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Food: Go 'fishing' at new live seafood mart in Pali Naka

Food: Go 'fishing' at new live seafood mart in Pali Naka

Mumbai's seafood lovers can pick fish from a new live seafood mart in Bandra to open later this week. Suprita Mitter and restaurateur-chef Meldan D'Cunha drop in to shop at the urban fish pond


From Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Rider in the storm

From Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Rider in the storm

Mumbai girl, Merryl D’Souza fulfilled a long-held dream of riding solo across India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. She negotiated 6,886 km of uncharted, and mostly, inhospitable terrain. Looking at some of her favourite snapshots from the ride


'I don't think he is serious about me...'

'I don't think he is serious about me...'

I have been friendly with this married guy for the past eight months. We met through a common friend. He tells me he loves me and is comfortable with me. I am single


Asus unveils new Zenbook laptop for Rs 98k

Asus unveils new Zenbook laptop for Rs 98k

With a quad high definition screen, 8GB RAM, Intel Coire i7 processor and a 51GB solid state drive storage, Asus’s latest Zenbook laptop may just be the ultimate machine to drool after this festive season


Health: Twirl your way to fitness with Indian folk dance

Health: Twirl your way to fitness with Indian folk dance

Traditional Indian folk dance forms, Garba and Bhangra are not just exhilarating to perform, they also make for a fun-filled workout. Say haalo! to fitness

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Today you are all set to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Use this opportunity to assist people resolve their complicated issues.Read More



You will be in high spirits today, however at the same time you shall also be very practical, thus rest assured all your decisions will be spot on.Read More



Candid and kind, you will find this day exhilarating. This is an auspicious time to propose that special someone. Some of you might even hear the wedding bells ringing.Read More



Your opinions about myriad subjects may be regarded as bordering on the extremes by several individual around you. But, when it comes to action, you may follow the crowd. Read More



Though your target may seem very far and it might be very disheartening to think about the amount of efforts that may be involved in attained it, remember that every drop counts.Read More



If you are feeling acrimony or rancour about some things, it would be better to take a pen in hand and take out your anger on the paper, rather than on the people around you.Read More



A tough day lies ahead for you, as you may be besieged with concerns regarding the health of a close family member.Read More



Today is all about romance. If you are in love already, you will go around town enjoying with your sweetheart. If you wish to propose marriage, you may go ahead and do so. Read More



If you are feeling demoralised about not receiving the due rewards for your hard work, be patient as they are bound to come sooner or later. Just keep giving your best.Read More



Your antagonists often try to exploit your sentiments and extract an unfair advantage out of this. You must make all efforts to control your feelings.Read More



You might be extremely temperamental today, hence even close friends may not be able to predict your behaviour.Read More



Today you will be busy with relationships, building new ones as well as fortifying existing ones.Read More

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