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Interesting recipes of dishes made from leftover food items

Interesting recipes of dishes made from leftover food items

The next time you throw away last night’s dal, roti and rice in the bin, stop and think. Are you throwing away a potential Kothu Parotta or an Arancini?


Why Sikkim is the ideal getaway for long weekends

Why Sikkim is the ideal getaway for long weekends

On her visit to Baiguney in West Sikkim Dhara Vora discovered how the tiny state, with its stunning, varied topography, offers an incredible itinerary for the solace-seeker


'My sister-in-law is a pain...'

'My sister-in-law is a pain...'

My sister-in-law is ruining my family. She has been married to my brother for a year now and whenever she is around, she makes everyone uncomfortable...


Say hello to trendy, wearable gadgets

Say hello to trendy, wearable gadgets

Sooner, not later, your future is about to change. Take a look at these trendy, wearable gadgets that will let you get more out of every day


Slow down to instil sexual desire in her

Slow down to instil sexual desire in her

Does being nice and responsive increase sexual desire in her? Do men perceive responsive women as more attractive and vice versa? The answers lie in slowing down if the goal is to instil sexual desire.


Living through the lens

Living through the lens

Ace photographer Atul Kasbekar reveals how switching lanes from chemical engineering to photography changed his life forever and why his twins are his best friends

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Whatever role you may be functioning in today, you shall be sought after by everybody for the helpful and compassionate view you take regarding their troubles.Read More



The focus today shall be on your relationships today. In fact, you may see a sea change in some of them. Support from unexpected quarters will make you relaxed.Read More



People from all walks of life shall be clamouring for your attention, which is because your reputation as a troubleshooter may have spread far and wide. Try to help as many as you can.Read More



Tough challenges are predicted for the day. But since the stars are not in your favour, you would do well to postpone tackling them.Read More



Expect your business acumen to be very sharp today, and the moment you see a profitable opportunity, you will seize it without thinking twice.Read More



Your no-nonsense work ethic shall be greatly appreciated by your superiors, who may praise you to high heaven. However, don't get carried away, but remain grounded.Read More



Sharing the same wavelength with your spouse or sweetheart shall transport you to cloud nine. Enjoy the intimacy while it lasts, because soon you shall have to get back to the grind.Read More



Today spells romance. You shall spend the day with your beloved and enjoy some extremely memorable moments. It is an auspicious day to shoot the proposal.Read More



You are likely to enjoy the events of the day to the hilt, whether at office or at home. Refurbishing your home with fancy furniture and antic pieces is on the cards.Read More



Lady luck shall smile down on you today, so that whatever you choose to undertake, will be appreciated one and all.Read More



Despite the fact that you will spend a lot of time in meticulous planning for future projects, you will not let your current work suffer.Read More



Foreign travel is very much on the cards for you, so the stars foretell. That, or an old friend who has settled abroad may get in touch with you and persuade you to come over.Read More