An Easter meal to remember

An Easter meal to remember

With Easter Sunday on April 20, the guide offers you a selection of recipes that you can make at home


Harchandi: A lesson in simplicity

Harchandi: A lesson in simplicity

A visit to Harchandi, a true-blue Maharashtrian hamlet, not only introduces you to a way of life alien to city folk but also acquaints you to quietude


'I wish I could have sustained our relationship...'

'I wish I could have sustained our relationship...'

I broke up with my girlfriend last week. We were together for about a year, but realised that we were simply pretending to be in love


Girls suffer bad romance more than boys: Study

Girls suffer bad romance more than boys: Study

Caught in a bad romantic relationship? Do not give a damn if things go wrong especially if you are a girl. Else, you may suffer mentally a lot when romances unfold differently than you imagined


The art of staying calm with Rahul Dravid

The art of staying calm with Rahul Dravid

Known for his calmness on the field and resoluteness in front of the wicket, the former Indian captain and cricketer Rahul Dravid shares a few tips on how to survive mundaneness at the workplace

Today’s Horoscope



Today you may get some opportunities to display all your skills, especially your communication skills, which you ought to grab with both hands. They don't come too often.Read More



Adopting a laid back attitude shall help you in great measure, letting you relax and rejuvenate. Your competence may be subjected to a test at your workplace.Read More



Even though you may pamper your children to the fullest, it may not create the desired impact. It would be better if you keep a close watch on their activities today.Read More



Your public speaking skills shall come to the fore today. At your workplace, your colleagues may be amazed by the clinical efficiency with which you will perform your tasks.Read More



A very positive day is in store for you today. You shall enjoy work, and more importantly, you shall enjoy working with your extremely cooperative colleagues.Read More



You are likely to swing between extreme emotions today. In fact, your mind may drag you in one direction, and your heart in another, leaving you totally confused.Read More



Today you are likely to spend some memorable time with your sweetheart if you are single, and with your spouse if you are married. A proposal will throw up positive results.Read More



Recklessness in financial matters is indicated today. You shall shower your loved ones with expensive gifts, and may throw a party to keep them in good humour.Read More



Travel is strongly indicated for official purposes, and the trips are likely to be very successful. Though you may feel a bit homesick, it will not bother you much.Read More



Today is going to be a day of mixed fortunes. Agony and ecstasy are both on the cards. Working hard will fetch rich dividends, but make sure you save some for the rainy day.Read More



Just having a grand vision doesn't bring success! In order to realise your ambitious plans, you need to execute them flawlessly.Read More



Brace up for some tough challenges today. You may be pulled in different directions. Don't take your adversaries lightly, and avoid disagreements as far as possible.Read More