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Indulge in mouth-watering waffles at this Andheri eatery

Indulge in mouth-watering waffles at this Andheri eatery

What is it about rains that the tastebuds get extra sensitive and all we can think of, all day, is about bhajiyas and chutney, or a generous dose of liquid chocolate


Milestones on a 50-day Indian trail

Milestones on a 50-day Indian trail

Fifty days, 15 states and a three-person crew — Samrat Parmar and Vishal Sharma undertook a journey across India documenting it whilst promoting backpacking


'I can't take my eyes off this new girl in office...'

'I can't take my eyes off this new girl in office...'

I'm 27 and in a committed relationship. At my workplace, a new girl joined recently. She is 22 and I feel attracted to her


Flipkart raises $1 bn funding; drops plans to go public

Flipkart raises $1 bn funding; drops plans to go public

India's largest e-Commerce firm Flipkart today raised USD 1 billion (over Rs 6,000 crore) in fresh funding from a group of investors, the largest in the fiercely competitive online shopping segment in the country. 


Living through the lens

Living through the lens

Ace photographer Atul Kasbekar reveals how switching lanes from chemical engineering to photography changed his life forever and why his twins are his best friends


Eat these healthy sweets and stay fit and happy

Eat these healthy sweets and stay fit and happy

Eat-a-whey is the latest entrant in the paleo/gluten-free craze that promises to keep you healthy, trim and sweet-happy 

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The cosmos is encouraging you to enjoy life to the hilt. Get your old friends together, especially as you may have been neglecting them for too long, and throw a party.Read More



It is an auspicious day to start something new. You will achieve excellence in whatever work you undertake today, says Ganesha. All the best!Read More



Your predictable schedule may bore you. Hence, you will strive to break the monotony by taking a break, and doing something creative.Read More



Today, you will remain spirited right from the morning and complete all your work smoothly that will come to you quite naturally. You will enjoy an outing with your loved ones in the evening.Read More



Though today is going to be a routine day with nothing of consequence foreseen, you shall be extremely competent in executing your tasks.Read More



A day full of pleasant surprises and unforeseen changes awaits you. Be very thoughtful about the words you speak. You may also spend quality time with your beloved.Read More



You shall experience a day full of happiness and joy. Successful in sorting out baffling problems, you will simply sparkle. Travel is on the cards too.Read More



It appears that you have been bottling up your emotions for too long, and you may have reached bursting point. Make sure you vent it before a well-wisher; you shall feel much relieved.Read More



A busy time is on the cards today, which will keep you on your toes throughout the day. Your opinions may be sought after by the others.Read More



You are usually contented with what you get, but today your ambitious streak will come to the fore. Work sincerely, and you shall achieve all that you want.Read More



Brace up for a difficult and long day ahead. Your work-load and the pressure to complete it all today shall be so much that you shall surely have to log in extra hours.Read More



A philosophical state of mind shall enable you to see things in a different light altogether. However, some bad news could cause you a lot of stress.Read More