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Mumbai food: Popular Bengali restaurant chain comes to Chembur

Mumbai food: Popular Bengali restaurant chain comes to Chembur

Bhojohari Manna's latest outlet in Chembur serves Bengali home-style food at affordable prices. Read on to find out what happens when two Bengalis savour their fare for its authenticity, novelty and taste


Indian-origin novelist and his wife's soul trip around the world

Indian-origin novelist and his wife's soul trip around the world

Scotland, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Goa, Madurai, Uttarkashi and even Kolhapur. After covering most of Europe and parts of India, this couple returned to the US, armed with calmer minds, better yoga postures and a final draft of a novel, published this June


'My girlfriend is moving far away...'

'My girlfriend is moving far away...'

My girlfriend is moving from Mumbai to Hyderabad next month as her family is relocating


Health: Recharge your muscles with this spinning workout

Health: Recharge your muscles with this spinning workout

High-tech imported bikes, amped up music and an ambiance to match the groove — recharge your muscles with a high-intensity, and surprisingly fun, spinning workout at this new South Mumbai studio

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If you were awaiting an auspicious day to initiate a new venture, today is that day. Just keep up the spirits, move ahead and start the spadework. Best of Luck!Read More



In spite of slogging, you may not get the rewards instantly, which might dishearten you. But remember that - patience always pays.Read More



You will receive several tempting invitations to attend parties or social gatherings today. However, not being in a good mood, you may decline them all. Read More



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