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Secrets from the Udupi kitchen

Secrets from the Udupi kitchen

In a city where Udupi restaurants are ubiquitous, few are aware of the culinary heritage of the coastal town. A new title, The Udupi Kitchen, by mother-daughter duo Malati Srinivasan and Geetha Rao, takes one on a culinary discovery of Udupi


Travel special: Connection is a shore thing in Napier, New Zealand

Travel special: Connection is a shore thing in Napier, New Zealand

The art deco city of Napier in New Zealand is charming all right, but Sonia Nazareth is won over by the tenderness of the gannets at Hawke’s Bay, the deep connection the Maoris seek in relationships and their way of life that’s one with nature and community


'My guy is two-timing me...'

'My guy is two-timing me...'

A close pal of mine recently told me that my boyfriend was cheating on me. She had caught him with a girl at a cinema hall. This girl is his childhood buddy


Get Hinged! Singles and India's newest dating app

Get Hinged! Singles and India's newest dating app

This week, the international dating app, Hinge, launched in Mumbai. Kareena Gianani speaks to its CEO, Justin McLeod and India CEO, Samir Kapadia about what it adds to the dating scene in India


Meditate on dance

Meditate  on dance

Dancer-choreographer Sumeet Nagdev and his troupe will perform Celebrate Meditate, a contemporary production, at Ravindra Natya Mandir today. Phorum Dalal and photographer Atul Kamble attend their rehearsals to capture what’s in store

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Your ability to mix work and pleasure in a perfect blend shall enable you to meet a number of people and experience some interesting times.Read More



Being stubborn and unrelenting in your dealings shall create unnecessary bottlenecks in your path. Try to alter your approach and be cordial with everyone.Read More



In order to tackle the boredom that you face in your work, apply your inborn creativity to stir up some excitement and enthusiasm in your life.Read More



The whole world loves a lover, they say, but today, when you shall scarcely be able to hide your happiness stemming from love, you shall find there are people who envy the lover too.Read More



Be prepared to drastically change your thinking, for the times are rapidly changing and to cope up with them, you need to learn a lot of new things.Read More



You may face an acute financial crisis today and it may become an uphill task for you to get what you desire.Read More



Too much focus on your profession or business means you will have to neglect your domestic affairs, and some of them may be urgent, so try to balance both.Read More



Being alert to listen to your inner voice shall prove to be very beneficial for you today. However, don't be impulsive, but think carefully before acting.Read More



A memorable day is on the cards for all those involved in any creative field. Try to make the most of this promising day.Read More



Brace yourself up for some heavy losses in the realm of finances. The chances of such an event are stronger if you deal in the stock market or other speculative trades.Read More



Today you are likely to concentrate on fulfilling all your long pending domestic responsibilities. Official work, therefore, will be on the side-lines.Read More



The stars are not at all in your favour, so if you have been planning to start any new venture or job or relationship, just banish the thoughts.Read More

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