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Head to Pakora and Chai festival at Tea Trails

Head to Pakora and Chai festival at Tea Trails

We love eating fried food throughout the year, but monsoon adds another dimension to this craving. If your mouth is watering at this thought, head to the Pakora and Chai festival at Tea Trails where you can enjoy six types of pakoras and various tea brews


Monsoon sonata

Monsoon sonata

Rain-lashed ruins of a desolate fort, a submerged church and two intricately carved half-forgotten temples. Ananya Ghosh goes on a trip down South, steering clear of the backwaters and spice gardens


'A guy keeps staring at me...'

'A guy keeps staring at me...'

There is this guy at my workplace who keeps looking at me. I have often caught him in action and then he quickly looks away


Meet Kevin Flynn, the fighter

Meet Kevin Flynn, the fighter

Kevin Flynn loves being the underdog, taking risks and travelling through the tougher route. He tells Anu Prabhakar about growing up in London, his absolute love for motor biking, changing countries for jobs and the diverse feast called Mumbai

Today’s Horoscope



Be cautious, as your one impulsive decision may undo a lot of your hard work done over a long period. Revel in some innocent pleasures, as the evening descends.Read More



A great day lies ahead, as you will be in a position to convey your ideas and thoughts convincingly. You will also gain support at your workplace.Read More



Take charge of your life! Rein in your emotions. Be careful about your personal relationships. Time is not conducive time to propose a beloved.Read More



If you have been long enough in a committed relationship, you shall decide to take it to the next logical level of getting married. Go ahead, the stars are altogether in its favour.Read More



Work takes the centre stage. Your superiors will have escalated expectations. Try your best to fulfil them, but don't kill yourself over it all. Be alert and cautious!Read More



You have faith in your own capabilities, so you may prefer to track your own path, rather than take help from others. Your leadership qualities will come to the fore.Read More



Today you are likely to be extravagant, but you need to be careful not to overshoot your budget. You may count on your foreign contacts to benefit you in some way.Read More



You are all charged up to meet any challenges thrown at you. Thanks to your confidence, you will taste success in every task you take up today.Read More



Today will be a happening day when everyone at work will try to seek your expert advice. Increased profits and expansion will make you happy and positive.Read More



If some brash act or rude words of yours have hurt the feelings of someone close to you, today is the best day to make amends. Simply ask for forgiveness, and it shall be granted.Read More



Your powers of concentration are amazing. When combined with your positive approach to work and people around you, it is a winning formula any day.Read More



The possibility of meeting an old friend is very strong today. It could instantly put you in a happy and nostalgic frame of mind. You will relish delving into the past.Read More

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