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Interesting recipes of dishes made from leftover food items

Interesting recipes of dishes made from leftover food items

The next time you throw away last night’s dal, roti and rice in the bin, stop and think. Are you throwing away a potential Kothu Parotta or an Arancini?


Why Sikkim is the ideal getaway for long weekends

Why Sikkim is the ideal getaway for long weekends

On her visit to Baiguney in West Sikkim Dhara Vora discovered how the tiny state, with its stunning, varied topography, offers an incredible itinerary for the solace-seeker


'My sister-in-law is a pain...'

'My sister-in-law is a pain...'

My sister-in-law is ruining my family. She has been married to my brother for a year now and whenever she is around, she makes everyone uncomfortable...


Slow down to instil sexual desire in her

Slow down to instil sexual desire in her

Does being nice and responsive increase sexual desire in her? Do men perceive responsive women as more attractive and vice versa? The answers lie in slowing down if the goal is to instil sexual desire.


Living through the lens

Living through the lens

Ace photographer Atul Kasbekar reveals how switching lanes from chemical engineering to photography changed his life forever and why his twins are his best friends

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You may compromise on work today for completing ongoing domestic tasks. You may have to persuade your superiors that you will make up for it later.Read More



Today you shall tend to be very conscious of your image, and even more about how other people perceive you. You shall therefore do all you can to improve your outer looks.Read More



The pile of files that you need to wade through today shall be overwhelming and the harder you try to get the work done, the more stressful you shall feel. Don't hesitate to seek help.Read More



Nothing succeeds like success, but make sure you don't get carried away by it, or start bragging, or else you will only invite jealousy, not appreciation.Read More



The planets are aligned in your favour, and your efforts will be recognised by all your co-workers today. You may incur heavy expenses.Read More



The name of the game today is Romance. Besides sharing some intimate moments with your beloved, you shall also confide your deepest feeling, and fears, in him/her.Read More



Although you may expect some good tidings today from someone abroad, or another job offer, keep your expectations realistic, or else you may end up feeling disappointed.Read More



It is one of those days when your temper can flare up any time, causing discomfort to others. Control your wrath; practise yoga or meditation.Read More



Your admirable work ethic shall help you tackle the loads of work that you may be entrusted with today. You will be satisfied with your performance, and shall enjoy the evening.Read More



You are likely to become very health conscious today, as you are fully aware that if you are not fully fit, you may not be able to perform to your full potential.Read More



Since nothing has been working for you of late, you may tend to be somewhat cynical, you may even lose interest in spirituality, but you have to keep the faith and stay positive.Read More



An ability to take all the criticism directed towards you in a positive light shall help you to evaluate your actions in a better way and rectify any shortcomings.Read More