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Food: Happiness all the way at new Lower Parel deli

Food: Happiness all the way at new Lower Parel deli

Lower Parel's Happiness Deli makes for a good stopover for the sweet-toothed foodie and the vegetarian snack addict


From Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Rider in the storm

From Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Rider in the storm

Mumbai girl, Merryl D’Souza fulfilled a long-held dream of riding solo across India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. She negotiated 6,886 km of uncharted, and mostly, inhospitable terrain. Looking at some of her favourite snapshots from the ride


'He did not care for my feelings...'

'He did not care for my feelings...'

I have been in love with my classmate since my school days. We even went to the same college. As he was leaving for higher studies abroad, I decided to take a chance and tell him about my feelings for him


Sound sleep boosts immune system 'memory' too

Sound sleep boosts immune system 'memory' too

A good night's sleep not only strengthens your memory but also strengthens the response-memory of your immune system when it comes to killing bad bacteria and viruses as they enter your body, new research reveals

Today’s Horoscope



This is the right time for fortifying the bonds with your close ones. The more you invest in your relationships, the more happiness you reap.Read More



In spite of facing complex and tough situations, your ability and ingenuity will enable you to navigate smoothly through the troubled waters.Read More



You may be a stickler for cleanliness and orderliness today. Right from personal hygiene to your wardrobe, backyard and surrounding neighbourhood - you shall have an eye on everything.Read More



On this significant day, you will have total support of both your family and colleagues. But, legal issues are better settled through mutual understanding.Read More



This day has plenty of positive events on the cards for you. If you want to let bygones be bygones and begin life or professional tasks on a clean slate, initiate your plans today.Read More



Your artistic skills will emerge today, enabling you to deliver superb results in your aesthetic endeavours.Read More



Charged up and excited, you will be all electric vibes today. So temperamental you shall be that others may only be left wondering. But remember to be positive.Read More



You are likely to spend the whole day all alone, absorbed in contemplation and self-examination.Read More



Today you may groom yourself and sharpen your skills to increase your chances of success. Your efforts will bring you admiration from various quarters.Read More



Lady luck shall smile down on you today, hence whatever you choose to undertake, shall be appreciated by one and all.Read More



Your lively wit and sense of humour shall mesmerise people around you, wherever you go today. You shall form friendships which will last for a lifetime.Read More



The chances of getting in touch with friends or relatives living abroad are bright today. Best part is, they shall offer you the financial support you need.Read More

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