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Food: Juhu's new fine dine restaurant fails to impress

Food: Juhu's new fine dine restaurant fails to impress

When we stepped into the lavish and cosy JAL — An Indian Element, the month-old fine dine restaurant in a Juhu bylane, little did we think that we'd return on a half-empty stomach


Travel Calendar - (February 2016)

Travel Calendar - (February 2016)

Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur will be lit up for World Sacred Spirit Festival where artistes including Amjad Ali Khan with Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan, Andres Marín with Divana...


'I did not know what was going on in her mind...'

'I did not know what was going on in her mind...'

I was dumped by my girlfriend after being together for four years. We spoke of a future together, but little did I know what was going on in her mind


Seven essential nutrients to improve sexual health

Seven essential nutrients to improve sexual health

There are innumerable ways to improve sexual health and performance, but the best of them are essential nutrients. Here are some essential nutrients that can be taken for optimum sexual health and performance


Health: Fitness routine for owners and their pets

Health: Fitness routine for owners and their pets

After learning that UK's pets are falling prey to obesity, a British Olympian has devised 'the petcercise' fitness routine for pets and owners. Will Indian pet parents get on board?

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Today you may convey your heartfelt gratitude to the Almighty for being kind to you. And, shower your affection on your dear ones.Read More



You shall do multitasking today because you may be in a hurry to get all your work accomplished. Be pragmatic and don't overexert yourself.Read More



A day full of passion and romance lies ahead for you. You shall go all out in seducing your beloved, and probably taste success.Read More



You shall work with great zeal and gusto, but get disappointed for not getting any credit or appreciation. Rest assured, they shall come in soon.Read More



Personal life shall advance smoothly today, which shall be a big consolation considering the hurdles you are facing in the professional sphere.Read More



This may be a watershed day, because you might experience a turning point in your life. Financial issues and relationships may keep you busy.Read More



A wonderful day is on the cards. Everyone shall clamour your attention. What's more, even people of the opposite sex shall find you irresistible.Read More



Disappointing events may shatter your self-confidence. Anyway, remember that in every life some rain must fall, and it is only seasonal, thus it shall pass.Read More



Your candid and broad outlook shall benefit you immensely. Listen to what your near ones have to say, to make them feel wanted.Read More



Be receptive and open in your approach, because profitable opportunities shall knock on your door. Make the most of them and don't let them pass.Read More



After neglecting your daily chores recently, today you shall find yourself overloaded with myriad tasks. Just alter your strategy!Read More



A propitious day for everything related to money. Do intricate calculations to determine the state of your financial affairs. Beware of individuals with ulterior motives.Read More

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