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Food: How to choose Sake and best places to buy it in Mumbai

Food: How to choose Sake and best places to buy it in Mumbai

As Yuuka hosts a Sushi Sashimi and Sake festival, chef Ting Yen shares tips on how to sip on this Japanese rice wine. Plus, we tell you where to get heady with the best Sake picks in town


'My father and boyfriend had a showdown...'

'My father and boyfriend had a showdown...'

I have been with this guy for over a year. My father, however, doesn't approve of him. He thinks he is a good-for-nothing. We are both 25. Right now, we get along well, but are not thinking about the future


Tech: Windows 10 coming on July 29

Tech: Windows 10 coming on July 29

Windows 10 is finally on its way. After a few initial delays and several rumours of postponement, Microsoft’s Windows 10 will be available to the masses globally from July 29


Health Special: How to go vegan in Mumbai

Health Special: How to go vegan in Mumbai

With an increase in online shopping options and home chefs whipping up vegan-only delicacies, followers of a vegan lifestyle have a lot to rejoice. We share excerpts from the daily diaries of two Mumbai vegans

Today’s Horoscope



Today you will listen to the voice of your inner self. This will lead to benefits in all spheres and instill you with positivity.Read More



Your health may decline slightly today, refrain from tasks that may cause physical or mental stress. Moreover, take other precautionary measures like consuming a nutritious meal.Read More



Family and social responsibilities will keep you occupied today. Seize any opportunity that comes your way.Read More



This is an auspicious day for purchasing real estate. So just go ahead and book it. Meditate or do some yoga exercises to attain peace of mind.Read More



Your free spirit shall prevail today as you take a flight high in the sky. Make sure that your ego does not create rifts in your personal relationships.Read More



Use your disposition to understand and take advantage of the overall picture in every situation today.Read More



Love is in the air today, and you will get a nice chance to convey your deepest feelings to your sweetheart. You might also go ahead and propose marriage.Read More



A great day is in store for you today. You will be engulfed in refurbishing your residence, to render a royal and modern look. Read More



Today you will go for a complete makeover to transform yourself as a bold person. You shall be on the centre stage everywhere. Read More



The rationality that you exhibit today even in very serious situations, will amaze your near ones. Steady growth in your profession is foreseen.Read More



You are ready not just to work arduously but also to step on other people's feet, if required, in order to achieve your goals for the day.Read More



The time has come to be end all your fears and worries, as you try to get rid of them from your life. You shall even spend some precious moments with your loved ones.Read More

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