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Travel special: Visit Amboli for a croaking experience

Travel special: Visit Amboli for a croaking experience

This season, soak in the misty weather and the mystic forests of Amboli, a rare biodiversity hotspot tucked in the southernmost tip of Maharashtra that is home to exotic species of frogs, crabs and other reptiles


'My parents are stopping me from marrying a divorcee...'

'My parents are stopping me from marrying a divorcee...'

I am 28 and have fallen for a divorcee. I met him through common friends. I have been with him for over a year. He is 39, but looks younger...


Tech: Some cool music streaming apps/services

Tech: Some cool music streaming apps/services

Some have called it revolutionary, others found it disappointing. Whatever be your verdict, Apple Music is here to stay. But if you're looking for alternatives, try these music streaming apps/services

Today’s Horoscope



You will try your best to look presentable and attractive in order to impress your date. But, you should keep in mind that real relationships are based on faith and adjustments, rather than outward appearances.Read More



You are all set to take a big leap in your professional life, mainly due to your intelligence and original thinking. A promotion or salary hike is on the cards.Read More



The fact that you usually first think about others' interests, rather than your own might create problems today. Give priority to your own issues.Read More



You are likely to be in a bad mood today, and unless you control your emotions, you may end up losing good friends and also family members.Read More



Get ready to face a challenging day in your office. In case you are assigned a task in which you might have to compromise your ethics, deny it.Read More



Today you may have to balance your tendencies and responsibilities. Make new friends, since they shall be useful in the future.Read More



Beware of individuals who may not only try to take disadvantage your soft nature, but also try to damage your reputation by making fictitious charges against you. Stay alert!Read More



You will be successful today, however remember it also brings along the risk that you might become very egotistic, thus ensure that you remain grounded.Read More



Some past events in your life might be the cause of confusion today, but to understand them you may have to think deeply.Read More



You can look forward to a great day in office today. Your boss may depend on your expertise to resolve complicated tasks and you shall become highly popular amongst your customers.Read More



Luck is on your side, hence you shall be successful in all the tasks undertaken today. Later in the evening, you might arrange a party to celebrate.Read More



Some positive developments are foreseen to transform your life for the better. Your golden era will begin soon.Read More

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