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This Andheri eatery is styled just like Irish pubs

This Andheri eatery is styled just like Irish pubs

Brickhouse Cafe & Bar is styled just like one of London's famed Irish pubs except that this one is located in the middle of buzzing Lokhandwala, Mumbai


Walking down Munich's lanes

Walking down Munich's lanes

The past, the present and the modern co-exist in Munich as Kalpana Sunder comes across a makeshift shrine dedicated to Michael Jackson, visits Munich Conservatoire, which was once Hitler’s office, watches surfers ride the waves, and finds that the city’s transit system is a temple of art


'My guy is addicted to porn...

'My guy is addicted to porn...

I am 26 and in a live-in relationship with a 32-year-old guy. He loves me a lot, but I don't understand his obsession with porn


'The book was meant to be about sex'

'The book was meant to be about sex'

Debut author, Ananth has released his debut erotic fiction work, Play With Me, a heady roller coaster of sex, lust, attraction and relationships set in the backdrop of an urban Indian milieu


Twinkle Khanna: The shining star

Twinkle Khanna: The shining star

Twinkle Khanna likes to live life on her own terms. Bored of waiting on film sets for the next shot as an actor, she quit Bollywood after eight years and found her true passion in designing spaces and candles. She tells Fareeda Kanga about how she ditched greasepaint and gowns for cement dust and grime


What makes teenagers so angry and aggressive?

What makes teenagers so angry and aggressive?

While teenagers today are high on Intelligence Quotient, they are low on Emotional Quotient, leading to anger and aggression. Nikshubha Garg speaks to psychologists to understand why rage is becoming a huge problem among youngsters in India today and what techniques can be applied to help them

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An unpleasant situation may leave you troubled. Remember that this is just a passing phase, and the Almighty has filled you with plenty of strength. Keep faith!Read More



Being stubborn and rigid in your approach all the time is not going to help your cause. Relax a bit, and adopt a more flexible approach. It's a must now!Read More



Today may call for some celebration. You may have been invited over by certain friends who share the same wavelength as yours. Enjoy! Remain practical, though.Read More



Today you may generate out-of-the-box ideas to improve overall efficiency of your department and thereby your company. Avoid arguments and keep your temper in check.Read More



You shall become very health conscious today, as you believe that your professional performance depends a lot on your physical fitness.Read More



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An action packed day awaits you. You may deal with unexpected situations and unfamiliar people. On the positive, love is in the air! The opposite sex will be drawn to you.Read More



On this hectic day you shall be running from pillar to post either for your personal or professional work, but you shall not have a moment's respite. Eat healthy to avoid a burnout.Read More



Brimming with energy and enthusiasm today, you will accomplish your professional tasks effortlessly. Children will double your joy once you reach home.Read More



A stimulating time with like-minded people will make your day. You may not be able to implement all your innovative ideas immediately, but you will feel super-charged.Read More



Though you will be very image conscious today, don't lay too much emphasis on it, as it is your intelligence that will win you kudos.Read More



Today you will be in a romantic mood, and with your intelligence, you will make a lasting impression on members of the opposite sex.Read More