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Food special: Indulge in Baklava in Mumbai

Food special: Indulge in Baklava in Mumbai

Akin to the name of her home-run patisserie, Goksel (Turkish for heavenly), Niki Patel's rich and top-notch quality baklava is the stuff that a foodie’s dream is made up of


Stranded by nature: Kedarnath to Kathmandu

Stranded by nature: Kedarnath to Kathmandu

Vile Parle's Ektaa Patel along with her family survived the Uttarakhand floods of 2013. As Nepal grapples to find its footing after the massive earthquake, Patel recounts her hope-tinged saga in a multi-lingual book, Gauri Kund 1.5.


'I am waiting for his phone call...'

'I am waiting for his phone call...'

I recently got back from a vacation in Ooty where I met an absolutely wonderful guy. We were staying at the same hotel. We bumped into each other at the breakfast buffet and got talking...


Women want sex at 11.21 p.m., men at 7.54 a.m.: Survey

Women want sex at 11.21 p.m., men at 7.54 a.m.: Survey

When it comes to sex, most women prefer to make love precisely at 11.21 p.m. before hitting the sack while men love to get romantic at 7.54 a.m. for a perfect office start, an interesting survey reveals


The conspiracy of silence has been broken: Vibha Bakshi

The conspiracy of silence has been broken: Vibha Bakshi

As Vibha Bakshi receives the 62nd National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues today for her documentary, Daughters of Mother India, Anju Maskeri catches up with the filmmaker who hopes to make the viewers think about how India can be made a safer place


Awesome twosome or two much?

Awesome twosome or two much?

Be it the reluctance to take frequent career breaks during pregnancies, the ticking biological clock or the notion that raising two kids together leads to better bonding, Mumbai couples are warming up to the idea of back-to-back pregnancies. Mumbai experts break down the pros and cons

Today’s Horoscope



There is nothing wrong in getting attracted towards something mystical or obscure. Just ensure this doesn't hurt you or someone else. Read More



Though your workload is going to increase, and deadlines will be tough, you do not need to worry much, as you shall have the full support of your loved ones.Read More



A hard day's work is in store for you today. After slogging out to your full potential, though, you shall feel that the evening's celebration is entirely justified.Read More



Seize the initiative, and take charge of the situations requiring your immediate attention. You may be extremely impulsive and spontaneous in your approach, though.Read More



You will gain a lot of clarity about your profession or a new project, and the obstacles in your path to success will automatically get removed. Spend the evening celebrating! Read More



A very positive day is in the offing for you. Both a promotion and an increment are in the pipeline. Your motivational skills will help someone, who is feeling down, stay afloat.Read More



The easy manner in which you seem to attract the members of the opposite sex would lead some people to think that you are a big flirt. Only you know that it is not true!Read More



There is nothing wrong, if you express your heartfelt feelings to others, rather than suppressing them. However, be careful while communicating publicly.Read More



Be prepared for some tough times today, as far as work and finances are concerned. You may have no option but to keep pegging on with patience. In the end, you shall sail through! Read More



You will think out of the box today, as your imagination will be running rampant. People will be impressed naturally. But, don't get carried away; rather, stay grounded.Read More



Your work today will demand that you function in close cooperation with your peers and superiors, instead of just trying to accomplish everything all by yourself.Read More



You may get so deeply involved in your work or something else that you may end up neglecting all your domestic responsibilities. But rest assured, you will make up for it soon enough.Read More

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