Let the food hunt begin

Let the food hunt begin

As part of the Virasat Pune Heritage Week, The Western Routes and Janwani Pune present the Pune Food Hunt 2014. the guide offers a peek into what’s in store and tells you why this edition is special


Walking on air: Battling vertigo atop Duke's Nose

Walking on air: Battling vertigo atop Duke's Nose

If walking on a thin rope over a 300-feet-deep rocky chasm is your idea of adventure, then you should head to the Duke's Nose in Lonavala


'My guy hooked up with my pal...'

'My guy hooked up with my pal...'

I'm 27 and recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years. I found out that he and a friend of mine were involved with each other behind my back


How to make your relationship cheat-proof

How to make your relationship cheat-proof

Cheating doesn’t come in just one shape and size, especially in today’s tech-savvy society. From Facebook flirting to online affairs to extramarital sexting, modern society has changed everything about the way we live, including the way we cheat

Today’s Horoscope



Today you shall feel free to do all things you always wanted to do but were never able to. This spirit of freedom will be infectious. The week ahead: Your low vitality level this week stems from the excessive stress you have been taking on yourself, so take a little break, relax and recharge your drained out batteries.Read More



Your extremely jovial demeanour will have a positive effect on people around you. A little outstation trip with your beloved is on the cards. The week ahead: You shall feel very energetic and enthusiastic this week, so you need to make the best of this good time to finish off as many tasks as possible.Read More



Your reason and logic will dominate your heart today. You will not let your emotions interfere with the fun things you have planned out for the day. The week ahead: This is going to be quite an easy-going week, and you shall have more than enough time to relax and recharge your batteries, but don't neglect routine chores.Read More



Having had a relatively easy week, your spirits shall be high and you will go all out to celebrate the day with your friends and loved ones. The week ahead: Businessmen are slated to make great profits this week, and even your turnover will increase beyond expectations. But don't go jumping into new ventures.Read More



On this day you would do well to complete all the domestic work that you have been putting off for a long time. The week ahead: Finances will keep you busy this week, as you draw up your budget to make provisions for larger investments. Avoid risky stocks, though.Read More



You tend to depend on others for a lot of things, but today you will decide to take your life in your own hands and handle it with self-confidence. The week ahead: This week you shall gain clarity of mind, and you will be able to resolve the puzzling issues in your life. The time is not right to take risks on any front.Read More



Today you are likely to meet that someone special, and it will lay the foundations for a long-term romantic relationship. The week ahead: With the stars favouring you this week, you will be able to achieve a lot, provided you avoid negative thinking, and be confident about your abilities.Read More



After a long, boring and monotonous week, you will be fully justified if you wish to spend some time with yourself, let your hair own, and just relax. The week ahead: You will be placed quite comfortably as far as your financial situation is concerned this week, so make sure that you take care of your family's material needs.Read More



You shall be preoccupied with taking care of your family members. There are strong chances of some friends dropping in for a visit. The week ahead: There are some tough challenges lined up for you this week, but don't worry, you shall be able to overcome them with the support of your near and dear ones.Read More



The shopping bug will get you today, and you are likely to exceed your budget, so be alert, let your pragmatic self dictate the terms, and keep a tight fist. The week ahead: The focus this week will be on family life. You will blow up a lot of money on your dear ones, but that's alright as you are in a financially strong position.Read More



The stars are in favour of changing your residence, or even your office. If you have been eying a particular house, you may go ahead and book it. The week ahead: Your personal life will take precedence over your professional life this week. By the weekend, though, the innate spirituality in you will be awakened.Read More



You may expect some good news from distant shores, which will raise your spirits, and give you a great sense of satisfaction. The week ahead: With so much work this week, you will to prioritise work, and postpone unimportant activities, even if they seem interesting.Read More