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Restaurant review: SoBo eatery offers multi-cuisine experience

Restaurant review: SoBo eatery offers multi-cuisine experience

Mazgaon's Afzal restaurant-Mao Chinese serves a wide variety of cuisines including Mughlai, Chinese, Punjabi, seafood, fast food iteams and more. The service is prompt and the staff is polite, helpful and interactive


Popular Mumbaikars pick their favourite heritage spots

Popular Mumbaikars pick their favourite heritage spots

From film actors to designers and animal lovers... the guide invited a bunch of familiar Mumbai faces to pick their favourite heritage sights and sounds across Mumbai


'I am shocked by my husband's sex chat with strangers...'

'I am shocked by my husband's sex chat with strangers...'

Every night, my husband spends time chatting with girls on the net. He says it is harmless fun and nothing will come of it because he does not reveal his true identity...


Food for thought with Riyaaz Amlani

Food for thought with Riyaaz Amlani

Riyaaz Amlani, who owns some of Mumbai’s most upmarket, creative spaces and restaurants today tells Kareena Gianani about being painfully shy as a kid, and perceptive, and how the mix got him where he is today

Today’s Horoscope



You will excel in communications, which will impress people around you and make your children proud. Remember not to neglect the older members of your family.Read More



You may have to be very careful today of tricky contracts, so read the terms and conditions properly before you put your signature on them.Read More



You may not be able to concentrate wholeheartedly on one particular thing today. Your attention will be divided, but you shall perform your duties sincerely.Read More



The novelty of the strategies you choose to adopt today might make others feel that you have lost it, but before nightfall, you shall stand vindicated.Read More



You have been neglecting your family. The inclement weather shall offer you a ready excuse to take a day off to spend quality time with your loved ones.Read More



Today you may be expected to lead from the front, both in office and in your social circles. With your amiable attitude, you shall endear yourself to people.Read More



Businessmen shall find this day to be very favourable, any endeavour that you undertake shall succeed. However, take care not to neglect your family life.Read More



Today you shall decide that it's high time you did something to please your loved ones, and nothing works better than taking them to the mall for shopping.Read More



You lay a lot of store by friends, and today you shall spend time with them. A member of the opposite sex may fall head over heels for you.Read More



When you have set you mind to something, you generally tend to get it by hook or crook. The stars suggest that you shall be very determined today.Read More



It's time to celebrate, for some great news is on the way. It could be a promotion, increment or even the news of a wedding of a good friend.Read More



Your day shall be crowded with social events. A wedding in the morning, a get-together with old friends in the afternoon and a gala party in the evening. Enjoy!Read More

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