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India trip made me realise I have a lot to learn: Chef Anthony Boyd

India trip made me realise I have a lot to learn: Chef Anthony Boyd

Chef Anthony Boyd, cuisine chef at Le Cordon Bleu London, who visited Mumbai this year, shares his recipe of Salmon Ravioli in Watercress Sauce


Travel special: Tales from the lighthouse at Khanderi Island

Travel special: Tales from the lighthouse at Khanderi Island

Located just 9.5 km from Alibaug, the Kanhoji Angre Island, popularly known as Khanderi, makes for an engaging getaway, with its historic fort and lighthouse, and, of course, a heady boat ride during high tide, to reach the island.


'My guy and I had a bitter fight...'

'My guy and I had a bitter fight...'

My boyfriend lost his expensive cell phone, which I had given as a gift to him, last week...


UP FDA asks Nestle to withdraw a batch of Maggi noodles

UP FDA asks Nestle to withdraw a batch of Maggi noodles

Nestle India has been asked to withdraw a batch of popular snack Maggi noodles from the market after it was found to contain high level of lead, Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration officials said

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Use this fun day to impress people with your eloquence and oratory skills. Charm that special person with warm eye contact and some intelligent talk. The week ahead: A favourable week is in the offing for you. Lady luck shall be on your side, and you shall be successful in many of your endeavours. However, do not expect results to come overnight. Read More



With great positivity and energy you shall go about your tasks today, but don't get disappointed if you don't get immediate results. Hang on! The week ahead: Household issues shall dominate this week, and not all of them shall be pleasant. You shall be determined, however, to get a solution acceptable to all. You are likely to bump into an old friend. Read More



Does rest feature high on your agenda for today? Don't expect to get much of the down-time today, though. The action packed day may keep you on your toes. The week ahead: For sales and personnel, the first few days of the week shall be favourable. Short outstation trips will fetch good rewards, as you may clinch a lucrative deal or get new clients.Read More



Challenges or confusions are the way of life, and today you will do well to keep them aside. Let this pass-instead, focus on having pure fun. The week ahead: Money may come your way through renting or selling an old property or as a dividend from an iearlier nvestment. You shall spend that money lavishly on your dear ones. Read More



A simmering trouble may be nagging at your conscience today - nip it in the bud. Adapt your lifestyle and habits to streamline your life. The week ahead: You’ll reap the fruits of your past labour. A recently made contact could be responsible for your success. Overseas travel for enjoyment is on the cards.Read More



Meditate on a certain issue as the day begins. Later on, abandon all your worries and rlax. Evening will be fun, if you manage to rein in your critical side. The week ahead:You shall be determined to achieve growth in your career. You may experience hurdles, but you shall overcome them and move towards your goals.Read More



Be grateful! The success or the support you have by your side is special. Celebrate this day, as an ode to all the blessings God has given you. The week ahead: You will face challenges on your professional and personal front. Your life partner’s indifference may irritate you. Try to control your temper. Read More



Romance makes a key appearance in your schedule. Stay true to your vital relationships, and they are bound to get strengthened. The week ahead: You may be a bit temperamental this week, which could rub people around you-at your workplace- the wrong way. Be careful with your speech, both at home and office.Read More



Your optimism shall enable you to handle a complicated situation with ease. Ensure that you make your voice heard. The week ahead: Even as career matters confuse you, it shall be problems in your domestic realm, which shall worry you more. You shall have to be alert and deal with all matters with maturity.Read More



Feeling lost? It is bound to happen some days! Let that issue brewing in your mind rest for a while. And, you relax and focus on some rejuvenation. The week ahead: Professional challenges may weigh heavily on your mind this week. You may get worked up or feel jittery, owing to some arguments or differences with your peers as well as superiors.Read More



Your magnetic personality may attract the adulation and attention of others today. Just don't let all of it get to your head. Stay humble! The week ahead: You have a tendency to get confused while making a choice between the different paths you could take to reach your goals. Seek help from elders to resolve such confusion.Read More



The stars will favour you today. You can pick and choose one major activity for the day, and focus on getting the best results. The week ahead: You shall become optimistic and get rid of your negativities. Health issues may cause confusion. Aalternative form of medicine might help. Read More

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