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Mozz Guard Reviews [Consumer Reports Unravel Ozzie Mozzie Mosquito Repellent]

Updated on: 18 June,2024 01:01 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Here is a detailed guide for Unravel Ozzie Mozzie Mosquito Mozz Guard Reviews.

Mozz Guard Reviews [Consumer Reports Unravel Ozzie Mozzie Mosquito Repellent]

Mozz Guard Reviews

Who could have thought that mankind's biggest enemy would not be the elephants, whales, lions, or even the apes? Mosquitoes have long proven that when it comes to dangerous abilities, size doesn't always matter. Mosquitoes have earned themselves the position of the world's most dangerous animal to humans. Apart from mosquitoes, other insects are a big menace. The Mozz Guard is an insect control machine that promises an effective approach to eradicating bugs and mosquitoes.

Insects have well adapted to survival. That's why products promising to control insects need to be properly examined. In this Mozz Guard review, the focus is on exploring how effective it is in achieving its claims, how it works, its pros and cons, its price, and the exclusive benefits of owning one.

This review is an expository approach toward enabling potential buyers of the Mozz Guard mosquito killer to access valuable information that may lead to smart purchase choices.



  • What is the Mozz Guard bug zapper?
  • How Does It Work?
  • Features and Benefits
  • Pros and Cons
  • Price
  • Direction for Use
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • User Reviews
  • Conclusion

Understanding Mozz Guard (Ozzie Mozzie Reviews)

In a world of paradigm shift towards technology, devices are emerging to accomplish tasks that we earlier looked up to dangerous chemicals like pesticides and insect repellants for. This zapper is one of the newest innovations in pest control technologies that exploit insect behavior to improve insect population control rather than using potentially harmful insecticides and repellants.

Apart from the dangers that chemical means of bug control pose, cases of resistance to chemicals are growing in common insects. Mosquitoes and bed bugs, especially, are growing increasingly resistant to earlier means of control. The dangers of harmful chemical exposure, coupled with increasing threats of resistance, have pushed society toward the edge.

Mosquitoes particularly love UV light but hate the sun because the heat intensity from the sun can cause dehydration from a tiny insect that relies primarily on fluid; that's why most species of mosquitoes are more active during the night. At night, the air is calmer, and the temperature is less dehydrating. Mosquitoes activities are at their highest during a full moon; these pieces of information stress the attraction of mosquitoes to light.

Mosquitoes especially are a high-risk health concern, and as such, their control or lack of it is appalling not just to the medical community but to the rest of the population. The role of technology in the pursuit of safer and more effective means of bug control resulted in the emergence of the Mozz Guard device.

How it Works

Although the mosquito feeding model has evolved towards human blood rather than feeding on nectars, mosquitoes share the same behavioral attraction to light with other insects. This is why the Mozz Guard insect killer is very effective, as it deploys an attraction and extermination model. This is possible by leveraging LED lighting and low-grade electrocution. The electrocution, however, is harmless to humans and pets but lethal to insects.

The device is a versatile bug-control machine. Although mosquitoes are the target insects, especially because of their harmful nature to our health and peace, the device can attract and eliminate other bugs. The Mozz Guard device works by exploiting insect behavior. Despite a slight deviation in the feeding choices, mosquitoes and the majority of insects are attracted to UV light, so Mozzguard works like a trap equipped with bait. The device's UV light functions like a bait, and behind this bait is an electric fence that would exterminate any bug that steps on it.


Features and Benefits

Compact Design: With a relatively portable design, the device is easy to move from place to place, and with such portability, infested areas can be determined, and the device would be easily taken to such areas.

Temperate Light: The device also features a low heat emitting light useful as a means of bug attraction and also useful for human vision, especially at night. Light is a form of energy often accompanied by heat. Earlier, we noted that most insects dread heat. With very little heat emission from the device, it not only becomes more effective at bug control but also a convenient means of lighting up target space.

