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Mumbai food trail: Red ants for lunch, anyone?

Mumbai food trail: Red ants for lunch, anyone?

Unique flavours from unusual suspects like the worms, ants as well as fiddlehead ferns made Assamese Jungle Feast a most fascinating affair


Travel special: Visit Amboli for a croaking experience

Travel special: Visit Amboli for a croaking experience

This season, soak in the misty weather and the mystic forests of Amboli, a rare biodiversity hotspot tucked in the southernmost tip of Maharashtra that is home to exotic species of frogs, crabs and other reptiles


'My parents are stopping me from marrying a divorcee...'

'My parents are stopping me from marrying a divorcee...'

I am 28 and have fallen for a divorcee. I met him through common friends. I have been with him for over a year. He is 39, but looks younger...


Travel smart: Gadgets to help you breathe easy when on the move

Travel smart: Gadgets to help you breathe easy when on the move

Make a call without a SIM card and charge your gadgets without a plug point. Here is a list of gadgets that will help you remain productive even if you are stuck in wilderness

Today’s Horoscope



You will be highly successful today, entirely through your own arduous efforts and without anyone's assistance. Attending a refresher course would be a great idea.Read More



Today you might be engrossed in several negative thoughts. You may feel tense and perturbed, and this may most probably cause depression. Try to think positively.Read More



You may have to travel a lot today, and surely have to prepare a precise plan for the same. This shall keep you occupied, but you will be thrilled with the possibility of knowing about new places.Read More



Some fascinating news from abroad is on the cards! It might be your admission letter for the desired university, or your relatives might have invited you to visit their place.Read More



Although you shall be physically present in your workplace, you will be planning about your personal matters. You might be thinking how to spend the evening with your dear ones.Read More



You shall be in a very romantic mood today. There are many chances of suddenly meeting an individual of the opposite sex with whom you will develop a strong bond.Read More



You are likely to feel very zippy today, and you shall not be discouraged by the amount of work. You may feel like taking assistance of some senior person to clarify certain issues.Read More



Superiors in your workplace will appreciate the hard work that you have done and may just decide to reward you with a promotion or an increment.Read More



You shall be in the lime-light today. You might bump into someone special with whom you may form a long-lasting relationship.Read More



Although you will be lucky in all the areas of life today, don't take it for granted. Try to be comprehensive and share the fruits of success with your coworkers.Read More



Instead of remaining aloof, make an attempt to positively influence the lives of persons associated with you. Tread a new path! Read More



Financial issues are likely to be the cause of considerable tension today. You may spend a lot of time pondering about ways and means to boost your income. Friends may help.Read More

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