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Restaurant Review: Continental joyride in Chembur

Restaurant Review: Continental joyride in Chembur

There is nothing artsy about the ambiance and décor of Art House, a new multi-cuisine restaurant in Chembur’s Hotel Fern Residency. The continental fare, however, might tempt us to do an encore, to sample the other cuisines


Travel special: 6 amazing weekend homestays around Mumbai

Travel special: 6 amazing weekend homestays around Mumbai

The resort is passe. India’s just voted for homestays. And we’ve hand-picked the best, lest you wish to run away


'I can't find the right girl...'

'I can't find the right girl...'

I am 31 and single. Five years ago, I was in a relationship with a girl. We had got engaged too, but later we broke off. Her family did not approve of me as I did not have a job


Tech: Let your gadgets play second innings

Tech: Let your gadgets play second innings

Your old electronic gadgets may no longer be your favourite, but there’s hope. With a little effort and innovation, you can reuse your old desktop PCs, laptops, mobile phones and monitors, for longer, or earn money by selling them to licensed recyclers. In Part 2 of our guide to reuse old devices, Hassan M Kamal lists a few ideas to help reduce the burden of e-waste


Health Special: De-stress the Djokovic way

Health Special: De-stress the Djokovic way

World No 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic credits his professional success to marriage and fatherhood. While Djokovic has found his work-life balance, we gauge how some of Mumbai’s professionals fare when it comes to tackling stress, and how they maintain an equilibrium

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On one hand, inadequate returns on investments might upset you, but on the other, your close ones shall make you feel good.Read More



A grossly unusual day is in the offing. Anyway, if you remain watchful and decide to respond calmly, not reacting impulsively to situations, things will be fine.Read More



This is an auspicious day for you. Avoid debating with anyone today as far as possible. An interview with a reputed organisation is in the pipeline.Read More



Look forward to an educational tour today. You will snatch the spotlight with your eloquence, and also assist friends to resolve their issues.Read More



You deserve a break today, as the strenuous efforts you had put in lately, has caused a great amount of mental and physical stress.Read More



You shall be highly engrossed in your profession today, sidelining your dear ones; en sure you spend the evening with them.Read More



A very propitious day on the career front is indicated. You shall get a pay rise or promotion. Moreover, you can expect applauds and awards for your efforts.Read More



A bag of mixed fortunes is on the cards. After a somber, irksome day, you will transmute into a social butterfly in the evening. You shall love being in the limelight.Read More



Some positive incidents in the morning shall raise your spirits. You will round off an exciting day by taking your beloved out for dinner.Read More



You are gifted with several managerial abilities, and you will utilise them to the hilt today. You shall be tough, and yet sympathetic.Read More



The important thing for you to realise today is that you should give credit to your juniors wherever they deserve. You will gain by motivating them.Read More



An unanticipated trip for official or social reasons awaits you today, Additionally, small things will make you extremely happy.Read More

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