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No time to rest: How India’s tireless campaigners battle activism fatigue


Updated on: 29 March,2022 10:21 AM IST  |  Mumbai
Sarasvati T | sarasvati.nagesh@mid-day.com

Talking about caste, feminism, sexuality, disabilities -- invisible from mainstream narratives – is often met with hate on social media. Individuals who are vocal about issues of marginalised groups and failings of the state, tell us about the cost of their political work and how they carry on being hopeful

No time to rest: How India’s tireless campaigners battle activism fatigue

Anti-CAA NRC protests amplified on Instagram stories in 2019. Image credit: Sarasvati T

“I feel like social media doesn’t allow people from marginalised communities to use it just for fun. All the hate propagated through social media forces us to share or do certain things and we are never able to use the platform for fun,” says Divya Kandukuri, writer, anti-caste activist and co-founder of The Blue Dawn, a mental health support group for people from marginalised communities. “Though it may seem trivial, there is this constant pressure to be active and put our point across. Online and offline activism go hand in hand, and I feel the lines get blurred sometimes.”

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