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Mumbai food special: Which stall serves the best vada pav?

Mumbai food special: Which stall serves the best vada pav?

Phorum Dalal takes a stroll around Vile Parle East with food blogger Abhishek Sadekar and finds out which stalls serve the most lip-smacking vada pavs and other Maharashtrian delicacies in the area


Travel special: Pet-friendly holiday destinations

Travel special: Pet-friendly holiday destinations

Love to escape the city buzz every weekend, but it breaks your heart to leave your pooch behind? The guide lists a range of getaways that host your furry friends as well. Do we hear woofs of joy?


I'm mad about this guy I met recently...

I'm mad about this guy I met recently...

I recently started working. One of the guys at my work place is really sweet. Another girl in the office fancies him and literally stalks him...


I love treading into unchartered territories: Deepak Dhar

I love treading into unchartered territories: Deepak Dhar

Deepak Dhar, CEO and Managing Director, Endemol India, tells Deepali Dhingra why he is an ardent fan of Amitabh Bachchan and how he assured his parents that he isn’t part of the underworld


Here's how vegans can get calcium

Here's how vegans can get calcium

If you are a vegan and can't include milk in your diet, then calcium is one nutrient your body will miss. Try kale, orange or soy milk for a healthy calcium supply. There are few food items that can help calcium supply for the body

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Routine chores shall begin to get under your skin today, and you may desperately crave for something different to happen. The evening may be more interesting.Read More



You are likely to be in a mood to blow up a big chunk of your savings on buying the luxuries of life. You shall also pick up some antique pieces to decorate your home.Read More



Today you are likely to encounter some antagonists who may pretend to be your well-wishers, but behind your back may actually try to undercut you. Be careful of them.Read More



You are likely to make new acquaintances today. You put work on the back-burner and enjoy yourself with your friends. There will be joy even on the home front.Read More



On this extremely positive day, you shall admirably balance your home and work spheres. You will take some vital decisions at work, and later spend quality time with your family.Read More



You are likely to be very emotional today. At work, you may have to change many of your outdated perceptions, and accept that times have changed and you need to adapt to them.Read More



Your intimacy with your near and dear ones is likely to intensify today. Your charisma, the combined attraction of your looks and intellect, shall be very magnetic.Read More



Look before you leap! Consider the impact of all your actions beforehand in order to avoid regretting at a later stage. Refrain from taking hasty decisions.Read More



You shall wish to delve deep within yourself and try to correct all your shortcomings. Moreover, you shall lean towards spirituality. In the evening you may spend quality time with your loved ones.Read More



Today you are going to aim very high. In whatever you do, you shall strive to gain perfection. However, if you expect the same from your subordinates, you may be disappointed.Read More



Today's a day of celebration - chances are that you may be celebrating a legal victory. If not, then, maybe, a family gathering awaits you. Socialising is on the cards.Read More



No amount of cribbing over something that has happened in the past is going to alter the circumstances, so let bygones be bygones! Move on with a fresh perspective.Read More

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