Croissant French Toast? Follow these innovative recipes to give the classic breakfast dish a twist

06 February,2024 09:25 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Nascimento Pinto interviewed Mumbai chefs who shared unique French toast recipes incorporating sweet and savoury elements, utilising brioche or sourdough bread, along with ingredients such as Parmesan cheese or cream cheese, strawberries, honey, and even pepper to add a flavourful twist

Mumbai chefs say you can innovate in many different ways with the classic French Toast including this Hong Kong-style French Toast made at Imagicaa. Photo Courtesy: Imagicaa

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The goodness of a classic French Toast is in its rich sweetness that comes out because of bread that is soaked in milk, eggs, sugar and salt, and then fried to perfection. However, there is a lot more that can be done with that, and Generation Z or Gen-Z has been putting different kinds of syrups to add their own unique twist to it.

Among the many different dishes that Gen-Z likes, in an earlier article found out about their love for French Toast, as it is not only easy to make but also quick whenever they are craving a snack that is filling. With the classic version being quite popular not only among the young but also the older generation, Mumbai chefs are serving it in different ways across the city. These are not only sweet variations but also savoury with recipes that can be easily followed to make them at home.

With French Toast being a favourite among Gen-Z and people across generations, spoke to Mumbai chefs and asked them how they innovate with the classic dish. Imagine loading them with black pepper and parmesan cheese or strawberries and cream cheese. If that doesn't convince you enough, then they say to play around with the bread and either use a brioche bun or a sourdough bread that you can fill with honey and butter or herbed goat cheese and tomatoes.

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Savoury French Toast
If you have always loved indulging in French Toast but want to innovate with it, then chef Ruffy Shaikh, senior sous chef, ITC Grand Central says you can make a Savoury French Toast. A go-to Sunday breakfast, Shaikh says it is not only nutritious but also filling and that is what makes it ideal. It is also why he prepares it for his children too. While he uses millet flour, he also uses black pepper and parmesan cheese that elevate the classic dish as it exudes sweet and spicy flavours.

Millet bread French toast

Jowar flour 500 gm
Maida 250 gm
Baking Soda 15 gm
Flaxseed powder 15 gm
Whole eggs 2 nos
Butter melted 100 gm
Chopped walnuts 100 gm
Salt 7 gm
Milk 200 gm

1. To make millet French toast we will have to make the French bread.
2. Pre - heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Grease the pan with oil and flour.
3. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, along with eggs and milk. Mix well.
4. Put the mixture in the pan and bake it for 40 - 45 minutes.
5. Remove it from the oven and cool it in the cooling rack.

Batter for French toast

Milk 500 ml
Eggs 4 nos
Salt 2 gm to taste
Black pepper 5 gm to taste
Parmesan cheese, grated 100 gm
Melted butter 100 gm

1. Whisk the eggs, milk, cheese, butter along with seasoning in a bowl.
2. Dip sliced millet bread in mixture and soak it for 5 mins.
3. Heat a hot griddle, add butter and cook the sliced bread until golden brown from both the sides.
4. Serve hot with butter.

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Hong Kong-style French Toast
If you want to make an elaborate breakfast, then Veeraj Shenoy, chief operating officer - F&B, Imagicaa, says you should make a Hong Kong-style French Toast; the theme-park also boasts of a Bombay Masala French Toast. Shenoy explains, "Hong Kong-style French toast is commonly made by layering slices of bread with peanut butter or fruit jam, then dipping the assembly in beaten egg and deep frying until golden brown. It is served with butter, and topped with golden syrup or honey and is a typical offering in cha chaan teng (Hong Kong-style diners or teahouses)." The toast, he says, has been a favourite at the Tubby' Secret Party and other kid's celebratory birthday parties featuring the live counter at the theme-park.

White bread 2 slices
Peanut butter 2 tbsp
Eggs 2 nos
Milk 1 1/2 tbsp
Corn oil 2 cups
Butter 1 slice
Golden syrup or condensed milk 2 tbsp
Jam/Jelly flavour as per choice


For the Egg Wash mixture:
1. Combine both eggs and the milk together.
2. Whisk until thoroughly mixed.
For the Bread:
1. Cut two slices of bread, each measuring one inch in thickness.
2. Grab 2 slices of bread and spread the peanut butter on one slice, then sandwich them together
3. Can spread the jam of your choice at this stage.
4. Cut the crust off all sides of the bread.
5. Immerse the bread in the egg wash mixture, ensuring that all sides of the sandwich are thoroughly coated.
6. Immediately shallow fry in the oil at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Begin by cooking the edges for approximately 15 seconds per side, then proceed to the top and bottom until all sides achieve a golden brown colour.
7. Take it out of the oil and gently pat it dry.
8. Finish it off by adding a slice of butter and drizzling some golden syrup or condensed milk on top.
9. Can use a fruit or different fruits of your choice to top and garnish it.
10. Can create a live topping counter of choice of fruits for the kids and serve.

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Herbed Goat Cheese and Tomato French Toast
While you can always opt for a sweet version of the classic French toast, there is a lot more to explore says Amandeep Singh Executive, sous chef at The Westin Mumbai Garden City in Goregaon. While the five-star property also makes a Cinnamon Crunch French Toast, he suggests trying to make Herbed Goat Cheese and Tomato French Toast. He explains, "Innovation in French Toast comes from a desire to elevate a classic dish with unexpected flavours and textures. By experimenting with sweet and savoury ingredients, you can transform a simple breakfast staple into a culinary adventure that delights the senses." Singh uses sourdough bread and couples it with herbed goat cheese and tomatoes and serves the delicious version with parsley and chives. This is definitely a must-try for those who want to move away from sweet and explore savoury flavours.

