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Why this Lower Parel restaurant will thrill vegetarians

Why this Lower Parel restaurant will thrill vegetarians

With its versatile Mediterranean fusion menu and traditional fare served with a twist, Lower Parel’s Ithaka is a vegetarian’s delight


Travel special: Artisan villages en route to the Rann of Kutch

Travel special: Artisan villages en route to the Rann of Kutch

On a road trip to Kutch's white desert, Dhara Vora stumbled across countless handmade treasures, each rich in history and skill, from Bollywood-esque knives to a 300-year-old art form, a sample of which was even gifted by Prime Minister Modi to US President, Barack Obama


'My guy does not want to meet me...'

'My guy does not want to meet me...'

I have been with my guy for two years. Our families know about our affair. He even took me for a family wedding three months ago and introduced me to his extended family members


Giving flight to his dreams

Giving flight to his dreams

Mittu Chandilya, tells Anu Prabhakar why he loves it when people underestimate him, how he believes in breaking norms and what makes him a committed family man


Mind-controlled bionic limbs replace limp hands

Mind-controlled bionic limbs replace limp hands

In another ground-breaking development in medical science, people with limp hands will now be able to have artificial replacements, which they can control with their brain, media reported Wednesday

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An unpleasant situation may leave you perturbed. Remember that this is just a passing phase, and the Almighty has given you plenty of strength. Keep the faith!Read More



You shall be very self-conscious about the events taking place today. Your creativity shall peak, and your charms shall sweep someone from the opposite sex off his/her feet.Read More



Today may call for some celebration. You may have been invited over by certain friends who share the same wavelength as yours. Enjoy! Remain practical, though.Read More



A romantic day is in store for you. You shall try to impress your beloved. You may get yourself an image makeover, and give up an addiction. Read More



As you feel relaxed and laid-back, take time to pamper and groom yourself. Displaying your new avatar to others will be the highlight of your evening.Read More



You may decide to withdraw into a shell today. There may be troubles that you would rather face alone. Do not challenge yourself beyond a limit, though!Read More



You may have to deal with unexpected situations and unfamiliar people. On the positive side, love is in the air! The opposite sex will be attracted to you.Read More



On this hectic day you shall be running from pillar to post for your work, and you shall not have a moment's respite. Eat healthy food to avoid burnout.Read More



Introspection is what shall keep you busy today, along with your plans to change the look of your home. A romantic time is on the cards too.Read More



A stimulating time with like-minded people will make your day. You may not be able to implement all your innovative ideas immediately, but you will feel super-charged.Read More



Your interest in metaphysics, philosophy or some other exotic subjects will surge. You may want to get a first hand experience of these areas. Be careful, though.Read More



You look all set to achieve your targets. It is a good time to make plans for your future. On the domestic front, you may expect a peaceful time.Read More

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