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Travel Calendar - (February 2016)

Travel Calendar - (February 2016)

Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur will be lit up for World Sacred Spirit Festival where artistes including Amjad Ali Khan with Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan, Andres Marín with Divana...


'My wife's former flame is back in her life...'

'My wife's former flame is back in her life...'

For the past two months, I have been noticing that my wife is glued to her cell phone. She was not like this before. We have been married for 10 months...


'Like' this! Interesting facts about Facebook on its 12th birthday

'Like' this! Interesting facts about Facebook on its 12th birthday

Social media giant Facebook turns 12 today. Here's a collection of some interesting, and a few bizarre, facts associated with the popular social networking site and it's founder...


Revealed: Who is having more sex in Britain

Revealed: Who is having more sex in Britain

People living in the northeast of England are enjoying more action between the sheet - five times a month at least - than anywhere in Britain, says a new survey


Two different productions bring the Mahabharata to life on Mumbai's stages

Two different productions bring the Mahabharata to life on Mumbai's stages

Retrospection may be easy, but it’s also necessary. And, interestingly, two productions, to be staged only a month apart, have characters from the country’s most complicated and longest epic, Mahabharata


Health: Experts dish out grooming tips for guys

Health: Experts dish out grooming tips for guys

As the male grooming industry grows bigger than ever in India, experts talk about change in attitudes and factors that guys should look out for to make heads turn for all the right reasons

Today’s Horoscope



Life may throw up lots of tough challenges. In fact, without love and the backing of near ones, it might be difficult to sail through. The Week Ahead: Indecision and uncertainty may agonise you. But if you have a road-map for yourself, start moving and be patient. Financially, it will a comfortable week.Read More



Take adequate rest today to recoup from the tension caused by the hectic schedule of the last few days. Stay alert in financial matters. The Week Ahead: You will be prompted to think creatively to achieve growth. Channelise the positive energy, and work hard to achieve desired results. Read More



Some mistake committed in the past may come back to haunt you today --remain balanced. Expenses for declining health of an elder are indicated. The Week Ahead: Think out-of-the box to perk creativity. Currently, the love boat could be shaky for all. If you don’t want trouble, watch your words and tone.Read More



Friends may get annoyed because they feel that you had have hidden some important information from them. Dispel this notion to maintain cordial relations. The Week Ahead: Overall, it’ll be a dull week with some confusion and distraction around choices. However, things will improve gradually. All love birds will be in a happy zone.Read More



Your aptness to positively channelise your anger and frustration shall be highlighted today. Pay heed to your elders’ advice. The Week Ahead: While innovative thoughts could get you going on the path to prosperity, you would require resilience and perseverance to stay there.Read More



A pleasant and peaceful day lies ahead for you. Today, you shall get all the time to unwind yourself. Yet, watch your health. The Week Ahead: Obstacles in routine work will slow the pace of progress. Those married may be disillusioned with their married life. In all spheres, communication is the key.Read More



Your sweetheart shall greatly influence your actions today. Needless to say you shall spend some pleasant moments with him/her in the evening. The Week Ahead: You may want to experiment with new ideas at work to enhance prospects in general. To ensure good health, guard against viral infections. Read More



Love matters shall be your top priority today. Enjoying quality time with your beloved shall make up for the humdrum of the entire week. The Week Ahead: You will feel inspired to come up with new ideas, though it will require hard work to achieve desired results. With health, all looks okay. Read More



Today you might experience bouts of anger. Anyway, just relax and look before you leap. A financial crunch may add to your woes. The Week Ahead: Trump up new ideas to ensure growth. Your financial position will be stress-free. Those in love shall be pressurised by well-wishers to settle down.Read More



With your vast knowledge and rich experience, you shall guide your dear ones to lead a better life. Naturally, your life too gets sorted. The Week Ahead: Overall, be careful while making any financial transactions. A gala time awaits singles and married alike. A possibility of getting injured exists, be vigilant. Read More



Today you shall bask in the glory of your past accomplishments. However, beware of jealous people, as they may try to tarnish your image. The Week Ahead: Overall, expect some good news. A great time for the die-hard romantics. If suffering from some long- term health issue, do not neglect anymore.Read More



You may feel everything intensely today, which shall be an ecstatic experience. Near ones shall notice changes in your approach. The Week Ahead: You realise that while growth is important, so is adopting the right strategy. Finances will look up marginally. Minor medical expenses might come up.Read More

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