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The Taste Drive: What's it like to eat blindfolded?

The Taste Drive: What's it like to eat blindfolded?

Phorum Dalal sat blindfolded, ploughing through 4 courses of a mystery meal. Could she tell potato from cauliflower? 


'I am in love with my teacher...'

'I am in love with my teacher...'

A new teacher joined our school recently. She is young and a favourite of the students. We consider her as a buddy. But I have gone a step further


Why sex loses steam after just one year of relationship

Why sex loses steam after just one year of relationship

People are happiest about their sex lives after a year into their relationship, and thereafter the frequency and passion in the action between the sheets gradually declines, a new study says


Online porn triggers sex addicts' desire for new sexual images

Online porn triggers sex addicts' desire for new sexual images

Online porn may feed sex addicts' desire for new sexual images, find researchers, suggesting that people who show compulsive sexual behaviour are driven to search more for new sexual images than their peers

Today’s Horoscope



Not only will your past karmas come to fruition today in the form of monetary benefits, you shall sow the seeds for more profits in the future. You will also save a lot.Read More



You shall be extremely conscious about the events taking place around you today. Your creativity shall peak, and your charms shall mesmerise someone from the opposite sex.Read More



Some tricky problems may be causing you a great deal of anxiety, which is likely to make you very irritable today. Address your health issues without any delay.Read More



Romance is in the air and you shall go to great extents to impress your beloved today. You may get yourself an image makeover, and also kick a few bad habits.Read More



In the morning today you will feel in very high spirits. You shall conduct your work, and express your views or opinions with supreme confidence. A romantic evening is on the cards.Read More



Financial matters shall be the focus today. You are not exactly running short on resources, but still you shall aim to increase your income, perhaps from a side business.Read More



An action packed day awaits you. You may deal with unexpected situations and unfamiliar people. On the positive, love is in the air! The opposite sex will be drawn to you.Read More



On this hectic day you shall be running from pillar to post either for your personal or professional work, but you shall not have a moment's respite. Eat healthy to avoid burnout.Read More



The planetary configurations are in your favour today. You shall gain a lot of clarity on how to improve your work efficiency. Niggling problems shall vanish on their own.Read More



A stimulating time with like-minded people will make your day. You may not be able to implement all your innovative ideas immediately, but you will feel super-charged.Read More



On this day of mixed fortunes, you may expect to hear some thrilling news about a loved one, which shall raise your spirits so high that you shall forget all about the monotony of work.Read More



Circumstances are going to be rather tough today. However, you would do well to keep negativities at bay even if you fail to live up to the challenges. Spend the evening relaxing.Read More

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