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A no-frill chocolate joint in Lower Parel

A no-frill chocolate joint in Lower Parel

If chocolate is your first love, Ne'thing for Chocolate is a dessert store which will offer you culinary solace at affordable prices


Discovering Tyrol's peaks and meadows

Discovering Tyrol's peaks and meadows

After all efforts to find ideal skiing conditions on her vacation fail, Fareeda Kanga discovers a whole new side to the Alps in Tyrol, a state in western Austria. Dizzying views from atop the 9,400-high Valluga peak, a meadow full of Edelweiss flowers and local cuisine like none other leave her rather enchanted


'My guy and I keep fighting all the time...'

'My guy and I keep fighting all the time...'

I'm 29 and have been in a relationship for about two years. Five months ago, we moved in together. Living in has made things ugly between us as my guy and I end up fighting all the time


'The book was meant to be about sex'

'The book was meant to be about sex'

Debut author, Ananth has released his debut erotic fiction work, Play With Me, a heady roller coaster of sex, lust, attraction and relationships set in the backdrop of an urban Indian milieu


A walk to remember

A walk to remember

From the office romance that blossomed into 19 years of marriage to her teenage twins who keep her grounded, from honing her leadership skills to dreaming of opening a restaurant some day, Abanti Sankaranarayanan shares her life story with Phorum Dalal


Smartphone addiction: Are you a nomophobic?

Smartphone addiction: Are you a nomophobic?

Does the thought of losing your phone, set your teeth on edge? Do you suddenly snap at your partner if he/she tells you to switch off your phone in bed? From the train commute to the dinner table, smartphones have become our new crutch to stay clued and communicate with each other. Is this hampering our basic social interaction skills? the guide finds out

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Today, it is business as usual for you, and nothing unusual is likely to happen. To relieve the monotony you may have to do something that interests you, such as playing a computer game.Read More



Multi-tasking shall be your mantra of the day. And people around you shall be amazed at your ability to plan, focus and execute so many things at the same time.Read More



You may have a pleasing encounter with love. Also, substantial gains through your loved ones are on the cards as well.Read More



The state of your finances may give you some anxiety today. You may have spent more than what you had earmarked for fulfilling your liabilities. You may need to borrow money.Read More



Being patient in whatever tasks you undertake will help you gain success. Although the day may hurl troubles at you, an extra effort from your side shall make things a bit easier.Read More



Having culminated pending tasks satisfactorily, you shall immediately embark on new ones today. Some fun and frolic is on the cards, while the academic performance of children shall thrill you.Read More



The stars are situated slightly in a negative way for you, and hence you may face some problems at your workplace. Take it positively, and by evening all shall be well.Read More



A tempting business proposition may come your way today; however, read the fine print carefully before committing yourself to it. Use your intelligence, logical reasoning and experience.Read More



Under the influence of unfavourable circumstances, you may take some reckless decisions; avoid them, instead you need to think of the long term consequences and their possible negative impact.Read More



Love be-gets love. Your unconditional and limitless love shall be reciprocated in kind by people dear to you. A favourable time to propose your love interest.Read More



You are poised to shine in every activity you engage in today. This is all due to your unwavering focus and determination.Read More



After a rather busy day, you shall be pleasantly surprised by the turn of events in the evening. Children will relieve your stress and give you great joy.Read More