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New Worli restaurant offers good food and cosy ambiance

New Worli restaurant offers good food and cosy ambiance

Worli's latest addition, Uzo Bar and Kitchen, is a great place to unwind over a drink and munch on some yummy snacks


Walking down Munich's lanes

Walking down Munich's lanes

The past, the present and the modern co-exist in Munich as Kalpana Sunder comes across a makeshift shrine dedicated to Michael Jackson, visits Munich Conservatoire, which was once Hitler’s office, watches surfers ride the waves, and finds that the city’s transit system is a temple of art


'I find her phone calls irritating...'

'I find her phone calls irritating...'

I am 26 and my family has found a girl for me. Her parents are known to my folks


'The book was meant to be about sex'

'The book was meant to be about sex'

Debut author, Ananth has released his debut erotic fiction work, Play With Me, a heady roller coaster of sex, lust, attraction and relationships set in the backdrop of an urban Indian milieu


Twinkle Khanna: The shining star

Twinkle Khanna: The shining star

Twinkle Khanna likes to live life on her own terms. Bored of waiting on film sets for the next shot as an actor, she quit Bollywood after eight years and found her true passion in designing spaces and candles. She tells Fareeda Kanga about how she ditched greasepaint and gowns for cement dust and grime


Yoga improves health, reduces stress

Yoga improves health, reduces stress

Yoga is the best way to tackle anxiety, stress and psycho neurotic disorders, easily resulting in better health and regulation of stress hormones, health experts said.

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Today, you will face a lot of challenging situations, but you will manage well as it is such tough times that bring out the best in you. Signing new contracts is on the cards.Read More



You will strongly feel to shift your attention to your relationships, be it personal or professional. Stay calm and be courteous in your approach to everyone. You should pay attention to the opinions of others as well.Read More



You shall be overflowing with energy and enthusiasm today. You shall not only be positive in your approach to everything, but shall also radiate the good vibes to others.Read More



The key to a successful life is to remain composed even in adverse situations. Being temperamental or over emotional can make things more difficult.Read More



Since your confidence may be low today, it would be prudent not to take any important decisions. Also, a major change in your field of work is on the cards.Read More



Today you need to remember that blows don't break your back, but strengthen it. This will give you the necessary courage to tackle the difficult situations you may face.Read More



Be patient and cautious in everything you do today. Be simple and keep yourself well organised so that you can complete your tasks at the right time.Read More



There is going to be a lot of work pressure on you today, but you will have sufficient energy and composure to handle it without cribbing. Doing yoga can increase your stamina.Read More



The temptations of the flesh may be too irresistible today. Do not mistake it for love, and more than anything else, make sure that your reputation does not take a beating.Read More



You shall find yourself in such a fabulous mood today that you shall buy expensive gifts for your beloved, and whatever it takes to keep him/her happy.Read More



You are all set to undertake a trip all alone or with others. Your ability to transform your weakness into strength will help you a great deal in your adventures.Read More



Take full advantage of your enhanced creativity by organising your fantastic ideas. Surely you will create something out-of-the-box today, says Ganesha. All the best.Read More