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Restaurant review: Italian joyride in Vashi

Restaurant review: Italian joyride in Vashi

If you ignore its stiff pricing and the odd hiccup, and instead, focus on its high-quality ingredients and authentic fare, Riso looks like a step in the right direction to popularise Italian cuisine in Vashi


The many shades of Antwerp

The many shades of Antwerp

There is something for everyone at the Belgian city of Antwerp. Vijaya Pratap writes about how art lovers can gaze at the works of Flemish artist Rubens, families can head to the aquarium and shopaholics can shriek in glee at a historical shopping street


'My girlfriend is getting friendly with her ex...'

'My girlfriend is getting friendly with her ex...'

I'm 29 and my girlfriend is 26. We've been together for about a year now. A close friend of hers informs me that she's getting friendly with her ex


Tech up your home with these smart gadgets

Tech up your home with these smart gadgets

Unlock the door with your smartphone, upgrade your old CD player into a wireless music system or access various social networks through your television set. Here are some gadgets that can change your lifestyle for the better


Bored of sex life? Mix love to it

Bored of sex life? Mix love to it

The new mantra for women who feel their sex life is boring and bereft of passion: connect love with sex and enhance the pleasure between the sheets


A candid chat with restaurateur Farrokh Khambata

A candid chat with restaurateur Farrokh Khambata

The owner of Catering & Allied, which runs four restaurants in Mumbai — Joss, Amadeus, Umame and Café at the NCPA, talks to Phorum Dalal about quitting his first job within a week, his love for diving and more

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