A full-house matinee show at Navi Mumbai's Matinee Diner

A full-house matinee show at Navi Mumbai's Matinee Diner

Navi Mumbai's newest addition, Matinee Diner, is a sure shot hit and has a promising array of coffees and dishes to tuck into, which beckon encores


Your holiday is Diu

Your holiday is Diu

From its Portuguese flavour to its historic landmarks, natural wonders, clean shoreline and a languid pace, Diu offers a heady mix of culture and calm to the intrepid traveller


'I have fallen for my online pal...'

'I have fallen for my online pal...'

I'm 29 and have been living in with my girlfriend. She's 30. We hail from Delhi and have been staying together ever since we came to Mumbai for better job prospects


Mumbai-born Google+ creator Vic Gundotra quits after 8 years

Mumbai-born Google+ creator Vic Gundotra quits after 8 years

IIT Madras alum Vic Gundotra, the mastermind behind Google's social network Google+, has abruptly resigned putting a question mark on the future of his creation


Home truths about India's married men

Home truths about India's married men

A recent survey by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development revealed that Indian men spend only 19 minutes on unpaid housework compared to Slovenian men who spend two hours. Now’s the time to champion women’s rights from our homes, as famous Indian men reveal


I was judged at every step in court: Zia Mody

I was judged at every step in court: Zia Mody

Grace under pressure and a steely determination to succeed are qualities that have helped the feisty Zia Mody reach the pinnacle of success in the courtroom and boardroom


Secret of combating malaria lies in sperm, finds study

Secret of combating malaria lies in sperm, finds study

In a breakthrough, researchers have discovered a way of reducing the fertility of malaria-carrying mosquitoes, potentially providing a new tactic to combat the disease

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People with a scientific bent are likely to have a great day today. Laymen shall seek you out for guidance on how to use their new gadgets. Students will come out with flying colours.Read More



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A series of disappointments is likely to shatter your self-confidence today. But, remember that into every life some rain must fall, and it is only seasonal, so it will pass.Read More



Businessmen may look forward to a profitable day, while professionals may expect a raise in salary. Your sage words shall be in great demand in you circle.Read More



A very favourable day is in store for you, in monetary matters and on the job front. You may be in for a windfall. Instead of blowing it all up on goodies, save it for emergencies.Read More



You have still not explored the limits of your potential, and therefore may not realise it, but today you shall push your limits, and shall be amazed to see that your potential is limitless.Read More



Your focus the whole day shall be on financial and domestic problems. Thrifty and prudent, you will manage the situation and tight circumstances quite well. Your family too shall support you.Read More