Today’s Horoscope

  • ARIESmar 21 - april 20


    Sorting out domestic affairs may keep you preoccupied and even prevent you from fully enjoying the events of the day.

  • TAURUSapril 21 - may 20


    You may feel downcast, uneasy, lazy, or ill. Avoid going to work and instead visit a doctor for a check-up. Do not exert yourself physically.

  • GEMINImay 21 - june 21


    Relationships, both forming new ones and strengthening old ones, will be your agenda for the day. You shall be in full control.

  • CANCERjun 22 - july 23


    It is time you thrashed out vital aspects of your relationship with your beloved, whether you are married or single. Don't act impulsively in your workplace.

  • LEOjuly 24 - aug 23


    There will be some good events coming up after a rather long lacklustre phase in your life. Forget the past, enjoy the moment.

  • VIRGOaug 24 - sept 23


    Surprising events shall give big boost to your spirits. Even your business will touch new heights. Don't let any negative thoughts adulterate this positive day.

  • LIBRAsept 24- oct 22


    Expect a field day, if you happen to be in government service. Your superiors will confide secrets in you, which shall make you feel important.

  • SCORPIOoct 23 - nov 22


    Through business contacts, you will reap rich harvest. You shall trust someone enough to start a joint venture with him/her, which will be beneficial in the long-run.

  • SAGITTARIUSnov 23 - dec 22


    You shall feel absolutely at peace with yourself and the world. Vibes will be so strong that anyone near you shall be imbued with tranquility.

  • CAPRICORNUSdec 23 - jan 20


    Your keen discrimination will not only benefit you in your social life, but also be of great help to your closest friends and associates.

  • AQUARIUSjan 21 - feb19


    Events are likely to take you by surprise. Be prepared for something unusual to happen. In the evening you may catch up on some socialising.

  • PISCESfeb 20 - mar 20


    You shall handle personal and professional duties with equal aplomb. You will decide to renovate you home, a project that may involve heavy expenditure.

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