Let the food hunt begin

Let the food hunt begin

As part of the Virasat Pune Heritage Week, The Western Routes and Janwani Pune present the Pune Food Hunt 2014. the guide offers a peek into what’s in store and tells you why this edition is special


Walking on air: Battling vertigo atop Duke's Nose

Walking on air: Battling vertigo atop Duke's Nose

If walking on a thin rope over a 300-feet-deep rocky chasm is your idea of adventure, then you should head to the Duke's Nose in Lonavala


'I feel so lonely and sad...'

'I feel so lonely and sad...'

I'm 20 and currently studying in the commerce stream. I'm decent at studies and don't have a boyfriend


Are you selfie-smart?

Are you selfie-smart?

With the world going ‘selfie’-crazy, we shortlisted four apps that will ensure that you get a picture every time you pout


How to make your relationship cheat-proof

How to make your relationship cheat-proof

Cheating doesn’t come in just one shape and size, especially in today’s tech-savvy society. From Facebook flirting to online affairs to extramarital sexting, modern society has changed everything about the way we live, including the way we cheat

Today’s Horoscope



Remain very alert today, as some people may try to try to cheat you by adopting fraudulent practices. Postpone any major deals for the day, like buying a house or vehicle.Read More



Expect a tug of war between your head and heart. The reason is likely to prevail, but you also need to give vent to your emotions.Read More



You are likely to become more health conscious, and will be all set to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A new job may also be on the anvil for you, urging you to start a new phase of your life.Read More



Even though you may not actually say anything unkind, the rude tone in which you speak could very well rub someone the wrong way. Remain polite!Read More



You shall be brimming with energy, but the tendency to throw your weight around may be your undoing today. Try to be humble; keep negative feelings at bay.Read More



Personal life is going to demand a lot of attention from you today. Students have exams coming up and may have to burn the midnight oil. Good day for property dealers.Read More



If you take a risk today, it is likely to benefit you. Your efficiency will get noticed by your superiors in the office and they will support you fully. Avoid confrontations.Read More



Don't go by hearsay, as it can land you in serious trouble. Go only by what you see, and what your experience attests to. Adopt a different approach!Read More



Today you shall be in a very positive mood, spreading joy wherever you go. Sharing domestic chores can go a long way in strengthening bonds with your spouse.Read More



This is by and large a goody-goody day for you. Regardless of your profession, you shall enjoy a good reputation, good health, and may even come in for some good wealth.Read More



Cupid's arrows are likely to strike you down today. Singles may find the person of their dreams, while married people will strengthen their bonds by recalling the good old days.Read More



New projects in your job shall entail more travelling, and more hard work. Once the foundations are laid, things will get easier. Don't worry, your company shall take good care of you.Read More