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Food: Raise a toast at roof-top restaurant near T2

Food: Raise a toast at roof-top restaurant near T2

Enjoy delectable food and heady cocktails served in a charming ambiance at a recently opened roof-top bistro bar and restaurant at hotel T24 Residency


'I am in love with my teacher...'

'I am in love with my teacher...'

A new teacher joined our school recently. She is young and a favourite of the students. We consider her as a buddy. But I have gone a step further


Why sex loses steam after just one year of relationship

Why sex loses steam after just one year of relationship

People are happiest about their sex lives after a year into their relationship, and thereafter the frequency and passion in the action between the sheets gradually declines, a new study says


Online porn triggers sex addicts' desire for new sexual images

Online porn triggers sex addicts' desire for new sexual images

Online porn may feed sex addicts' desire for new sexual images, find researchers, suggesting that people who show compulsive sexual behaviour are driven to search more for new sexual images than their peers

Today’s Horoscope



Today you are likely to be very possessive about your things, or the people you love. Although your relationships are smooth now, this tendency can pose problems later.Read More



You are likely to become very image-conscious today. However, you need to remember that beauty is only skin-deep, so try to develop your personality and work on your inner-self.Read More



Today you are likely to feel in a bit of a foul temper. This can lead you on into futile arguments. Others may find your attitude provocative, so do your best to avoid it.Read More



You are most likely to experience an excellent time at work, tasting success in all your endeavours. Your spate of successes shall make everyone associated with you feel proud.Read More



Your professional life shall dominate today, and you will succeed in the ventures you undertake. For even businessmen, this is going to be a very profitable day.Read More



Your business acumen is likely to come under the scanner today. This is the time to not let your self-confidence flag. Take up the challenges bravely, and you shall succeed.Read More



Your creativity will come to the fore today, and your aesthetic sense will be appreciated by everyone in your surroundings.Read More



Your personal life shall be on the back burner as you whole heartedly plunge yourself in an upcoming project of prime importance.Read More



Even as you do your best to keep your loved ones happy, you shall realise the futility of trying to please everyone all the time. Accept this, and carry on with the good work.Read More



You are bound to profit from your investments today, although they may not be as much as you may have expected them to be. Don't leave any loose ends in your projects.Read More



Though you may have too much work yourself, you will still be ready to help others with their workload. However, you need to give priority to your own work first.Read More



You have good communication skills and you tend to experience things more intensely than others, which shall come in handy while interacting with your spouse today.Read More

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