Fitness fads that faded in 2011

Published: Dec 27, 2011, 06:44 IST | Tunali Mukherjee |

Last week, we got the experts to share the fitness trends that will reign in the New Year. This week, Tunali Mukherjee gets them to tell us about the fads they are glad didn't become trends this year

Last week, we got the experts to share the fitness trends that will reign in the New Year. This week, Tunali Mukherjee gets them to tell us about the fads they are glad didn't become trends this year

Real instructors being replaced by virtual ones
Fitness instructor Jordyn Steig is all for keeping up with the times and integrating technology with fitness, except when it comes to gadgets being used as 'fitness fashion accessories'. "2011 ushered in the era of the tablet computer in the city, and with it a chance for people to use it in the gym," says Jordyn.

Sadly, there are way too many sites offering workout videos online, in the hope that consumers will pay money for the beneficial fitness advice. Unfortunately, most people don't know the difference between sound fitness tips and one-size-fits-all training techniques that may prove beneficial only if teamed with advice from a professional.

Instead what we witness is people flashing their expensive gizmos in gym for all to see. The result? "People following moves incorrectly, not understanding not only how to, but also why they are working out, and the benefit of each element of the workout," rues Jordyn.

Luckily, more people are now opting to workout with their instructors rather than their iPods, especially as the latter doesn't seem to be able to help fight the flab.

The rise of the celeb diet
Nutritionist Purwa Duggal of Fortis says, "Fad diets, such as the Atkins and South Beach diets, enjoy a limited fan following because of the family structure, where we are influenced by elders."

Even with the influx of fast foods and processed foods, Indians are becoming more conscious about the importance of following a balanced diet, believes Purwa.

She adds, "The Dukan diet gained the attention of the entire world as Kate Middleton was rumoured to be following it to lose weight (in time) for her wedding." says Anjali.

In the diet, one is allowed only high-protein foods and oat bran, and is deprived of milk products. The diet gives short-term results, but in the long run can prove injurious to health, as it exerts a severe load on the kidneys, says Anjali, adding, "Scientifically too, the diet was not approved by experts."

The pursuit of size zero
Fitness instructor Sunil Kudva is thankful that the size-zero concept didn't take off in India. "And why should it," he asks, "When Indian women are naturally meant to be curvaceous."

Citing Ooh-la-la actress Vidya Balan as an example, he says, "Compared to the other actresses, Balan has always been more voluptuous, and managed to pull off the role of a temptress with great panache," referring to Vidya's role in Ishqiya.

"A smart woman realises that being sexy is not about just looking, but also feeling good. All you need to bother about is staying fit," he sums up.

Shoes that promised to tone the rear
If only getting a pert bottom was as simple as slipping into the right pair of shoes! (Okay, so some of us fell for this, but only long enough to realise that we were being conned!) While most of us would have laughed off the idea a few years ago, thousands went running to fitness stores in search of a quick-fix.
When the claims were found to be false, a leading sports brand was forced to pay $25 million to settle a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit.

Video game-based exercising
Who wants to do Pilates, when you can be slaying demons, hunting for treasure or playing a rock concert, right! New fitness-based games continue to flood the market across various platforms right from Wii Fit to the popular Dance Dance revolution but we believe that nothing comes close to a good old-fashioned workout in the gym or a brisk walk by the sea. Good for your eyes too, yes! Though, we guess we'd have to pray for greener spaces too!

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