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Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae on JW Cafe's Thai street food festival

Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae on JW Cafe's Thai street food festival

The mention of Thai street food conjures up imagery of savoury and tangy delights, and who better than a Thai chef to roll out the fare. As JW Café hosts a Thai street food festival, we speak with Chef Rungtiwa Sorlae about the real deal


How two Europeans are travelling the world without a smartphone

How two Europeans are travelling the world without a smartphone

Bulgarian Boris Kanev and Spaniard Marta Samalea, along with Burma, their hitchhiking cat, have been on the road across Asia since October 2013. Recently, they reached India, and all of this, without a smartphone


'My girlfriend lied about her past...'

'My girlfriend lied about her past...'

I'm 28 and my girlfriend is 27. We've been together for eight months. I have been extremely frank with her and told her about my past...


Tech: Mini computer boards for your next DIY device

Tech: Mini computer boards for your next DIY device

A few weeks back, we told you about the Raspberry Pi 2, a mini computer board. But there are several such boards and microcontrollers that makers and developers can use, including a button-sized board by Intel that’s expected later this year


Health Special: How to go vegan in Mumbai

Health Special: How to go vegan in Mumbai

With an increase in online shopping options and home chefs whipping up vegan-only delicacies, followers of a vegan lifestyle have a lot to rejoice. We share excerpts from the daily diaries of two Mumbai vegans

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Today the stars are favouring professionals in the field of law. You shall aim very high, knowing that reaching even half-way will count as a big achievement.Read More



You shall be rewarded for your past efforts. Though it is delayed, you shall feel that it is better late than never. Businessmen will reap a good harvest.Read More

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