence over and over again is one of their main goals, the broker has implemented essential steps in this regard.

When clients opt to open an account with STARTRADER, they need to pass through a KYC (Know Your Customer Process), which prevents fraudulent activities like money laundering, or any other illicit purposes. Once this process is completed, the clients need to set:

Strong Passwords
One of the requirements to open an account with STARTRADER is to set a strong password that contains a mix of numbers, letters in upper and lower case, and some symbols. It might seem a lot for some users, but the purpose behind it is clear: to keep your personal and financial information safe from unauthorized access.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
To add an extra layer of protection, STARTRADER utilized the two-factor authentication. In order to access their information, users of the trading platform need to do two distinct forms of identification. Indeed, STATRADER has recently even incorporated this feature in their trading App to make sure clients enjoy their trading on the go, knowing that their information is secure.

Data Encryption
Financial information is sensitive. As such, STARTRADER utilizes data encryption to make sure that only authorized individuals can access this data. It ensures that such information is safe from cybersecurity threats.

STARTRADER Offers Security of Funds

Segregated Accounts
As a regulated and trusted broker, STARTRADER keeps clients’ funds in segregated accounts. By doing so, the clients know that in case the brokers suffered insolvency for any reason, their funds will not be affected.

Secure Payment Methods

STARTRADER offers a variety of payment methods for a seamless trading endeavor. From bank transfer to Visa and Master cards, e-wallet and more, STARTRADER ensures that these methods are secure through use of OTPs and other protection measures.

Negative Balance Protection
For investors to have a better journey in the financial world, STARTRADER offers the negative balance protection feature. This feature acts as a risk management tool as it ensures that one’s capital never falls below zero.

Stop Loss
A stop loss is the investor’s seatbelt. Just as a seat belt protects drivers from the severe consequences of sudden accidents, a stop loss protects investors from significant losses by automatically selling a security when its price falls to a predetermined level.

STARTRADER Directs Investors Toward a More Secure Investment

For STARTRADER, the security does not stop at protecting information. They extend their efforts to offering a more secure investing experience for their clients. The STARTRADER’s team believes that it is each broker’s responsibility to enlighten the traders’ journey with data and educational resources. Knowledge is power, and particularly in trading, as knowledge provides investors with tools that assist them make informed decisions rather than ones based on emotions and illogical thinking. To have such knowledge, STARTRADER provides:

Educational Resources

For those who prefer to read detailed articles, and learn about the ins and outs of the financial market, STARTRADER keeps updating their Knowledge Center with articles that are rich in information and easy to comprehend at the same time. There are articles for both beginners and advanced traders. The topics provided range from the simple “what are” articles, to the more complicated ones that delve deep into the world of fundamental and technical analysis and charting tools.

People who prefer to learn visually have their fair share with STARTRADER. They can check a simple yet varied and informative series of educational videos. The videos talk about the essential terms in the financial market in an engaging and attractive way. The videos simplify the complicated terms investors commonly encounter when setting off on their journey in the world of trading.

Market Updates
When making a trading decision, investors need to first check what is moving the market at a particular point. To keep up to date with market ups and downs, STARTRADER posts an update at the beginning of each week, and a recap by the end. By doing so, they make sure that the traders have a clear image about what moves the prices of different tradable assets. Based on these pieces of news, traders can make logical decisions, thus fostering their way for a more secure investment.

Demo account
It might not be enough to build a market plan. Beginner investors need to test their strategies and finetune them according to the test. To enable traders to do so, STARTRADER offers a demo account that reflects real market conditions and allows traders to practice with virtual funds. In other words, beginners can experience the real trading environment without risking their capital.

Final Take-away
As a regulator broker, STARTRADER allows the clients to have a more secure and safe journey in the world of finance. From keeping personal and financial information protected from any undesirable access, to setting important risk management tools, and supporting the traders in making informed decisions with a wide range of educational resources, STARTRADER adheres to best practices, thus making trading a more reliable and empowering experience.

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