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Mumbai Food: Dig into fresh and healthy Bento boxes

Mumbai Food: Dig into fresh and healthy Bento boxes

Sample some fresh and healthy, unwrapped bento boxes, which offer a different menu every day. Offerings include satay, stir-frys, dim sums, salads, curries, gyoza, and dumplings


I think my girlfriend is cheating on me again

I think my girlfriend is cheating on me again

I am 23 and my girlfriend is 21. We have been dating each other for 8 years. During my school days, I used to cheat on her, but stopped after we finished schooling...

Today’s Horoscope



Before taking any financial decision, make sure you seek an expert’s opinion. Also take swift decisions, else you may lose some golden opportunities. The Week Ahead: Career professionals may have to work for extra hours to meet a deadline. Take financial decisions only after due and proper consideration.Read More



You may have some doubts about certain people. Besides this, rest of your attitude will be positive. Demonstrate your love for near and dear ones. The Week Ahead: Relaxation will be high on your agenda. In a bid to find time for yourself, you may be ready to ignore some of your responsibilities.Read More



Thrash out all issues that are a bone of contention with your family, no matter how trivial they may appear at the moment. The Week Ahead: Around mid- week, you will get into an active mode . An opportunity to gain monetarily, will come your way. This will lift your spirits.Read More



Most of the day will be spent discussing various controversial issues with your love or life partner. Find practical solutions to improve your relationship. The Week Ahead: Things won’t be that bad. However, useless worrying will only compound your troubles. But, things shall begin to clear Tuesday onwards. Hold on tight.Read More



You would do well to maintain a low profile. If significant domestic decisions need to be taken, let spouse/parents be the one to take them. The Week Ahead: You should be cautious while entering new relationships. Instead of pushing, slow down and first see the worthiness of it.Read More



Your sixth sense will convey something vital. Silence your ego, if you wish to listen to your intuition. Your social prestige shall also zoom. The Week Ahead: Professionals will need to raise their flexibility to keep up growth prospects. In business, you will need to formulate a fresh strategy. Starting afresh is best.Read More



Very soon, you will take a giant leap in your life. Petty issues may crop up unexpectedly and distract you. Don’t take things to heart. Just chill. The Week Ahead: Challenges galore, which may stop you from taking result-oriented action. Have faith and be patient. This turbulent phase, too, shall pass.Read More



A challenging day at home may cause a lot of hardships. You might face the wrath of your elders and even juniors may not support you adequately. The Week Ahead: Singles, who are facing resistance from elders, about a love relationship may plan to take a drastic step. Marriage is also on the cards!Read More



Meeting like-minded people and developing a good rapport is likely. The interactions shall be thought-provoking and surely change your viewpoint. The Week Ahead: If you are a parent, you will be happy to see your kids’ academic progress. Women wanting to be mothers will be able to conceive. This is a good time for parenthood.Read More



This fantastic day shall be dedicated to your loved ones, with whom you will become more attached, emotionally. Beware of the green-eyed monster, though. The Week Ahead: Some extra responsibility may fall on your shoulders at the workplace. Learn to say no, if you want to say no, points Ganesha. Be sure to safeguard your interests.Read More



As you gain clarity on ` puzzling issues, you will appreciate the circumstances in which you are currently, and feel more content than ever. The Week Ahead: Those who are unemployed or are freshers may have to wait for some more time. Employed persons could get a chance to change their job.Read More



With lots of time to spare, you will please younger members of your family. They have great expectations from you, and you shall thrill them. The Week Ahead: You may become extravagant and end up spending a major amount of money. Nonetheless, this is also a good time to repay your debts, if any.Read More

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