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This new all-day cafe bar in Bandra is a must visit

This new all-day cafe bar in Bandra is a must visit

With a relaxed, spacious vibe and tasty fusion fare, Community is every gourmand's delight, if you have deep pockets, that is. The space will also double up as a platform for pop-ups


Travel special: Visit Amboli for a croaking experience

Travel special: Visit Amboli for a croaking experience

This season, soak in the misty weather and the mystic forests of Amboli, a rare biodiversity hotspot tucked in the southernmost tip of Maharashtra that is home to exotic species of frogs, crabs and other reptiles


'My guy can't handle the pressures of being in a relationship...'

'My guy can't handle the pressures of being in a relationship...'

My guy suddenly decided to break off with me last week. It came as a shock to me


Meet Kevin Flynn, the fighter

Meet Kevin Flynn, the fighter

Kevin Flynn loves being the underdog, taking risks and travelling through the tougher route. He tells Anu Prabhakar about growing up in London, his absolute love for motor biking, changing countries for jobs and the diverse feast called Mumbai


Health and fitness: Embrace yoga for a super sex life

Health and fitness: Embrace yoga for a super sex life

While the first International Yoga Day has rightfully positioned the nearly 5,000-year old Indian system of physical and mental rejuvenation on to the global mat, little do people know that there are some postures that, if done under proper guidance, can ramp up their sex life too

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Today, you will understand that although it is essential for you to be successful, the fact that you have the warmth and affection of your close ones is much more valuable.Read More



You may feel less comfortable today, due to some health problems. Be... cautious!Read More



You shall get the love and care of your close ones, due to the good acts you had done in the past. Read More



Remaining composed during unfavourable circumstances will assist you to easily overcome them. Read More



You must forgo the past and make a new beginning to revive your important relationships. You will feel the impact of love. Read More



You may get hurt by some sudden incidents. See that the hardships do not affect you seriously. You can still expect the better.Read More



You may face tough times today, due to the fierce competition in your career. Take care, as your rivals might take disadvantage of your feelings and doubt your abilities. Read More



This shall be a propitious day for you! You will be able to easily convey all your ideas and feelings. Rejoice! Read More



Tranquility, equilibrium and serenity shall be maintained today, leading to a calm and restful day. Read More



You shall feel very glad on re-establishing contact with your old friends today. A happy love life shall further improve your joyous mood. Read More



Analyse the circumstances, taking a long term view rather than concentrating only on the small, short term benefits. Prepare well before moving ahead with an assignment.Read More



Are things not matching your expectations? Try to remain compose and express your thoughts. This will surely help you a lot.Read More

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