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A smooth journey for this Bandra joint

A smooth journey for this Bandra joint

From smoothies to sinful, thick shakes, Slurrp in Bandra is a delish new space to drop by for all this drool-worthy fare


Head to these travel havens near Mumbai this long weekend

Head to these travel havens near Mumbai this long weekend

The coming week offers something that every working professional dreams of — a long weekend. Three travel curators suggest idyllic places to visit close to the city, that are far from the din. Plan now, we say.


'My girlfriend visits online dating sites...'

'My girlfriend visits online dating sites...'

I have been with my girlfriend for almost two years. A month ago, I discovered that she had been visiting online dating sites


'The book was meant to be about sex'

'The book was meant to be about sex'

Debut author, Ananth has released his debut erotic fiction work, Play With Me, a heady roller coaster of sex, lust, attraction and relationships set in the backdrop of an urban Indian milieu


Why Kainaz Messman's Theobroma tastes like heaven

Why Kainaz Messman's Theobroma tastes like heaven

When Kainaz Messman decided to become a chef, nothing could come in her way. Not even a severe back injury that threatened to jeopardise her career. As Theobroma celebrates a decade next month, the foodie-at-heart tells Deepali Dhingra that her greatest joy lies in feeding people and making them smile. What makes her day, however, is an early morning cup of tea lovingly prepared by her husband   


How exercise keeps depression at bay

How exercise keeps depression at bay

 It is known that physical exercise has many beneficial effects on health and researchers have now found how exercise shields the brain from stress-induced depression.

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You need to be very careful about not taking any important decisions today. At the end of a tough day, you may enjoy the evening with your family.Read More



Expect a tug of war between your head and heart. The reason is likely to prevail, but you also need to give vent to your emotions.Read More



The day is ideal for arranging a business-cum-pleasure meeting, whether it is at home or somewhere outside. A little picnic, too, would be quite in order.Read More



Brace up for a tough day! Stay cool and composed, take things easy, and everything will work out well. If you wish to take up new business, it may entail relocation.Read More



You have been working hard without making it obvious. But today you will ensure that your presence is felt. A pat on the back from your bosses shall make your day!Read More



Your higher self shall manifest today, in the form of forgiveness, affection for everyone around you, tolerance and artistic abilities. You shall lend a helping hand to the needy.Read More



If you take a risk today, it is likely to benefit you. Your efficiency will get noticed by your superiors in the office and they will support you fully. Avoid confrontations.Read More



You love to be the cynosure of all eyes, and today you shall get all the attention you crave for. However, be careful of people trying to undermine you.Read More



There are likely to be some unanticipated expenses today, which could throw your budget off-track. It is the times like these that teach you the importance of savings.Read More



This is by and large a goody-goody day for you. Regardless of your profession, you shall enjoy a good reputation, good health, and money will flow to you from different sources.Read More



Financial matters may keep you preoccupied today. If you wish to earn more, you may have to put in extra labour. Maybe a part-time job on the side can do the trick.Read More



You shall try your best to divert your mind from work today, as it has been causing too much mental stress of late. Spending the evening with your beloved may be the solution.Read More