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These men will spice your kitchen up

These men will spice your kitchen up

Cyrus Todiwala and Tony Singh have several masala tricks up their sleeves. Todiwala, a Mumbai boy who now owns a restaurant in London, and Edinburgh-based chef Singh, have combined their culinary expertise hoping to impress Indian and British palates with a crossover of spices on their latest television show, The Incredible Spice Men


Hold your breath in Hawaii

Hold your breath in Hawaii

Rishaad Saam Mehta rides its crystal waves, goes on giddy mountain hikes and gapes at deep canyons to find that the state is ideal for adrenaline junkies


'I'm turning paranoid in our relationship...'

'I'm turning paranoid in our relationship...'

I am 32 and my girlfriend is 29. I've been having trouble with holding on to relationships


Now, charge your smartphone on the go with this wireless charger

Now, charge your smartphone on the go with this wireless charger

Seven years ago, questions like, “Do you have a charger for this?” were common requests made by hostelites from my college who relied on their friends for such handy gadgets


Bored of sex life? Mix love to it

Bored of sex life? Mix love to it

The new mantra for women who feel their sex life is boring and bereft of passion: connect love with sex and enhance the pleasure between the sheets


Fearless Nadia

Fearless Nadia

A doting mother to two children, an avid reader and a horse rider, Joint MD and Chief Marketing Officer of Parle Agro, Nadia Chauhan Kurup talks about galloping to success at such an early age


Health & Fitness: Rev up your love life with yoga

Health & Fitness: Rev up your love life with yoga

Couples yoga is a great way to not just stay fit, but also connect with your partner on a deeper, more intimate level, the guide finds out

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On the one hand, insufficient returns on investments will make you feel low, but on the other, your near and dear ones will raise your spirits.Read More



A very unpredictable day is in store for you. However, if you stay alert and decide to respond, not react, to situations, you shall be fine.Read More



As long as you avoid arguments with anyone, today will be a very favourable day for you. An interview with a leading company is in the pipeline.Read More



Today is an auspicious day to take your love life to the next level. If you haven't proposed yet, do it now. As for work, don't take up anything new before finishing ongoing tasks.Read More



A day full of energy, enthusiasm and hope, giving you enough impetus to aim for success. It is also a beneficial day for people involved in creative fields or business.Read More



Due to procrastination, a lot of work has piled up on you lately. Clearing this extra work will require lots of your efforts and hence may prove to be problematic for you.Read More



Things will not be easy today, except maybe for sportsmen, who are bound to excel, but with perseverance you will sail through.Read More



A bag of mixed fortunes awaits you today. After a drab, monotonous day, in the evening you shall transform into a social butterfly. You shall enjoy being in the spotlight.Read More



A great day awaits you - on the professional and personal front. Spend some time with your beloved. However, keep expectations from yourself and others to the bare minimum.Read More



You are endowed with a lot of leadership qualities, and today you shall put them to full use. You will be firm, and yet compassionate.Read More



Today the one vital thing for you to realise is that you need to give credit to your subordinates wherever it is deserved. Keeping them motivated shall only work in your favour.Read More



Avoid isolation! Spend time with your family and friends. This will make you happy and exuberant. The memorable moments you create shall remain etched in your memory.Read More