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How two Europeans are travelling the world without a smartphone

How two Europeans are travelling the world without a smartphone

Bulgarian Boris Kanev and Spaniard Marta Samalea, along with Burma, their hitchhiking cat, have been on the road across Asia since October 2013. Recently, they reached India, and all of this, without a smartphone


'My girlfriend lied about her past...'

'My girlfriend lied about her past...'

I'm 28 and my girlfriend is 27. We've been together for eight months. I have been extremely frank with her and told her about my past...


Tech special: These cameras want adventure

Tech special: These cameras want adventure

They’ll accompany you on your bunjee jump, deep-sea dive and the climb up that steep mountain. The gadgets that come handy when your smartphone stays back in the locker


Meet Modi fans, who spend hours defending the PM on social media

Meet Modi fans, who spend hours defending the PM on social media

Far from being party workers, those who mercilessly troll BJP, PM’s critics, have day jobs like you and me. Gitanjali Chandrasekharan, Shantanu Guha Ray on the private lives of Narendra Modi's Twitter bhakts


Health Special: How to go vegan in Mumbai

Health Special: How to go vegan in Mumbai

With an increase in online shopping options and home chefs whipping up vegan-only delicacies, followers of a vegan lifestyle have a lot to rejoice. We share excerpts from the daily diaries of two Mumbai vegans

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Today is an auspicious day for people with a technical mindset. The moment you see a new technology, you will want to adopt it.Read More



Full of zest to accomplish your ambitious goals, you shall work very hard. Be careful to not step on someone's feet, in the process.Read More



You may feel very nervous about something important which is anticipated today. Your aesthetic sense shall be appreciated by everyone in your circle.Read More



By and large you may expect a mundane day, nothing exciting is foreseen today. But, should you choose to play a match, you will surely win.Read More



Your personal life shall progress smoothly today, which will be a big consolation considering the obstacles you are facing in your profession.Read More



Do not neglect the voice of your heart! Listen to your intuition. You may go on a picnic later today to relax and rejuvenate.Read More



Your quest for knowledge and prudence turns you towards intelligent and like-minded people. But, you may not find such a clique easily. Keep trying!Read More



Today you will have to take criticism in your stride, just like you took admiration. Your critics shall cool down, before calling it a day.Read More



You shall take up the cause of everything that is right and just. Fighting injustice and discrimination shall be your top priority.Read More



You may feel slightly lazy in the morning, and give excuses for evading work. By evening, though, you will be ready to fire on all cylinders.Read More



Today you will have no alternative but to artfully do some multi-tasking for attaining your goals, since you shall be over-loaded with work.Read More



With little clarity in your mind, you shall try to please junior family members as they expect a lot from you. They will be delighted.Read More

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