Sourdough bread 4 slices
Eggs, large 2 nos
Milk 1/4 cup
Fresh parsley, chopped 1 tbsp
Fresh chives 1 tbsp
Salt and pepper to taste
Herbed goat cheese 4 tbsp
Tomato, large, sliced 1 nos
Butter or oil for frying

1. In a shallow dish, whisk together eggs, milk, chopped parsley, chopped chives, salt, and pepper.
2. Spread herbed goat cheese on two slices of sourdough bread. Top with sliced tomatoes and cover with the remaining two slices of bread to form sandwiches.
3. Dip each sandwich into the egg mixture, ensuring it is well coated on both sides.
4. Heat butter or oil in a skillet over medium heat. Place the dipped sandwiches in the skillet and cook until golden brown and the cheese is melted, about 3-4 minutes per side.
5. Serve hot with a side salad or roasted vegetables.

Stuffed French Toast
While there are many different ways to innovate with a French Toast, chef Priyanka Kotak, who is the founder of The Nest restaurant in Bandra, says creating a Stuffed French Toast is also an ideal meal. She explains, "This recipe aims to take French toast, which is a classic breakfast dish to a new level by adding a flavourful filling between two slices of bread. The combination of creamy cream cheese and sweet strawberry jam or absolutely any other flavour creates a delightful contrast of textures while offering a surprise with each bite."

Brioche bread 4 slices
Cream cheese, softened 113 gm
Strawberry jam (or your preferred flavour) 1/4 cup
Eggs, large 2 nos
Milk 1/2 cup
Vanilla extract 1 tsp
Butter for cooking
Optional: Powdered sugar and fresh berries for serving

1. In a bowl, mix the softened cream cheese with the strawberry jam until well combined.
2. Spread the cream cheese and jam mixture on two slices of bread, then top with the remaining two slices to create sandwiches.
3. In a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, and vanilla extract to create the egg mixture.
4. Heat a skillet or griddle over medium heat and add butter.
5. Dip each stuffed sandwich into the egg mixture, ensuring both sides are well-coated.
6. Place the dipped sandwiches on the skillet and cook until golden brown on both sides, about 3-4 minutes per side.
7. Once cooked, remove from the skillet and let them rest for a minute.
8. Optional: Dust with powdered sugar and serve with fresh berries. Enjoy your delicious stuffed French toast! Feel free to customise the filling or toppings based on your personal preference.

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast
At The Westin Powai Lake, Rohit Yadav, executive sous chef wants you to make the most of seasonal fruits to make the Strawberry Stuffed French Toast. While he also makes a Savoury Masala French Toast, Yadav says it is the best time to experiment with strawberries as they are in season. He uses the fruit along with cream cheese to use them as topping for the French Toast, which he opts to make from the brioche over the classic sliced bread used in the city by most people.

Eggs 1 nos
Brioche3 to 4 slices
Milk 1/4 cup
Cinnamon powder 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Butter 2 tbsp
Maple Syrup 2 tbsp
Cream cheese 20 gm
Powdered sugar 2 tbsp
Lemon juice 2 tsp
Strawberries 100 gm

1. Soften the strawberries and slice them first so they become super sweet and juicy. Set them aside.
2. Add the cream cheese, lemon juice, powdered sugar & vanilla extract to a large bowl. Beat until smooth.
3. Add eggs, half & half, cinnamon, and vanilla to a shallow dish like a pan and whisk thoroughly until combined.
4. Spread a thick layer of cream cheese filling on one side of sliced bread, leaving 1/4-inch border all around.
5. Arrange strawberries in an even layer on top of the cream cheese, spread another layer of cream cheese on a new slice of bread and place it on top of the strawberries to form a sandwich, repeat to make 5-6 sandwiches in total.
6. Melt butter in a large non-stick skillet over medium heat along with a drizzle of vegetable oil.
7. Dip one sandwich into the egg mixture and turn to evenly coat then transfer to the skillet. Repeat with the second sandwich.
8. Cook for 2-3 minutes per side or until golden brown and crispy on each side, repeat with remaining sandwiches. Serve it warm.
9. Garnish with powdered sugar, strawberries, and maple syrup.

Croissant French Toast
Ever heard of a Croissant French Toast Shahi Tukda? Chef Rajdeep Rana, director of culinary at The Westin Koregaon Park, wants you combine your love for Indian desserts with French favourites. Rana takes croissants and dips them in a mixture of soya milk and jaggery before making rabri, and combining them both to produce a delicious burst of sweet, salty, creamy and nutty flavours with the addition of soya cream and roasted nuts.

Eggless Croissant 2 each
Soya milk 2 litres
Soya Cream 200 ml
Saffron 1 gm
Jaggery 200 gm
Roasted mixed nuts 100 gm
Olive oil 100 ml
Himalayan crystal salt a pinch


Croissant French toast:
1. Combine a mixture of 200 ml soya milk and 100 gm of jaggery.
2. ⁠Cut the croissant into half and soak it in the soya mixture.
3. ⁠Take a non-stick pan, glaze it with olive oil and heat the pan on medium heat.
4. ⁠Pan sear the soaked croissants from both the sides.
5. ⁠Cook it till well done. Place the croissants in a preheated oven.

Soya Rabri:
1. Reduce the rest of soya milk on low heat until it reaches a thick consistency.
2. ⁠Add 50 gm of the jaggery and half of the roasted nuts

Whipped soy cream:
1. Whip up the soya cream.
2. Add a pinch of saffron.
3. Grate 50 gm of jaggery to the mixture.

1. Assemble the hot croissant French toast, pour a spoon of Rabri on top.
2. Garnish the croissant with a dallop of whipped soya cream.
3. Sprinkle the remaining roasted nuts and add a pinch of Himalayan salt.

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