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Food: Desi vegetarian fare goes chic in Lower Parel

Food: Desi vegetarian fare goes chic in Lower Parel

From next week, dig into dhokla oxide and raspberry lipsticks at a Lower Parel restaurant that whips up vegetarian fare with a twist


'I have fallen for my friend's wife...'

'I have fallen for my friend's wife...'

I am married, but attracted to my friend's wife. Whenever I meet her, I just don’t know what happens to me. On some pretext or the other, I keep dropping in at their home often


Sex once a week enough to make you happy

Sex once a week enough to make you happy

If you feel that daily sex will make you both happier, read on. According to fascinating research, the action between the sheets once a week is enough to reignite and keep the passion and love alive between the two souls


Online porn triggers sex addicts' desire for new sexual images

Online porn triggers sex addicts' desire for new sexual images

Online porn may feed sex addicts' desire for new sexual images, find researchers, suggesting that people who show compulsive sexual behaviour are driven to search more for new sexual images than their peers

Today’s Horoscope



Knowingly or unknowingly, you may cause a lot of heart-breaks today. So, be careful of your conduct and make efforts to strengthen all your relationships.Read More



Instability in your thoughts and feelings is likely to cause stress in your relationships. To avoid this, an outing with your loved ones may keep you happily distracted.Read More



Strive to focus your energies in the right direction if you want to clear all the work backlog. Take care of your health as well.Read More



Despite your rivals trying tooth and nail to bog you down, you shall tackle their sinister designs successfully and emerge victorious.Read More



Love at first sight is a distinct possibility for singles today. A great day for everything concerned with romance, so make the most of it.Read More



You are likely to get some good news in the afternoon that you were expecting since long. Later in the day, you may develop some new friendships.Read More



It's a good day to inaugurate a new project. You may meet the success half-way! Kids will bring you happiness.Read More



If you are out for a social do today, ensure you are thick-skinned enough to take a stray, wry comment or a punctured tyre in your stride.Read More



A rather happening day awaits you today. Your time at work may be hectic and tiresome. Much deserved rest in the evening shall enable you to relax and unwind.Read More



You may be beaming as your bosses shower you with lots of praise. However, don't take their words on the face value, as there may be some hidden designs in their benevolent approach.Read More



A perfect day to celebrate life and party hard with your friends. The positivity in your approach shall enable you to make new and lasting friendships.Read More



An ideal day to forge new relationships or to strengthen the existing ones. Utilize this favourable day to propose your love interest or to have a great time with your beloved.Read More

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