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From Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Rider in the storm

From Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Rider in the storm

Mumbai girl, Merryl D’Souza fulfilled a long-held dream of riding solo across India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. She negotiated 6,886 km of uncharted, and mostly, inhospitable terrain. Looking at some of her favourite snapshots from the ride


'I'm finding it difficult to move on...'

'I'm finding it difficult to move on...'

I was seeing this guy for over a year. We talked about a future together, till he started behaving in an odd manner


Asus unveils new Zenbook laptop for Rs 98k

Asus unveils new Zenbook laptop for Rs 98k

With a quad high definition screen, 8GB RAM, Intel Coire i7 processor and a 51GB solid state drive storage, Asus’s latest Zenbook laptop may just be the ultimate machine to drool after this festive season


Health: Twirl your way to fitness with Indian folk dance

Health: Twirl your way to fitness with Indian folk dance

Traditional Indian folk dance forms, Garba and Bhangra are not just exhilarating to perform, they also make for a fun-filled workout. Say haalo! to fitness

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Today you shall feel very benevolent, and may shower your riches on the needy. Rest assured that their blessings will stand you in good stead in the future.Read More



Although you may face some tough calls today, your vast experience of handling dicey circumstances will come in very handy, and you shall tackle everything with ease.Read More



Your honest attitude towards your work will be greatly appreciated by your seniors who may entrust you with higher responsibility, and might also reward you.Read More



Though obstacles may criss-cross your path, you will navigate successfully through them to attain the objectives you have set for yourself.Read More



There are chances that you will find money pouring in from unforeseen quarters. If you are indulged in speculative activities in the stock market, you may gain immensely today.Read More



The impression amongst your circle of friends that you are slightly on the thrifty side may be dispelled today, thanks to the generous donations you may make to a charitable institution.Read More



Your home living room may suddenly start looking very dull to you today, and on the spur of the moment you might decide to buy some new furniture to give it a makeover. Read More



Today you shall not depend on anyone to get your domestic chores done, because you may not trust anyone with the vital tasks that you have to complete.Read More



It's a slightly hotchpotch type of day, with myriad, and vastly differing, events in the offing. Get your priorities straight, and ensure you don't end up blowing up too much cash.Read More



Romantic matters will reign today. Usually you find emotions very hard to decrypt, but if rightly expressed, you would be among the first ones to sympathise.Read More



You may feel slightly inclined towards spirituality today. You might thus, most probably visit some places of worship, or try out a little meditation to attain inner peace. Read More



There are exceptions to the maxim that an empty mind is the devil's workshop, and as you sit contemplating about the past, you will come up with a superb idea to arrange an alumni meeting.Read More

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