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khau galli: Mohan and Sons, Vile Parle (E)

khau galli: Mohan and Sons, Vile Parle (E)

Tucked in a bylane, near Vile Parle (East) railway station is Mohan & Sons, a nondescript farsan shop that has been catering to the area's snack lovers for over three decades


The breathless beauty of Barcelona

The breathless beauty of Barcelona

Grand monuments on the streets, vibrant and busy markets offering an array of products, and Christmas festivities in the air make Aruna Rathod want to stay back just another day in Barcelona


He dumped me for my buddy, but now wants me back...'

 He dumped me for my buddy, but now wants me back...'

My boyfriend broke up with me because he fell for a friend of mine. We used to hang out together a lot. I didn't know when they hooked up behind my back


Tech special: Reach for the stars with these gadgets

Tech special: Reach for the stars with these gadgets

From listening to astronauts talking in space to capturing the changing sky in a video, we tell you about a few devices that will help you experience the magic of space


Relationships: The famous 7-year-itch has progressed to 10

Relationships: The famous 7-year-itch has progressed to 10

According to a recent study, the famous seven-year-itch in a marriage has now gained three more years of conjugal bliss. Temptations to stray, a grouse with the spouse and getting weighed down by chores has been cited as reasons. The guide understands the whys and the wherefores of this delay, and if the additional years are a sign of healthier times


How SBI chief Arundhati Bhattacharya banks on breakthroughs

How SBI chief Arundhati Bhattacharya banks on breakthroughs

Arundhati Bhattacharya, chairman of State Bank of India, talks to Shreyanka Mazumdar about becoming a banker by chance, her love for all things antique and introducing digital breakthroughs


Health Special: Antara Day Spa

Health Special: Antara Day Spa

Antara Day Spa at The Club has renewed its interiors to let your overworked body soak in the aromatic oils which allows the muscles to open up to its goodness and feel every nerve in your body unwind and relax

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Today promises to be a fruitful day. However, you are likely to feel somewhat moody, and may long for some solitude to meditate or introspect on recent events.Read More



Try to avoid doing things simply for the sake of it, as it will only drain your energy and resources. Consult experts, and only then proceed in your endeavours.Read More



Domestic matters shall keep you preoccupied in the morning today, but once you are through with them, your full focus will be back on your work.Read More



A favourable day is in store for you. You are set to make gains and finish your work effortlessly. Your relations with colleagues and superiors shall be harmonious.Read More



Today you shall be very conscientious about your career progress, and will work very sincerely, and obviously it is going to have a positive effect on your organisation.Read More



Be prepared to slog today. But, if you expect kudos from your seniors, you may be disappointed. Believe that work is its own reward and carry on.Read More



Be cautious in starting any new business venture today. You may have to face the criticism of superiors. However, your skilful approach shall save the day for you.Read More



Social life will be the top priority for you. You shall spend the entire day planning a get together with your near and dear ones, side-lining your work.Read More



The cut-throat competition of the environment in which you are working will take its toll on you today. Make up for it by enjoying the evening with close friends.Read More



You shall be inspired by your role model to perform at your best. In order to avoid hurting your career prospects, avoid arguments at all costs.Read More



It is time to rejuvenate yourself and gain solace by engaging yourself in spiritual activities. All this shall help you to build a better tomorrow.Read More



You shall be able to establish a good rapport with important and powerful people, and achieve success in getting your work done through their influence.Read More

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