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Enjoy Ramazan food from the comfort of your home

Enjoy Ramazan food from the comfort of your home

This year, skip the Mohammad Ali Road trail, and indulge in appetising Ramazan fare from the comfort of your home with Delhi Zaika's Special Iftar Gift Box


Monsoon sonata

Monsoon sonata

Rain-lashed ruins of a desolate fort, a submerged church and two intricately carved half-forgotten temples. Ananya Ghosh goes on a trip down South, steering clear of the backwaters and spice gardens


'I have fallen for my friend's wife...'

'I have fallen for my friend's wife...'

Ever since my best friend got married last year, I have been attracted to his wife. I am single. Initially, I felt as I get along with my pal so well, it was the same case with his wife too


Fresh photo leaks confirm design of next Apple iPhone

Fresh photo leaks confirm design of next Apple iPhone

Days after the reports suggested that Apple Inc had already begun the production of its next smartphone model, fresh photo leaks from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman confirm the design of the next iPhone


Meet Kevin Flynn, the fighter

Meet Kevin Flynn, the fighter

Kevin Flynn loves being the underdog, taking risks and travelling through the tougher route. He tells Anu Prabhakar about growing up in London, his absolute love for motor biking, changing countries for jobs and the diverse feast called Mumbai

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You shall be delighted as you might go on a pleasure trip today. Immerse yourself in such group activities and rejoice. Read More



You will be in a considerate mood today. You will not enforce your thoughts on others, giving plenty of space to your juniors.Read More



You are likely to remain confused today. Your mind may remain divided between two contrary thoughts, but you will easily resolve this discrepancy.Read More



You are benevolent by nature, and today will feel to provide any kind of assistance to the needy. You may donate money or give something to a charitable institution.Read More



The stars shall be in your favour today! Those associated with artistic fields shall excel. An outing with friends and family is also foreseen. Read More



Your friendly nature shall assist you to develop new contacts. This will prove to be gainful for you in the long run.Read More



You may feel bogged down and get very annoyed today due to the heavy workload. But you have no alternative except to calmly and gradually complete them. Read More



You may get puzzled due to some awkward situation. Try to handle it carefully, and do not hurry, but take a timely decision. Read More



You shall be successful, but do not become big-headed. Bask in the company of your friends in office, as you have developed good personal relations with them.Read More



Financial issues may capture your time and energies. It's a hectic day! Be careful, though, as if you become impatient, things may haywire.Read More



Expect to have an excellent day at your workplace. Relations with co-workers and seniors will be cordial. Renew relations with some old friends in the evening.Read More



Your main weakness is that you take time to begin things, but once you have started working, you usually complete them. Initiate some new tasks today.Read More

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