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Powai becomes a doughnut haven

Powai becomes a doughnut haven

If going nuts over doughnuts is your state of mind, American chain Krispy Kreme deserves a visit for its super-soft doughnuts that ooze of inviting options, and delish fillings, too


Walk on the wild side at the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

Walk on the wild side at the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

To spot a big cat in a forest, you need great luck and sharp eyesight. Sachin Kalbag chronicles his experience at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra’s largest national park, which spans 625 sq km and has one of the highest tiger densities in the country


'I am conscious about my looks...'

'I am conscious about my looks...'

I'm 21 and worried about my looks. I am studying for my graduation and when I look around in college, I feel everyone else looks good...


Tech special: Best gadget buys for Diwali

Tech special: Best gadget buys for Diwali

If you're are still searching for the perfect gift this Diwali, and money isn't a hitch, here's a tempting wish list that is bound to make you go gadget ga-ga


65% men, 77% women in Mumbai don't think infidelity is immoral

65% men, 77% women in Mumbai don't think infidelity is immoral

A recent survey conducted by an online dating platform for those looking for relationships outside of marriage, revealed that Mumbaikars are actually tolerant towards their partners indulging affairs


Tommy Hilfiger, on how perfectionism rules his life

Tommy Hilfiger, on how perfectionism rules his life

Tommy Hilfiger, the man who made the term 'American Cool' famous, tells Nikshubha Garg how he started off his business with just USD 150, turned it into a billion-dollar affair and why he loves to lead life luxe-size

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Today you shall be in a mood to delve deep inside yourself to better understand your circumstances and people around you. Share your insights with others.Read More



Though you may be going in for advanced studies or some research programme, you may be disappointed if you expect state-of-the-art facilities in the institution you have chosen.Read More



Worldly affairs shall bother you the least, as you totally immerse yourself in pursuing your passions, oblivious of the events taking place all around you.Read More



Your heart will rule over your head today, and out of deep compassion you shall do your best to help the under-privileged section of the society.Read More



In your job, you shall get many chances to prove your worth and make rapid progress. Make the best out of this! Health and diet matters may cause you worry.Read More



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You are very likely to feel attracted to a member of the opposite sex today, and you are quite likely to develop a serious relationship with him/her.Read More



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You shall be brimming with zest and enthusiasm to such an extent that you shall infect your co-workers too, which is good for your company.Read More



The stars are thoroughly in your favour today, and you shall comply with your responsibilities very positively. Needless to say, then, that you will succeed.Read More



At work or at home, today you shall carry out all your responsibilities to the best of your abilities. Avoid the tendency to blow your own trumpet.Read More



You may be faced with seemingly daunting challenges, but if you keep your faith and patience, you will achieve all your targets well within the set deadlines.Read More