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Bringing out the best of British grub

Bringing out the best of British grub

Fifth generation bakers Tom and Henry Herbert, whose show airs on TLC, scoured the British countryside to seek inspiration from local producers and turn the attention to quintessential British food 


Travel special: Mapping the Deccan Plateau

Travel special: Mapping the Deccan Plateau

Earlier this month, the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) had organised a workshop on the neglected ecosystem of the Deccan Plateau. The guide delves deeper to gauge why it’s crucial to protect this region that is home to abundant flora and fauna


'It is hard to walk away from my husband...'

'It is hard to walk away from my husband...'

I am 36 with two kids. My husband doesn't care for me, but after all this time I am finding it hard to break free and move on


Amazon introduces Kindle Voyage for readers in India

Amazon introduces Kindle Voyage for readers in India

Kindle Voyage the thinnest, most advanced, brightest, highest resolution, highest contrast display and reimagined page turns will be unveiled at the opening day’s finale show by JJ Valaya at the Amazon India Fashion week Autumn-Winter, 2015


Get Hinged! Singles and India's newest dating app

Get Hinged! Singles and India's newest dating app

This week, the international dating app, Hinge, launched in Mumbai. Kareena Gianani speaks to its CEO, Justin McLeod and India CEO, Samir Kapadia about what it adds to the dating scene in India


Where the wild things are

Where the wild things are

Conservationist Valmik Thapar’s new book, Wildfire, is a fascinating chronicle of rare photographs and old wildlife narratives from across India. Kareena Gianani speaks to the author about Indian environment laws and the lacunae within, and why the Forest Department needs a shot in the arm


Mumbai homeopath develops drug from TB germs for MDR patients

Mumbai homeopath develops drug from TB germs for MDR patients

In a path-breaking research, a world-renowned homeopath has, along with the Mumbai-based Haffkine Institute, developed a new drug from TB germs for the patients of the dreaded infectious disease

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You are all set to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Use this opportunity to help people solve their complex problems.Read More



The thoughts of your sweetheart shall keep you preoccupied today. For singles the day may signal a new romantic relationship.Read More



Frank and large-hearted, you shall be excited today. It is a good time to propose that special someone. Some of you may even be hearing the wedding bells ringing.Read More



Your views on myriad subjects may be considered as bordering on the extremes by many people. However, when it comes to action, you are likely to follow the crowd.Read More



Though your goal may seem very far and it may be very discouraging to think of the amount of labour that is involved in reaching it, remember that every drop counts.Read More



If you are feeling bitter about some thing, it would be better to take a pen in hand and take out your anger on the paper, instead of on the people around you.Read More



A difficult day is in store for you, as you may be besieged with concerns regarding the health of a close family member, or a dear old friend.Read More



Today is all about romance. If you are in love already, you shall go around town enjoying with your beloved. If you wish to propose marriage, you may go ahead and do so.Read More



If you are feeling discouraged about not getting the due rewards for your hard work, be patient as they are bound to come sooner or later. Keep giving your best.Read More



People at your office shall appreciate your hard work, sincerity and your courage to speak the truth. You shall be imbued with a sense of satisfaction.Read More



Today you are likely to be extremely temperamental, so that even close associates may not be able to predict your behaviour.Read More



You shall be preoccupied with relationships today, both building new ones and strengthening existing ones. Take care not to lose your temper.Read More

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