Today’s Horoscope

  • ARIESmar 21 - april 20


    Today you are all set to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Use this opportunity to assist people resolve their complicated issues.

  • TAURUSapril 21 - may 20


    You will be in high spirits today, however at the same time you shall also be very practical, thus rest assured all your decisions will be spot on.

  • GEMINImay 21 - june 21


    Candid and kind, you will find this day exhilarating. This is an auspicious time to propose that special someone. Some of you might even hear the wedding bells ringing.

  • CANCERjun 22 - july 23


    Your opinions about myriad subjects may be regarded as bordering on the extremes by several individual around you. But, when it comes to action, you may follow the crowd.

  • LEOjuly 24 - aug 23


    Though your target may seem very far and it might be very disheartening to think about the amount of efforts that may be involved in attained it, remember that every drop counts.

  • VIRGOaug 24 - sept 23


    If you are feeling acrimony or rancour about some things, it would be better to take a pen in hand and take out your anger on the paper, rather than on the people around you.

  • LIBRAsept 24- oct 22


    A tough day lies ahead for you, as you may be besieged with concerns regarding the health of a close family member.

  • SCORPIOoct 23 - nov 22


    Today is all about romance. If you are in love already, you will go around town enjoying with your sweetheart. If you wish to propose marriage, you may go ahead and do so.

  • SAGITTARIUSnov 23 - dec 22


    If you are feeling demoralised about not receiving the due rewards for your hard work, be patient as they are bound to come sooner or later. Just keep giving your best.

  • CAPRICORNUSdec 23 - jan 20


    Your antagonists often try to exploit your sentiments and extract an unfair advantage out of this. You must make all efforts to control your feelings.

  • AQUARIUSjan 21 - feb19


    You might be extremely temperamental today, hence even close friends may not be able to predict your behaviour.

  • PISCESfeb 20 - mar 20


    Today you will be busy with relationships, building new ones as well as fortifying existing ones.

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