Powerful rechargeable battery: The device features a powerful battery that can go for over thirteen hours of uninterrupted zapping. These long hours of working cover more than the active time of most mosquitoes and other insects, which is usually from dusk to dawn.

Wide attraction range: The device's light is visible over a mile, but the real attraction range is within thirty meters. This is a very effective killing range because mosquitoes first need to bite before they can pass on any disease; no mosquitoes over 30 meters away can cause any harm to an individual.

Efficient and convenient Hanging attachment: To attain utmost effectiveness, the device needs to be free hanging. Free-hanging lights look more natural to insects. The handle also makes it more convenient for the device to be strategically placed where it won't be interfered with by users' activities, like on the table.

Mozz Guard is Water-resistant: Insects are more of a threat outdoors than indoors. During camping or other night outdoor activities, when the device finds its application, some of those times it may drizzle or even a full-blown rain. Perhaps it is simply drizzling, and there's no immediate need to evacuate the environment; your device is designed to effectively brush off those drops without developing faults.

Light weight: Weight is very important in the longevity of devices. Mozz guard features a handle for carriage and hanging, as a heavy device may break down easily starting from the handle. The lightweight design also improves energy efficiency and ensures longevity.

360° coverage: Complete encirclement lighting is very important for insect control. This eliminates dark spots and attracts bugs from all directions.

Health Implication of Mosquitoes and Why You Need to Protect Yourself

The United States is home to several species of mosquitoes; these mosquitoes are a global health concern. They have been known to transmit deadly diseases like Zika, Dengue, Malaria, etc. It is important that, whenever possible, everyone should protect themselves against mosquitoes.


Notable organizations taking steps to eradicate some of the illnesses from mosquito exposure include UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO). Governments across the world and other regional organizations are also in this fight together. The best you can do is to protect yourself and your family with this simple device (Mozzguard) that offers maximum protection against not just mosquitoes but other insects.

Pros and Cons

  • No chemical use: The Mozz Guard device works without the use of dangerous chemicals. It doesn't present any poisonous threats to humans or pets.
  • Easy to use: This device's working model is traditional and user-friendly. Hang on fixed position and switch on and the hunt begins.
  • Effective for both indoor and outdoor use: The device's attraction range of over 30 meters means that it can be useful outdoors as well as indoors. It also becomes a great means of lighting in both cases.
  • Energy efficiency: Having a powerful battery coupled with low energy demand can be a bliss. This ensures prolonged protection. The low-heat LED lighting system offers a very effective uptime for the device.
  • Safe zapping energy: In the case that individuals or even pets come in contact with the device, the electricity output is not enough to hurt humans or pets. The electricity output of the device may be lethal for insects but not for pets.
  • Low Noise and odorless: Most people feel disturbed when some electronic devices produce unpleasant sounds during their working time. This is not the case with Mozz guard. Also, several people have gotten accustomed to the perfume often used to make chemical insecticides and repellants. This isn't the case with Mozz Guard. It is odorless and almost noiseless.


  • Non-Selective Extermination: Not all insects are harmful. The Mozz device doesn't have any method of differentiating between good and bad insects. Any insect at all that flies into the zapper is as good as dead. This is not in the best interest of our environment. Some useful insects are responsible for pollination.
  • Not applicable in all insect infestation scenarios: The device is mostly effective on target insects that are attracted to light. Since not all insects are attracted to light, there's a limitation in controlling the population of such insects with the device. Also, it may be tougher to control wingless and non-flying insects with the device. This is because the device is usually hung in high places where it may be difficult for crawling insects to reach.
  • Mozz guard is sold online and exclusively from the manufacturers on the company's official website


At an ongoing discount, the price of the Mozz Guard is more affordable than ever; amazing bonuses also apply depending on the quantity of the product to purchase. Below is the current price list of the device.

  • One insect zapping device purchase: $49
  • Two units: $79.98
  • Three units: $104.85
  • Four Mozz guard zappers: $127.80

Purchasing from the device's official website will ensure you get the genuine product and qualify for additional benefits like bonuses and refunds.


