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Food: Now, enjoy world's best Misal Pav in Ghatkopar

Food: Now, enjoy world's best Misal Pav in Ghatkopar

Opening its third outlet in Mumbai, Aaswad comes to this central suburb, Ghatkopar, offering its traditional Maharashtrian fare in Jain options too


Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Lest we forget

Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Lest we forget

Not for the faint-hearted, Phnom Penh’s Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocide & Choeung Ek Genocidal Center offer walkthroughs that rip-up despotism


'I had a one-night stand...'

'I had a one-night stand...'

Six months ago, I met this woman while on office work in Kolkata. During my last trip, one thing led to another and we ended up in bed together


App: Now, Shop for furniture in VR mode

App: Now, Shop for furniture in VR mode

Foyr.com, an online home decor and design store, adds virtual reality to its Android app, enabling consumers to get a 360-degree view of its room designs using cardboard VR viewer


Health: Recharge your muscles with this spinning workout

Health: Recharge your muscles with this spinning workout

High-tech imported bikes, amped up music and an ambiance to match the groove — recharge your muscles with a high-intensity, and surprisingly fun, spinning workout at this new South Mumbai studio

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An auspicious day is on your way, particularly for students. You shall win hearts with your immense knowledge, and will also do well in academics.Read More



Mental stress may insidiously encroach upon your consciousness and become a habit. The sooner you realise this and get rid of it the better for you.Read More



Today you may have to exercise your quality of simultaneously being very strict and very flexible. Legal conflicts are best settled with mutual understanding.Read More



An excellent day in office awaits you. Things may be hectic, and you shall be engaged in negotiating business deals and meeting tight deadlines.Read More



This looks set to be a tricky day, especially for businesspersons. Avoid investments, and definitely refrain from speculating in the stock market. Don't trust people easily!Read More



Realise that your tendency to keep finding fault with people, can really irritate them. Learn the art of recognising the positive aspects of others, too.Read More



Your levelheadedness and maturity will improve your social image. You can express your thoughts very clearly, thanks to your communication skills, this too shall help.Read More



Your pleasing and attractive personality shall mesmerise your partner, enabling you to completely control him/her. Passion and senses will dominate the proceedings.Read More



Family members may seek your quality time today, as they shall need your guidance on significant issues about the family's financial fortunes.Read More



A difficult day is indicated. Well thought plans may not lead to desired outcome. On top of it, friction with others over trifle matters may add to your woes.Read More



You must chalk out your strategies, but avoid spending too much time on it, else you may have very less time for the actual implementation of your plans.Read More



You shall only concentrate on the ways and means of making an extra buck. But, instead of looking elsewhere, total devotion to your job shall be more rewarding.Read More

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