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Food fiesta grips Delhi

Food fiesta grips Delhi

 With over 60 stalls, the three-day gastronomic fanfare Palate Fest 2014 at the green environs of the Nehru Park here commenced Friday


Exploring Kanha National Park, the land of The Jungle Book

Exploring Kanha National Park, the land of The Jungle Book

Not one or two, but three tiger sightings, prepped by fabulous displays of its abundant wildlife, Kanha, which was the
setting for Rudyard Kipling’s beloved tale, The Jungle Book, is a must-visit for the nature buff


'My sister-in-law is influencing my hubby...'

'My sister-in-law is influencing my hubby...'

I'm 29 and my husband is 32. We got married four years ago. We have a two-year-old daughter. My husband, however, is greatly influenced by his sister...


Irretrievable breakdown of marriage 'debatable' ground for divorce: SC

Irretrievable breakdown of marriage 'debatable' ground for divorce: SC

With the government set to reintroduce the marriage laws amendment bill in the Lok Sabha to amend the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act to make irretrievable breakdown of marriage a ground for divorce, the Supreme Court has urged a rethink if it was an expedient ground for untying the matrimonial knot


Parmesh Shahani on the lessons of life

Parmesh Shahani on the lessons of life

The maverick, who managed to turn Vikhroli into a cultural hub within just three years, tells Rinky Kumar why he derives great joy from connecting dots...


World Anti-Obesity Day: Common weight loss diet myths busted

World Anti-Obesity Day: Common weight loss diet myths busted

On the eve of World Anti-Obesity Day, Hassan M Kamal looks into some of the most common weight loss diet myths, and why an improved lifestyle is as important as changing one's diet plan

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You are extrovert and today you shall understand the importance of having such a large friends' circle, as they shall help you cheer up and forget your problems.Read More



You should be careful regarding the way you pursue success, as your ethics may come under scrutiny, damaging your reputation for being absolutely transparent in your dealings.Read More



Setting aside your routine chores, you shall experiment with something exotic. A member of the opposite sex may be attracted to you, and you may try to take it forward.Read More



You shall maintain your edge over your co-workers today, but the monotony of your work may make life very boring. An equally dull day is in store back at home.Read More



If you wish to amplify your happiness, then today you should spend some quality time with your loved ones to feel the oneness, which will certainly lift the spirits high.Read More



You might be at a turning point in your life, and are likely to develop a spiritual leaning. Financial and family matters shall also demand your immediate attention.Read More



Money is likely to pour in from various sources on this extremely favourable day for you. In business, you may positively consider a profitable partnership proposal.Read More



Today you are likely to be talkative, but be careful that you don't put your foot in your mouth. In your best interests, keep your distance from disputes.Read More



For people in the field of law enforcement, such as cops and lawyers, this is a great day. You may feel like taking a refresher course to hone your skills.Read More



After some initial displeasure with your work, today certain positive events shall raise your spirits and you shall feel happy. Some good tidings are in store for you.Read More



You will march ahead with a strong determination to clear all the clutter from your life and start afresh. This will also inspire you to discard useless thoughts.Read More



Today shall be favourable for everything related to finances. Engage in intricate calculations to determine the state of your monetary affairs. Beware of people with ulterior motives.Read More

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