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'I want to date my best friend, but he's not ready'

'I want to date my best friend, but he's not ready'

I really like someone a lot. He is my best friend. I have told him how I feel and I know he likes me too, but he has had some problems with relationships in the past, which is why he says he isn't ready to accept my love...


Relationships: Researchers uncover top 6 facts about sexual selfies

Relationships: Researchers uncover top 6 facts about sexual selfies

Courting lovers by sending flowers is a thing of the past, for teens and adults nowadays. They have found a rather 'sexy' way to lure the object of their affection -- 'sexting' i.e. sending nude or semi-nude selfies of oneself to a boyfriend, girlfriend, crush or casual acquaintance from smartphones. This is also termed by some researchers as a 'sexual selfie'


Here are 7 ways to protect yourself from air pollution

Here are 7 ways to protect yourself from air pollution

World Health Organization (WHO) has rightly named air pollution as world’s largest environmental hazard. While the world is looking for measures to bring down or rather eradicate in air pollution, you should also prevent ourselves from becoming victims of the same

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Business will be as usual, as nothing unusual is likely to happen. To relieve the monotony, do something interesting —indulge in your favourite game.Read More



Mantra for today shall be multi-tasking. People will be amazed at your ability to plan, focus and execute so many things at the same time.Read More



To deal with the complex issues in an effective manner, just go with the flow and let the events take their own course.Read More



Even though you will be very systematic in your work today, some unexpected event may derail all your well charted-out strategies.Read More



Your over-zealousness is likely to be your undoing today. While it is good to be enthusiastic, you should not get carried away by anything.Read More



Very conducive day for indulging in serious introspection. Through it, you will not only find answers to tricky problems, but also discover your hidden talents!Read More



Be alert before signing any legal contract or official document today. Carefully read the entire document to find what is hidden in the fine print.Read More



You will experience a great deal of success, which may antagonise some people against you. There is precious little you can do, except forgive them.Read More



Your special ability to clearly visualise the outcome of any decision will impress your bosses today. Look forward to a morale boost!Read More



This is going to be a red-letter day in your life because the possibility of meeting your soulmate is very strong.Read More



Despite the fact that you put your heart into your work, some people will find something or the other to criticise you. Simply ignore them!Read More



On this hectic day, you shall be totally engrossed in meeting tight deadlines at work. Make all efforts to finish off the pending tasks today.Read More

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