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Food special: Soak in the aromas of Awadhi cuisine

Food special: Soak in the aromas of Awadhi cuisine

Authors Adil I Ahmad and Salma Husain take you on a gastronomical walk through the royal kitchens and the street food stalls of Lucknow in two different books. the guide savours the joyride


Travel special: Pet-friendly holiday destinations

Travel special: Pet-friendly holiday destinations

Love to escape the city buzz every weekend, but it breaks your heart to leave your pooch behind? The guide lists a range of getaways that host your furry friends as well. Do we hear woofs of joy?


'My fiancee is in love with another guy...'

'My fiancee is in love with another guy...'

I got engaged two months ago. It was an arranged match as her family is known to my uncle. She stays in Indore where her family is based...


Tech Rewind: When the Apple Macintosh was first introduced

Tech Rewind: When the Apple Macintosh was first introduced

Apple introduced the first Macintosh computer on this day, January 24 in 1984, 31 years ago. On this occasion we list some lesser-known facts about the personal computer...


A revolution, one small press at a time

A revolution, one small press at a time

An ambitious contest for South Asian writers and poets. An India-China writing collaboration. A poetry festival in Mumbai. Kareena Gianani speaks to small presses founded by writers about ferreting out new talent, challenges, and what a Sahitya Akademi award could mean for their work


The founder of Zumba comes to Mumbai

The founder of Zumba comes to Mumbai

Beto Perez, founder of the popular dance-based exercise routine Zumba, will be in the city to host India’s largest Zumba workshop on February 1. The 45-year-old fitness expert talks about this exercise in disguise

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You may be feeling over-confident today. Over-imbued with a sense of your own importance, you may refuse to others' point of view. Get rid of this outlook as soon as possible.Read More



On the professional and business fronts, it shall be smooth sailing for you today. Gradually, though, you may begin to feel listless. You need to guard against being too emotional.Read More



Impatience to execute your ideas may get the better of you today. Nonetheless, since you shall get enough support from all quarters, you may succeed in your plans.Read More



In high spirits since morning, you shall feel confident enough to sign up new business deals. Do read the fine print! Relax and enjoy the social dos, as the evening comes.Read More



The stars foretell that today, if you don't keep your temper in control, you are very likely to get into petty scraps, both with your co-workers and family members. Be careful!Read More



Professionally, this should be a great day. Execute all your tasks with efficiency, and rest assured, your efforts shall not go unnoticed. You shall soon be appropriately rewarded.Read More



A great day is in the offing for you both on the personal and professional fronts, although it may be crammed with myriad activities. You need to be in control!Read More



Your professional competence shall impress your superiors, and their praise shall raise your level of self-confidence. A marriage proposal, by evening, may come your way!Read More



Travel, most likely for official reasons, is on the cards today. Monetary matters may cause some concern, but it would be nothing serious. You shall enjoy the evening with your beloved.Read More



Today you are likely to remain somewhat confused, and the course that events may leave you all at sea. In money matters, though, you will know exactly how to handle your finances and expenses.Read More



You are likely to hit a purple patch today. People around you as well as the events that happen today shall give you sufficient reason to be in a blissful state. Enjoy it while it lasts!Read More



A great day is in store for you, all you Fish! Lots of socialising, lots of partying, hopping from club to club are all on the cards. Don't touch the stock market with a barge pole.Read More

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