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Restaurant Review: Continental joyride in Chembur

Restaurant Review: Continental joyride in Chembur

There is nothing artsy about the ambiance and décor of Art House, a new multi-cuisine restaurant in Chembur’s Hotel Fern Residency. The continental fare, however, might tempt us to do an encore, to sample the other cuisines


Travel special: 6 amazing weekend homestays around Mumbai

Travel special: 6 amazing weekend homestays around Mumbai

The resort is passe. India’s just voted for homestays. And we’ve hand-picked the best, lest you wish to run away


'I can't find the right girl...'

'I can't find the right girl...'

I am 31 and single. Five years ago, I was in a relationship with a girl. We had got engaged too, but later we broke off. Her family did not approve of me as I did not have a job


Tech: Let your gadgets play second innings

Tech: Let your gadgets play second innings

Your old electronic gadgets may no longer be your favourite, but there’s hope. With a little effort and innovation, you can reuse your old desktop PCs, laptops, mobile phones and monitors, for longer, or earn money by selling them to licensed recyclers. In Part 2 of our guide to reuse old devices, Hassan M Kamal lists a few ideas to help reduce the burden of e-waste


Health Special: De-stress the Djokovic way

Health Special: De-stress the Djokovic way

World No 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic credits his professional success to marriage and fatherhood. While Djokovic has found his work-life balance, we gauge how some of Mumbai’s professionals fare when it comes to tackling stress, and how they maintain an equilibrium

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Today you will listen to the voice of your inner self. This will lead to benefits in all spheres and instill you with positivity.Read More



Your health may decline slightly today, refrain from tasks that may cause physical or mental stress. Moreover, take other precautionary measures like consuming a nutritious meal.Read More



Family and social responsibilities will keep you occupied today. Seize any opportunity that comes your way.Read More



This is an auspicious day for purchasing real estate. So just go ahead and book it. Meditate or do some yoga exercises to attain peace of mind.Read More



Your free spirit shall prevail today as you take a flight high in the sky. Make sure that your ego does not create rifts in your personal relationships.Read More



Use your disposition to understand and take advantage of the overall picture in every situation today.Read More



Love is in the air today, and you will get a nice chance to convey your deepest feelings to your sweetheart. You might also go ahead and propose marriage.Read More



A great day is in store for you today. You will be engulfed in refurbishing your residence, to render a royal and modern look. Read More



Today you will go for a complete makeover to transform yourself as a bold person. You shall be on the centre stage everywhere. Read More



The rationality that you exhibit today even in very serious situations, will amaze your near ones. Steady growth in your profession is foreseen.Read More



You are ready not just to work arduously but also to step on other people's feet, if required, in order to achieve your goals for the day.Read More



The time has come to be end all your fears and worries, as you try to get rid of them from your life. You shall even spend some precious moments with your loved ones.Read More

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