Usage Directive

  • Step One: Unbox Device. Check if every aspect is intact and working. Test the USB charging port and ensure that everything works perfectly.
  • Step Two: Charge the device. Although the device can be hung near an outlet and plugged in during its working time, it is best to charge the battery before powering the device. This will reduce battery strain and ensure longevity.
  • Step Three: Find a strategic place to hang the zapper. Mozz guard is best hung at places where illumination is not blocked for the best result.
  • Step four: Power on your device and enjoy a peaceful time under maximum protection. If you are using the device in a room and you don't fancy sleeping with lights on, you can turn off the device after about three hours of uptime. This will ensure that the mosquitoes in your room must have been zapped out.
  • Additional device setting: For additional settings and working mode selection, refer to the attached user manual that accompanies your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Mozz Guard Safe?
A: Yes, Mozz Guard is safe. It doesn't pose any health challenges. With quality LED lighting and low heat output, the device doesn't pose any heat concerns. It is also safe around children and pets. The electric output is not harmful to pets and humans.

Q: Who is Mozz Guard for?
A: Everything being equal, everyone living in the United States needs the device as nearly all the states in America are home to different species of mosquitoes, however most importantly, the bug zapper is for those who live near mosquitoes or insect-prone areas.

The Mozz Guard device is for those who live or spend time in insect-infested environments. This is especially true for those who live near water bodies or nearby woods. If you also spend time outdoors during the night, the device is for you. It is a must-have device for those who go camping in the countryside or the woods. It will keep mosquitoes and other annoying insects in check.

Q: Can I use the device alongside Insecticides?
A: Yes, you can use the device alongside insecticides if the potential of the side effects of insecticide is not a concern for you. Not all insects are attracted to light, so if your house is infested with other insects like cockroaches or even bed bugs, using chemical insecticides may not be out of the equation.

Q: Is it safe to keep the device on overnight?
A: Unless you have difficulty sleeping with lights on, there's nothing wrong with keeping the device on overnight. The device's strong battery can last well into the morning; however, perhaps you don't fancy sleeping with the device on; turning it off after about three hours of uptime will ensure an insect-free room.

Q: What if I'm unsatisfied after making a purchase?
A: The device manufacturer runs a refund policy. Unsatisfied customers can return their devices and request a refund. There is a 100% money-back guarantee. The trial window of 90 days is the maximum time where a return is applicable, a device that exceeds that time period will no longer qualify for a refund.

User Reviews and Mozz Guard Consumer Reports

- Ashley Cole: “I love going camping, wanted something that can offer protection against insects while being useful as a source of lighting. I was browsing through the web for my camping needs. I came across Mozz Guard, got the device and it has been my favorite acquisition for my camping.”

- John Davidson: “Having an artificial lake house can be beautiful; however, sometimes it can come with its trouble. My lake house has been plagued by mosquitoes. Getting the Mozz Guard device changed the game. I now spend more time at my countryside lake house thanks to the device.”

- Christopher Jonathan: “As a frequent traveler, I often find myself in places where different insect infestation is the case. My first travel to Africa led to malaria infection; it was one of the most difficult two weeks of my life. I have gone back to Africa two more times with no case of malaria infection, and if you care to know the secret, I was equipped with a Mozz Guard insect killer that kept mosquitoes in check.”

Conclusion on Mozz Guard Reviews (Ozzie Mozzie Mosquito Repellent)

Sharing our planet with mosquitoes capable of transmitting some of the deadliest diseases ever known is no easy concern. Apart from the chances of transmitting these sicknesses, they can be extremely annoying. Sometimes, their presence alone can lead to a lack of sleep.

Mozz guard reviews have a positive consumer reports rating with an average of 4.91/5.0 for its effectiveness, compact size, and ease of use in the United States.


Mozz Guard mosquito zap has proven to be a convenient, easy, and safe way of ridding the immediate environment of insects.


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