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Mumbai food: 6 eateries around Santacruz domestic airport

Mumbai food: 6 eateries around Santacruz domestic airport

Because the neighbourhood around the airport is fertile food and drink ground, we recced pitstops around Santacruz to bring you the first of a two-part eating around the terminals guide


Travel: Live the outdoors with your lover this Valentine's Day

Travel: Live the outdoors with your lover this Valentine's Day

A night under the stars or a trek to a fort, sign up for fun mini excursions in the outdoors to max your Valentine's Day weekend


'My best friend is behaving strange...'

'My best friend is behaving strange...'

I have been friends with this girl in my neighbourhood since my childhood days. We attended the same school as well as the same college...

Today’s Horoscope



Your resolution may waver today, particularly if you become emotional while taking decisions. Try to be slightly more practical. The Week Ahead: Expect returns on investments made earlier. This period seems favourable for gains. There could be additional responsibility at work. It’s a good time for those in love.Read More



You shall spend the whole day to complete your domestic tasks, but your family may get displeased for devoting less time for them. The Week Ahead: Overall, a joyful mood prevails. Maintain cordial relations with colleagues, and this is a good time to set priorities and clear your desk. Read More



Today you may revel in the past. Taking a ride down memory lane with some good old friends shall provide immense pleasure. The Week Ahead: Stay away from indiscriminate spending and try and save for future. Do not ignore your partner's advice. Avoid taking risks with health. Read More



Domestic workload might increase today. Consequently, your stress level may also rise, proportionately. Anyway remain composed, else you may go awry. The Week Ahead: Though business will enjoy stability and success, not a great time for relationships and domestic matters in general. Some health worries may arise. Read More



Today the teacher within you shall surface. Joys and pains of teaching kids — yours or others, shall leave you beaming with pride. The Week Ahead: Planetary positions could stir up strong desires among passionate professionals and business-people. Avoid taking risks. Health could need attention.Read More



Your logical faculties shall veto your sentiments. Regarding money matters, rational decisions are called for. Tactfully manage controversial issues. The Week Ahead: You may be overcome by a strong desire to visit a religious place to soothe your nerves. Financially, you will be in a comfortable space.Read More



Bask in the glory of your past efforts today. Put up your legs, and count the greetings pouring in from loved ones, near and far. The Week Ahead: Pleasant times for everyone, at work, home and health-wise. Businessmen, professionals and those in jobs, all stand to gain, hard work is a mandate though.Read More



Awful mood in the morning, for any reason, shall be your undoing. However, by evening you shall be in a positive frame of mind. The Week Ahead: This week you shall be concerned with fulfilling wishes of your better half or partner. Though work will keep you busy for long hours.Read More



Rest on your laurels, and enjoy fruits of past labour. Spend quality time with dear ones and have fun, while the happy tide lasts. The Week Ahead: A difficult and challenging phase for all at work. No major monetary gains foreseen. Health will be good this week. Love life is okay.Read More



Domestic tasks may appear daunting. However, your positivity shall enable you to scale the steepest of slopes. Luck favours the brave! The Week Ahead: A good time to organise things systematically. Business will pick up now. Be careful about financial transactions in general though. Take care of health.Read More



Hectic and wearying domestic schedule shall keep you on your toes today. Anyway, the stars are in your favour, thus you shall accomplish a lot. The Week Ahead: Domestic matters take centrestage. Your spouse might be supportive, but some issue may crop up with someone you are emotionally attached to. Health looks fine.Read More



Exhilarating taste of success in personal matters shall fill your heart with joy. Without hesitation, you shall pat your back — you deserve it! The Week Ahead: Loads of work foreseen. Avoid getting distracted, or performance could slide and long-term prospects could be harmed. You need to be careful about health.Read More

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