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Savour authentic Bengali food at this Powai eatery

Savour authentic Bengali food at this Powai eatery

This monsoon, satiate your tastebuds with authentic cutlets, fish and preparations, Kolkata-style, courtesy Cafe Boda at Powai


Say cheese in Switzerland

Say cheese in Switzerland

Shiboli Chatterjee visits the Swiss Alps and basks in the mountain air, idyllic valleys and dairy delights


'She told me I was not good enough for her...'

'She told me I was not good enough for her...'

I liked this girl in college. We were friends till we completed our graduation. After we passed out, I thought it was time for me to confess my feelings for her


What not to do on the social network

What not to do on the social network

With a plethora of websites gaining importance in our lives, here are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow to maintain a balanced, healthy image on the Internet 


Why rural is cool for Zarina Screwvala

Why rural is cool for Zarina Screwvala

From not knowing what her purpose in life is to helping empower hundreds of people, Zarina Screwvala has come a long way. Her need to constantly challenge herself, belief in Vipassana and philanthropy, are philosophies she lives by

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With the stars smiling down on you today, you shall be feeling in your elements. However, an outing with your sweetheart could turn either ways.Read More



Financial affairs are likely to dominate today, actually because you may be hard up for cash. On the work front, you shall take up all your tasks with a rare positivity.Read More



A sizzling time with your beloved is foreseen. You shall reach the dizzying heights of passion and pleasures and still want more.Read More



If you wish to indulge in speculative activities, beware that today is not an auspicious day for it. Nor is it a good day to start anything new.Read More



You will have to compromise and adjust a lot at your workplace today, especially as everyone has a different style of functioning. In the evening, you will be more relaxed.Read More



Encountering failures repeatedly in your endeavours shall make you anxious and you may start doubting your capabilities. However, you are advised not to lose hope and instead, try to redouble your efforts.Read More



It is high time you started learning the art of solving your problems by yourself instead of rushing to someone elderly every time you face one. Remember, the key is in identifying it.Read More



You may quite possibly find yourself struggling to shake off the demons of the past, and you can do it only by focussing on the tasks in your hands right now.Read More



Romance is on the cards. You may be charmed by your beloved to such an extent that you may neglect everything else. Be warned that the relationship may not endure.Read More



After a hard day's work, you shall feel very fatigued, so you will have to make sure that you do something rejuvenating to lift up your spirits.Read More



Positive tidings will put you in a great mood, and the biggest beneficiaries will be your family members as you will shower them with all kinds of gifts.Read More



Your artistic abilities shall hit a new high today. Tasks that require a lot of creativity and which may appear to be very difficult for others, you shall perform with supreme ease.Read More