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Interesting chocolate with coffee pairings

Interesting chocolate with coffee pairings

Coffee and chocolate have more in common than you can imagine. Chocolatier Zeba Kohli, who has been using this potent pair to create unique gourmet chocolates for over two decades, tells us what makes this combination irresistible


Travel Special: Exploring Thailand's Koh Samui on a moped

Travel Special: Exploring Thailand's Koh Samui on a moped

The charming island of Koh Samui has something for everyone — beach bums, food connoisseurs and history enthusiasts. Kalpana Sunder explores the island and discovers that it’s a true paradise on Earth


'My girlfriend does not believe in marriage...'

'My girlfriend does not believe in marriage...'

I've been with my girlfriend for five years. We are opposites by nature. I am an introvert while she is of an outgoing, carefree nature. Whenever I talk about marriage, she tells me she does not believe in it


Relationships: Low self-esteem could kill your love life

Relationships: Low self-esteem could kill your love life

If your partner is not engaging in an open and honest conversation about your relationship, it may not be because they do not care but rather because they feel insecure and are afraid of being hurt, finds a study


Riding the great Indian wave

Riding the great Indian wave

Rob Lynes, director, British Council India, tells Kareena Gianani about his impressions of an emerging India, life during the Cold War and the Gulf War and more in a candid chat


Mind-controlled bionic limbs replace limp hands

Mind-controlled bionic limbs replace limp hands

In another ground-breaking development in medical science, people with limp hands will now be able to have artificial replacements, which they can control with their brain, media reported Wednesday

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It's a great day for romance! You feel full of zest and energy, something that enables you to shower your attention on your beloved.Read More



Exercise caution while dealing with people. You shouldn't rely too much on others, even if you trust them completely.Read More



You are likely to be the cynosure of all eyes today. Your exquisite sartorial sense, the way you carry yourself, everything about you shall attract attention.Read More



Today you are likely to make rapid progress in every endeavour that you choose to undertake. There shall be action, but one side of your mind shall be planning about the future.Read More



Seeking to constantly improve yourself, you may engage in some part time or short courses to acquire new skills.Read More



You run a danger of not only becoming over-confident, but also complacent. Listen to your loved ones, and look at things from their perspective.Read More



You may be spoilt for choice when it comes to matters regarding your career. However, before you decide on any path, consult elders and experts.Read More



Make use of your intuition to guide yourself in testing times. At the end, implementation of ideas is what matters the most, no matter how intricate your plans are.Read More



Work, work and more work is going to be your motto today. You may yourself be amazed by your dedication. Relax and wind down, as the evening arrives. Read More



Since you are likely to be brimming with energy today, no task shall seem too difficult for you to accomplish. Yet, an unappreciative boss may spoil your mood and spirit. Read More



The troubled times that you have been encountering lately shall make you lean towards spirituality. This shall give you the requisite strength to deal with the challenges effectively.Read More



Meditation may help to quench your thirst for peace and harmony. You may also feel inclined towards spirituality and religion in your search for tranquillity.Read More

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