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Restaurant review: SoBo eatery offers multi-cuisine experience

Restaurant review: SoBo eatery offers multi-cuisine experience

Mazgaon's Afzal restaurant-Mao Chinese serves a wide variety of cuisines including Mughlai, Chinese, Punjabi, seafood, fast food iteams and more. The service is prompt and the staff is polite, helpful and interactive


Popular Mumbaikars pick their favourite heritage spots

Popular Mumbaikars pick their favourite heritage spots

From film actors to designers and animal lovers... the guide invited a bunch of familiar Mumbai faces to pick their favourite heritage sights and sounds across Mumbai


'I am shocked by my husband's sex chat with strangers...'

'I am shocked by my husband's sex chat with strangers...'

Every night, my husband spends time chatting with girls on the net. He says it is harmless fun and nothing will come of it because he does not reveal his true identity...


Food for thought with Riyaaz Amlani

Food for thought with Riyaaz Amlani

Riyaaz Amlani, who owns some of Mumbai’s most upmarket, creative spaces and restaurants today tells Kareena Gianani about being painfully shy as a kid, and perceptive, and how the mix got him where he is today

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You shall get ample opportunities to demonstrate your skills today. Also, your talents will get the recognition they deserve, helping you fulfil your short term goals.Read More



A day brimming with surprises is in store for you. Quite a few unexpected twists and turns are likely to spring up during the day.Read More



It is a right time to express your innermost feelings to your near and dear ones, and seek their views on various aspects to bring you a different perspective.Read More



Today you need to do some serious introspection to find out the causes of the recent bitterness in your relationships, and then thrash them out positively.Read More



You are likely to make new contacts and may also meet a number of people today. However, in the latter half of the day, you may feel stressed and uneasy.Read More



You may be in a very competitive mood today, and shall brook no distraction or disturbance from anyone. You will win many hearts with your sense of humour.Read More



Your experience and skills both shall come in handy today at your workplace, and you shall impress one and all, though ladies will have an upper hand with their ideas and execution.Read More



Today you are likely to be given the responsibilities of getting some new projects off the mark. You shall not betray the confidence that your superiors have reposed in you.Read More



You may have to keep your temper under control today, as certain events are likely to really test your patience, however, do something that gives you relaxation and peace of mind in the evening.Read More



Your management may call upon you to use your public relations skills to clinch an important contract today, and you shall not disappoint them in any way.Read More



Having been bitten by the travel bug, you are likely to spend the better part of the day planning out a vacation that you are thinking about taking.Read More



This is a favourable day for doing something new, such as taking up a new project, starting a new business, or even getting into a new relationship.Read More

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