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Log on for comfort food

Log on for comfort food

Planning a small get-together with friends? Not keen to step out for a bite in the rains? Or simply lazy to whip up dinner? Dial The Food Doofs where all your food woes will be sorted out


Say cheese in Switzerland

Say cheese in Switzerland

Shiboli Chatterjee visits the Swiss Alps and basks in the mountain air, idyllic valleys and dairy delights


'My girlfriend wants to keep our relationship a secret...'

'My girlfriend wants to keep our relationship a secret...'

We are college friends who are seeing each other. Now we have started working, but my girlfriend is secretive about the relationship. No one knows that we love each other


What not to do on the social network

What not to do on the social network

With a plethora of websites gaining importance in our lives, here are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow to maintain a balanced, healthy image on the Internet 


Why rural is cool for Zarina Screwvala

Why rural is cool for Zarina Screwvala

From not knowing what her purpose in life is to helping empower hundreds of people, Zarina Screwvala has come a long way. Her need to constantly challenge herself, belief in Vipassana and philanthropy, are philosophies she lives by

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Today may not be very favourable for you. Be careful and do not undertake any important activity. If possible, take a break, go for a recent movie or to the library to read an interesting book.Read More



Feeling determined right from the morning, you will sail through smoothly. But be careful that people don't misunderstand you. Think twice before you speak.Read More



Today you shall look upon your fellow people with a benevolent eye, with a view to offering them whatever help you can. Travel is on the cards, which may keep you away from family.Read More



You may be too self-confident today. Beware not to impose your views on others or else you may end up alienating some good friends!Read More



Today is the day to show your near and dear ones how much you care for them. Give quality time to them, especially to your spouse and children to make them happy.Read More



With the planets arranged in your favour, even seemingly negative events shall actually be a blessing in disguise. Your kids shall win accolades in the classroom and on the play-fields.Read More



All your dormant creativity shall come to the fore today. Whatever you do shall reflect your imaginativeness, and you may even try to profit from it financially.Read More



Make the most of this favourable day! You will get some great opportunities that may translate into sound profits. Circumstances that you encounter will bring out the best in you.Read More



You might find yourself stuck in a cleft-stick today, and may not be able to find a solution from any angle. With patience, though, you shall see it vanish effortlessly within days.Read More



An opportunity to strengthen your monetary position may fleet by you, and if you are not alert enough, you may miss it. Remain vigilant enough. All the best!Read More



On this day when your own workload is too much, be very careful that others don't take you for granted and pile their work on your plate.Read More



Your maturity and wisdom shall come in very handy today, and you shall be able to avert a potentially explosive situation, setting warring parties on amiable terms again.Read More