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Get India's spiciest chili - Bhut Jolokia in a bottle

Get India's spiciest chili - Bhut Jolokia in a bottle

If you're dying to go red in the face by biting into India's spiciest chili but haven’t had much luck across Mumbai's markets, opt for the Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce instead


Stranded by nature: Kedarnath to Kathmandu

Stranded by nature: Kedarnath to Kathmandu

Vile Parle's Ektaa Patel along with her family survived the Uttarakhand floods of 2013. As Nepal grapples to find its footing after the massive earthquake, Patel recounts her hope-tinged saga in a multi-lingual book, Gauri Kund 1.5.


'Our long-distance relationship is taking a toll...'

'Our long-distance relationship is taking a toll...'

I've been with this guy for over two years. He was a colleague at work. Eight months ago, he shifted to Hyderabad to take up a new job


Women want sex at 11.21 p.m., men at 7.54 a.m.: Survey

Women want sex at 11.21 p.m., men at 7.54 a.m.: Survey

When it comes to sex, most women prefer to make love precisely at 11.21 p.m. before hitting the sack while men love to get romantic at 7.54 a.m. for a perfect office start, an interesting survey reveals


The conspiracy of silence has been broken: Vibha Bakshi

The conspiracy of silence has been broken: Vibha Bakshi

As Vibha Bakshi receives the 62nd National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues today for her documentary, Daughters of Mother India, Anju Maskeri catches up with the filmmaker who hopes to make the viewers think about how India can be made a safer place


Ready for a digital detox?

Ready for a digital detox?

Summer's here, and despite being on holiday, you can't switch off your smartphone and other gadgets. Warning bells? Chances are that you need to find help for a digital detox

Today’s Horoscope



Socialising may be on agenda today, where you will be in the limelight. However, don't get complacent, and don't waste your time and energy in unproductive activities.Read More



Your positivity shall be infectious, and even the most morose soul in your vicinity shall begin to feel pepped up in your presence. That killer smile shall steal many hearts!Read More



You realise that to be able to work to your full potential you have to be fully fit, physically and mentally, so you are likely to become extremely health conscious.Read More



Your intuition will be surprisingly sharp today. The things you say are very likely to come true, so be sure not to say anything negative or offensive to anyone around you.Read More



Your short-temper is likely to come to the fore today, so if you do not want arguments or to rub people the wrong way, be very alert about it constantly.Read More



If you are involved in a partnership business, you need to guard against getting short-changed, today. On the other hand, this doesn't imply that you should not trust your partners. Now, go figure!Read More



The stars are so loaded in your favour today that, despite their best efforts, none of your adversaries shall be able to cause you any harm. Be grateful for this positivity!Read More



The supreme self-confidence with which you shall go about accomplishing your tasks today will surprise and impress everyone in your circle.Read More



The stars are in your favour today, and you can expect a smooth sailing on almost all fronts. Help your spouse with his/her daily chores, in order to maintain harmony.Read More



Brimming with happiness today, you will spread the positive vibes everywhere you go. You will derive a lot of job satisfaction too, and will manage to please your employer.Read More



Whatever adversities you may have to face today, you shall face them not only calmly, but also with a great deal of wisdom. Rest assured that you will succeed!Read More



You will have to concentrate more than usual on your work today, so make sure that you do not let your emotions affect your functioning. Stay tuned to ground realities.Read More

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