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New India-themed restaurants in London and Paris

New India-themed restaurants in London and Paris

The mini Irani cafe revolution that is taking place in London, courtesy the Dishoom team has spread wider in the city, while Desi Road, serves Indian comfort food, with a diverse menu and beautiful thalis that pay tribute to the country’s diverse culinary traditions


From Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Rider in the storm

From Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Rider in the storm

Mumbai girl, Merryl D’Souza fulfilled a long-held dream of riding solo across India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. She negotiated 6,886 km of uncharted, and mostly, inhospitable terrain. Looking at some of her favourite snapshots from the ride


'My girlfriend's ex-flame has been calling her...'

'My girlfriend's ex-flame has been calling her...'

I’ve been with this girl for a year, but I can now sense that something is wrong. It is not that I am insecure, but her behaviour towards me has changed...


Asus unveils new Zenbook laptop for Rs 98k

Asus unveils new Zenbook laptop for Rs 98k

With a quad high definition screen, 8GB RAM, Intel Coire i7 processor and a 51GB solid state drive storage, Asus’s latest Zenbook laptop may just be the ultimate machine to drool after this festive season


Health: Twirl your way to fitness with Indian folk dance

Health: Twirl your way to fitness with Indian folk dance

Traditional Indian folk dance forms, Garba and Bhangra are not just exhilarating to perform, they also make for a fun-filled workout. Say haalo! to fitness

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You might take a walk down the memory lane, by catching up with pals with whom you have been out of touch since long. Your exuberance and honesty shall make this effort special.Read More



Concentrating on the positives, you will make tireless efforts to resolve the differences you have with others, trying to settle the controversial issues, once and for all.Read More



Today shall try every trick in the book to break free from the humdrum of your daily routine. You will crave for variety to lift up your spirits.Read More



The planets are shining down on you favourably today. Goals that others may find difficult to attain, you will achieve in a jiffy. People around you shall be highly impressed.Read More



The unfaltering confidence that you have in your abilities will enable you to excel in any task you take up and win accolades from everyone. Read More



A healthy state of your finances will make you confident about the future. This shall also assist you to deal with any unanticipated circumstances effectively.Read More



For some of you, at least, a more lucrative job offer is on the cards. But, if it does not materialise, intensify your efforts to increase your chances.Read More



Trust your instincts to get the best outcome in every endeavour of yours. You might also take a break and relax to tackle the mounting work pressure.Read More



Tread carefully on the relationships front, particularly the one with your sweetheart. Avoid arguments and pamper your sweetheart with all your care and attention.Read More



Being firmly grounded and down to earth, you will leave no stone unturned to attain your objectives. Your systematic approach shall motivate others to follow suit.Read More



Spirituality and mysticism may attract you and thus, you might explore various religious places or seek solace in holy books.Read More



Today your compassion will surface, and you will go miles out of your way to help the needy. The heavy workload in office might force you to work extra hours.Read More

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