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Making the bread flat

Making the bread flat

India began to flatten its rotis, thanks to the Aryans, says Dr Padma Vijay in her new book, Indian Breads


Travel: In search of the great Indian bustard

Travel: In search of the great Indian bustard

Once top contender for national bird of India, the great Indian bustard is struggling to survive. This weekend, you have the chance to spot it in Nannaj, it's only home in Maharashtra


'My ex has hooked up with my friend's cousin...'

'My ex has hooked up with my friend's cousin...'

It has been eight months since I broke up with my guy. We have not been in touch ever since. We had a heated argument and after that stopped communicating with each other...


Why sex loses steam after just one year of relationship

Why sex loses steam after just one year of relationship

People are happiest about their sex lives after a year into their relationship, and thereafter the frequency and passion in the action between the sheets gradually declines, a new study says


After Javed

After Javed

A new book by Diptakirti Chaudhuri on the "unbeatable" partnership between Bollywood writers Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar, details the infamous split and how it affected the two, especially Khan who, took some time to return with a bang. Excerpts

Today’s Horoscope



Freaky things shall catch your fancy. You may plan to start a business related to such stuff, and surprisingly get many customers for same. The Week Ahead: You may now be able to strengthen your position financially and at work. Things on the health front will be smooth. Good mood will prevail.Read More



Life shall be a breeze. You will execute your tasks with supreme ease. A movie or dinner outdoors with family in the evening is indicated. The Week Ahead: You could be stressed on account of domestic matters. Handle difficult issues diplomatically. Beware of distractions. Be careful health-wise.Read More



Today you may stumble upon an activity that you shall really enjoy, and you will feel that this is actually the aim of your life. The Week Ahead: You may be busy attending domestic matters. Good time to look for a new home. Regarding health, you need to be careful.Read More



The key to a successful life is to remain calm even in adverse circumstances. Being temperamental may make things more difficult. The Week Ahead: You may be concerned about finances and attempt to earn more money. Seasonal changes may affect your health. You will enjoy your time with family.Read More



To solve external disputes in your life, you must be at peace internally. Adopting a flexible approach will help immensely. The Week Ahead: This is good time to shuffle your investment portfolio for higher returns. Take preventive measures to avoid seasonal ailments. Read More



Your desire for perfection in all your tasks, and your analytical thinking for the future will be in great demand today. The Week Ahead: Handle tricky issues with delicacy. A positive attitude shall work well on the domestic front. All well on the work and health front. Read More



You shall get much needed relief today, after working very hard during the past few days. You will also get solutions for some complicating issues. The Week Ahead: It is a good time to clear your desk and reply to pending mails. On personal front, try and resolve issues calmly.Read More



Today, you may go beyond your limits and spend extravagantly for your dear ones. But, you must recognise the value of your hard earned money. The Week Ahead: You might get some good news about money matters soon. Professionals might have to handle important tasks. Be watchful of your health. Read More



You will devote the entire day for your family and shower all your love and affection on them. This shall provide you immense contentment. The Week Ahead: You are likely to make progress in your profession. For businessmen, this shall prove to be a gainful period. Towards the weekend, you may enjoy a relaxed time.Read More



Today you will find yourself in a romantic mood. You will pamper your sweetheart with gifts, and do whatever it takes to keep him/her happy. The Week Ahead: Handle work-related issues tactfully. Take preventive measures to avoid complications. You may be able to save money this weekRead More



Look forward to receive some happy tidings from far away shores. You will be in a rip-roaring mood, spreading joy and happiness everywhere you go. The Week Ahead: At work, you may take it easy at the beginning, but you shall make up for it later. Domestic, monetary and health fronts look peaceful.Read More



Pride goes before a fall. Thus, keep your arrogance in check, be responsible in all your activities, and speak politely and modestly today. The Week Ahead: Steer clear of hindrances, as you will have to put in more efforts at work and relationships. Luck shall be in your favour.Read More

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