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This Andheri eatery is styled just like Irish pubs

This Andheri eatery is styled just like Irish pubs

Brickhouse Cafe & Bar is styled just like one of London's famed Irish pubs except that this one is located in the middle of buzzing Lokhandwala, Mumbai


Walking down Munich's lanes

Walking down Munich's lanes

The past, the present and the modern co-exist in Munich as Kalpana Sunder comes across a makeshift shrine dedicated to Michael Jackson, visits Munich Conservatoire, which was once Hitler’s office, watches surfers ride the waves, and finds that the city’s transit system is a temple of art


'I can't get over my ex-girlfriend...'

'I can't get over my ex-girlfriend...'

I'm 28 and recently got engaged. I was in a relationship with a girl, but our families were unaware about it. They would not accept her because of caste differences


'The book was meant to be about sex'

'The book was meant to be about sex'

Debut author, Ananth has released his debut erotic fiction work, Play With Me, a heady roller coaster of sex, lust, attraction and relationships set in the backdrop of an urban Indian milieu


Twinkle Khanna: The shining star

Twinkle Khanna: The shining star

Twinkle Khanna likes to live life on her own terms. Bored of waiting on film sets for the next shot as an actor, she quit Bollywood after eight years and found her true passion in designing spaces and candles. She tells Fareeda Kanga about how she ditched greasepaint and gowns for cement dust and grime


Health: Secrets for getting a glowing skin

Health: Secrets for getting a glowing skin

From smoking to stress and harmful chemicals in beauty products, there are myriad factors that can harm your skin. In Skin Talks, a book by cosmetic dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad, the author gives pointers on how to maintain your skin in tip-top shape

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Today is a favourable day for you. Don't worry and don't let any concern, emotional in nature get a place in your activities. Stay focused and use your intelligence, luck will do the rest for you.Read More



Try to maintain an impartial judgement regarding finances, without worrying too much about your rising expenses. This shall translate into wonderful results.Read More



You shall be extremely clear in your head about your goals in life, and exactly how to go about achieving them. Some unforeseen rewards may be in the pipeline.Read More



Stars are not in your favour today and hence it would be wise not to initiate any important projects today. Try to take things slowly, especially when business or finances are involved.Read More



In order to resolve the external conflicts in your life, you need to be at peace with yourself first. Adopting a flexible attitude and being open to compromise shall help a great deal.Read More



Successful may be your present strategies, you shall try to think out of the box today and come up with new ideas, which shall increase your profits in business.Read More



It is high time that you discard your drab and overtaxing office environment and try out something new and refreshing. This change will surely rejuvenate you.Read More



Extravagant and happy, you will spend lavishly on your partner. Keep an eye on your finances so that you don't end up spending wastefully.Read More



Romance is thick in the air today. Your mind will be preoccupied with the thoughts of your beloved, and the prospect of meeting him/her in the evening.Read More



You shall find novel ways to work more smartly and efficiently so that you can accomplish more tasks in less time. Still, at the end of the day you may not be fully satisfied.Read More



You seem to have the Midas touch! Whatever tasks you undertake today are likely to succeed brilliantly. It is the best time, therefore, to resolve all the niggling problems.Read More



You may feel disappointed as your prior planning for a trip goes haywire. The only consolation is the promise that whenever the trip materialises, it will meet all your expectations.Read More