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Travel: In search of the great Indian bustard

Travel: In search of the great Indian bustard

Once top contender for national bird of India, the great Indian bustard is struggling to survive. This weekend, you have the chance to spot it in Nannaj, it's only home in Maharashtra


'I have fallen for this new girl in office...'

'I have fallen for this new girl in office...'

I am in love with an office colleague. She joined two months ago and it was love at first sight. I can't take my eyes off her and she has often caught me staring at her


Why sex loses steam after just one year of relationship

Why sex loses steam after just one year of relationship

People are happiest about their sex lives after a year into their relationship, and thereafter the frequency and passion in the action between the sheets gradually declines, a new study says


World AIDS Day: Things you must know about the dreaded disease

World AIDS Day: Things you must know about the dreaded disease

It's a commonly believed myth that kissing and hugging can spread HIV virus. Recent studies have proven that this is not the case. On the occasion of World AIDS Day, we take a look at several other myths related to the virus and the disease that need to be busted, how this global health observance came to be, facts and figures of HIV/AIDS, ways in which the illness can be passed on, symptoms, treatment methods and more...

Today’s Horoscope



Become flexible today and forgive-forget things that you have disliked for too long. Also, redirect your energies in a positive manner.Read More



You shall impress all your colleagues with your boundless potential. Your subordinates like to work with you because they can learn so much.Read More



Too much work for too long is beginning to tell on your health and morale. Do something to spice up things, meditate for inner peace.Read More



Working in close coordination with your co-workers shall pay rich dividends. Make new friends by all means, but select them prudently.Read More



Today may be another mundane day with nothing special anticipated. Yet, you shall be extremely competent in carrying out your tasks.Read More



You shall be in a happy-go-lucky mood, as this looks set to be a favourable day in all spheres. Reserve the evening for your beloved.Read More



Today you shall excel in performing your professional duties. Don't neglect your dear ones as you are where you are only because of their support.Read More



All your bottled up feelings may flare up today, and then you shall feel much relieved, but ensure that you don't hurt others' sentiments.Read More



A busy day at home and office is foreseen. Yet, you shall enjoy all the attention that you receive on both the fronts.Read More



Generally you are satisfied with what you get, however today your ambitious streak shall step to the fore. Work honesty, your dreams shall come true.Read More



Gear up for a tough and long day. You may be pressurised to log in extra hours to finish all the work today.Read More



To upgrade your skills and make yourself relevant in this technology driven world, you shall decide to join a part-time course today.Read More

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