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Something's brewing at this Andheri microbrewery

Something's brewing at this Andheri microbrewery

Brewbot, the new microbrewery in Andheri, is yet to get its licence, but don’t miss out on the innovative wonders of its European and American food menu, says Phorum Dalal


Discovering Tyrol's peaks and meadows

Discovering Tyrol's peaks and meadows

After all efforts to find ideal skiing conditions on her vacation fail, Fareeda Kanga discovers a whole new side to the Alps in Tyrol, a state in western Austria. Dizzying views from atop the 9,400-high Valluga peak, a meadow full of Edelweiss flowers and local cuisine like none other leave her rather enchanted


'My dad is cheating on my mom...'

'My dad is cheating on my mom...'

My father is having an affair, but my mother is not willing to leave him. I have tried convincing my mother many times as she is going through hell...


Gadget review: A totally water-proof boombox

Gadget review: A totally water-proof boombox

I have to confess. I never waited for rains as desperately as I did in the last few days. Not because the heat was unbearable, but because I wanted to see if Creative's new 'weatherproof' portable speakers, the Muvo Mini could stand the Mumbai monsoon


'The book was meant to be about sex'

'The book was meant to be about sex'

Debut author, Ananth has released his debut erotic fiction work, Play With Me, a heady roller coaster of sex, lust, attraction and relationships set in the backdrop of an urban Indian milieu


A walk to remember

A walk to remember

From the office romance that blossomed into 19 years of marriage to her teenage twins who keep her grounded, from honing her leadership skills to dreaming of opening a restaurant some day, Abanti Sankaranarayanan shares her life story with Phorum Dalal

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You will be feeling large-hearted today, and are likely to shower your riches on the needy. Their blessings will stand you in good stead. The week ahead: After managing all the extra work pressure at office, you will feel so drained that it will be imperative to exercise to increase your stamina.Read More



Today, you'll crave inner peace and read the holy scriptures. Post lunch you will spend time with your kids. If you are single, you'll spend time with your best pal. The week ahead: In this rather tough week ahead, you'll have to be alert on all fronts, and avoid indulging in futile pursuits. Take care of your health.Read More



Today, you would want to visit one of your close relatives or best friend and talk whole day. You hope to get some solace and peace of mind from this. The week ahead: Family matters will keep you busy this week, but other things such as education, investments and profession will also demand your attentionRead More



You'll be inclined to cook a new recipe today and may surprise your family members with it. Your loved ones will relish the food and appreciate you. The week ahead: Some unforeseen expenses are likely to throw your financial budget off-track this week. Work may be hectic, but you should be sincere.Read More



Today, you'll take your family for a surprise lunch in a restaurant and watch the latest movie. Your loved ones will appreciate you for your efforts. The week ahead: You'll be able to think out of the box this week at work. You’ll also be to concentrate like never before at studies. Keep negative thoughts at bay.Read More



To make up for neglecting your family in recent times, today you shall go out of your way to spend a lot of quality time with them. The week ahead: This week, your focus will be to sort out crucial things, and you shall do it with a level head. Routine work will take care of itself.Read More



You'll spend quality time with your loved ones today. Post lunch, you'll read a novel. In the evening, you'll take your loved ones to a garden. The week ahead: At the beginning of the week you may be assailed by negative thoughts, but your mindset will change with positive events unfolding. Read More



You'll be inclined to redecorate your home today along with your better half. Later, you'll spend time with your kids and play with them. The week ahead: People this week are likely to try to disturb your equilibrium by levelling false charges on you, but peg on with your work unmindful of them.Read More



Being with people on the same wavelength as you, will provide you a very soothing experience, and help you recharge your batteries. The week ahead: You may feel anxious about your work, but since you tend to perform better under pressure, you shall be able to finish all tasks within deadlines. Read More



Since your priority today is your family, and you will be in a compassionate mood, you will be a source of great moral support for your loved ones. The week ahead: Expect a mixed bag of fortunes this week, both on the professional and personal fronts, although work may force you to sideline personal matters.Read More



Today you may feel inclined towards spirituality. So, you'll visit some place of worship, or meditate to gain peace of mind. The week ahead: A radical transformation in your thinking patterns is foreseen this week. This may happen mainly because of foreign influences during your trips abroad.Read More



You'll feel like helping others today. You'll donate your old clothes, or stuff that you aren't using to the needy or to an ashram. The week ahead: Work will keep you on your toes, and there will be no time for emotions. Perhaps it is just as well. If you get a better job offer, grab it!Read More