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Food special: Mumbai's pubs serving innovative bar bites

Food special: Mumbai's pubs serving innovative bar bites

For your next drinking session, go beyond peanuts, fries and nachos, and try these innovative bar bites served at popular Mumbai pubs. We also tell you which drinks to pair them with


Raj Bhavan opens doors to public for morning yoga sessions

Raj Bhavan opens doors to public for morning yoga sessions

Listen to the waves kiss the rocks, soak in some Vitamin D and enjoy a morning yoga session with this breathtaking view. The Raj Bhavan will open its doors to public for limited access to the Sunrise Point Yoga Gallery and the Devi temple from September 1


'I don't trust my girlfriend...'

'I don't trust my girlfriend...'

I met this girl two months ago at a friend's birthday bash. We clicked and have stayed in touch. I'm outgoing in nature and quite talkative...


Health: Recharge your muscles with this spinning workout

Health: Recharge your muscles with this spinning workout

High-tech imported bikes, amped up music and an ambiance to match the groove — recharge your muscles with a high-intensity, and surprisingly fun, spinning workout at this new South Mumbai studio

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Instead of opposing the situation today, just go with the flow. Try to be broad-minded, rather than dominating. In love, let your beloved have the upper hand.Read More



You may be in an aggressive mood today. However, it might cause a lot of harm to you and your dear ones. Just check yourself! Read More



Today you may feel like going back to the past. A trip down the memory lane with some of your good old friends will surely make you very happy. Read More



Anything in excess is harmful! You may dislike it, but it is an obvious truth. So refrain from eating, drinking, sleeping, or doing anything too much.Read More



You shall participate in some competition or activity today. And, some delightful news may call for celebrations. Share your insights with others. Read More



Your logic will veto your feelings today. But. with regards to your financial matters, do take cool and rational decisions. Manage legal issues tactfully.Read More



Today you will reap the fruits of all the efforts you had made in the past. Just put up your legs, and count the cash pouring in from various sources.Read More



Ensure to pull yourself out of the daily grind today. A member of the opposite sex will come into your life and spice things up. Thank your stars! Read More



Your inert leadership qualities may come up to the fore today. You shall work arduously and take the reins in your hand, setting the example for others to follow.Read More



Work today may appear to be an uphill task, but your positive approach will assist you scale the steepest of slopes. You shall prove that luck favours the brave.Read More



You will be in high spirits and shall also happily undertake seemingly extremely difficult tasks. Yet, be watchful of people piling their work on you. Read More



The stimulating taste of success will fill your heart with happiness today. You shall also pat yourself on the back, as you surely deserve every bit of it.Read More

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