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This quirky Chembur eatery can do better in the food department

This quirky Chembur eatery can do better in the food department

Chembur's Abstrakt Bistro and Lounge offers a value-for-money menu but stutters a bit en route to a near-perfect experience


Head to these travel havens near Mumbai this long weekend

Head to these travel havens near Mumbai this long weekend

The coming week offers something that every working professional dreams of — a long weekend. Three travel curators suggest idyllic places to visit close to the city, that are far from the din. Plan now, we say.


'I am worried about my children...'

'I am worried about my children...'

I am 47 and have two daughters. My wife and I are drifting apart. We keep squabbling daily and there is nothing left in the marriage


Trivia Special: The first-ever television

Trivia Special: The first-ever television

Scottish engineer and innovator John Logie Baird performed the first test of a working television system on this day in 1925. We present some facts and trivia about the inventor and his famous innovation


'The book was meant to be about sex'

'The book was meant to be about sex'

Debut author, Ananth has released his debut erotic fiction work, Play With Me, a heady roller coaster of sex, lust, attraction and relationships set in the backdrop of an urban Indian milieu


Why Kainaz Messman's Theobroma tastes like heaven

Why Kainaz Messman's Theobroma tastes like heaven

When Kainaz Messman decided to become a chef, nothing could come in her way. Not even a severe back injury that threatened to jeopardise her career. As Theobroma celebrates a decade next month, the foodie-at-heart tells Deepali Dhingra that her greatest joy lies in feeding people and making them smile. What makes her day, however, is an early morning cup of tea lovingly prepared by her husband   


World Heart Day: 10 tips for a rock-solid heart

World Heart Day: 10 tips for a rock-solid heart

Your lifestyle choices may be affecting your heart's health in more ways than you can imagine. With World Heart Day being observed yesterday, the guide has curated set of useful activities to help your bring back to shape

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There will be a tug of war going on between your personal and professional responsibilities. You will have to marshal all your maturity to balance both.Read More



In order to understand the underlying motives behind the actions of people around you, you need to discover the psychology that drives their thinking pattern.Read More



Expect a lot of competition from your business rivals today, and not all of it may be healthy. Still, stick to your ethics and carry on without any bitterness.Read More



Your skills at handling myriad tasks simultaneously will come in handy today. What's more, you will succeed at completing each and every task given to you.Read More



You will make remarkable progress at work today. But thoughts of rewards shall be playing at the back of your mind. Worry not, they shall be better than expected.Read More



You are likely to be in a very introspective mood today. However, in the evening you may indulge in pleasures of the world to relieve your ever-mounting work pressure.Read More



The overload of the work staring you in the face is bound to make you irritable today. Understand that there is no way around it, except getting rid of the tasks one by one.Read More



You are unlikely to be in high spirits today. Good thing is that your heavy workload shall allow you no time to think negatively. Be careful of cunning people, though.Read More



Different people have different ways of getting rid of stress. For you, the stress-buster happens to be a shopping spree. Go, get yourself a makeover too, recommends Ganesha.Read More



Financial matters shall dominate your thoughts. You generally tend to keep your purse strings tightly closed, but today you may end up spending a bomb!Read More



On this day of change, mostly of the positive variety, you are likely to shift office or residence. The day is auspicious to buy a new house.Read More



If you concentrate on your work today, it will give you a great deal of satisfaction, which will raise your self-confidence. Some happy tidings are on the way!Read More