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I think my girlfriend is cheating on me again

I think my girlfriend is cheating on me again

I am 23 and my girlfriend is 21. We have been dating each other for 8 years. During my school days, I used to cheat on her, but stopped after we finished schooling...


The Mile High Club: Why some people have sex during flights

The Mile High Club: Why some people have sex during flights

The popular slang term, 'Mile High Club', which is the act of indulging in sexual intercourse while on board a flying aircraft has been the subject of numerous studies and researches over the years...

Today’s Horoscope



You may get inclined towards occult sciences, and devote substantial time learning about them. Just make sure you don’t practice it to harm anyone. The Week Ahead: Your performance metre will keep recording new highs but you may feel that results are taking time to manifest. Have patience and carry on. Read More



Though your domestic workload is likely to increase, you need not worry much. As usual, all your near ones will support you today. The Week Ahead: You will remain concerned about some issue with someone in close relationship. Do not assert your views aggressively and take care of concerned person’s sensibilities. Read More



Take charge of your life — rein in your feelings. Take care — don’t strain your personal relationships. Time is less propitious to propose someone special. The Week Ahead: You may be thinking about monetary matters. You should consult some investment experts to ensure your money’s in the right place.Read More



Your intuition shall be sharp. Things you utter today are most likely to come true. Don’t speak anything negative or offensive to anyone. The Week Ahead: Working in a friendlier work environment shall be high on your priority. Happily, the planetary positions shall be supportive of your vision aimed at change. Read More



Social life takes centrestage. Friends and relatives will have escalated expectations. Try your best to please all, but don’t go beyond your limits. The Week Ahead: In the beginning of the week, you shall be full of ideas and enthusiasm. You may also wish to travel or do something revolutionary.Read More



You trust your own abilities, and prefer to track your own path, rather than taking guidance from anyone. Your inherent skills will surface today. The Week Ahead: No new major development is seen here for business persons. However, repeat orders from old customers, will help in running the show satisfactorily.Read More



Your natural qualities will step to the fore, bringing you respect and recognition from one and all. Don’t allow success to make you proud. The Week Ahead: Ganesha advises you to remain absolutely careful about your health and well-being. You may also feel lazy, lethargic and confused. Avoid getting stressed.Read More



Gear up to meet any challenges thrown at you. Thanks to your confidence, you are bound to succeed in everything you do today. The Week Ahead: Business persons will come across opportunities to strike profitable deals. However, they will be hesitant to jump into the fray due to stiff competition.Read More



This is going to be a happening day, as everyone will seek your expert guidance. Acknowledgment of your abilities will make you very glad. The Week Ahead: Health issues may get bothersome, if you fail to pay due attention to your diet and fitness. You will need to guard against bone injuries. Tread with caution.Read More



Overflowing with joy, you will spread the positive vibes in your surroundings. You will also gain a lot of laurels from everyone. The Week Ahead: Prioritise your personal life. Married couples must not shy away from taking initiative to resolve differences, if any, with their life partner.Read More



Your outstanding power of concentration, when mixed with your positive attitude towards one and all, will be your winning formula for today. The Week Ahead: Professionals may get a great opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities. This chance may allow you to earn a good reputation at work.Read More



Deeply immersed in your personal issues throughout the day, you may end up neglecting your dear ones — just make up for it in the evening by spending some quality time with them. The Week Ahead: Business persons may do their best to convince a high net-worth client. Focus on quality of services and products will be a must.Read More

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