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Restaurant review: Crisp memories from Cafe Madras

Restaurant review: Crisp memories from Cafe Madras

As one of the city’s most cherished South Indian restaurants, Café Madras in Kings Circle, completes its 75th year, owner Jagdish Kamath, hits a nostalgic note about this Mumbai icon


Raj Bhavan opens doors to public for morning yoga sessions

Raj Bhavan opens doors to public for morning yoga sessions

Listen to the waves kiss the rocks, soak in some Vitamin D and enjoy a morning yoga session with this breathtaking view. The Raj Bhavan will open its doors to public for limited access to the Sunrise Point Yoga Gallery and the Devi temple from September 1


'My guy lacks personal hygiene...'

'My guy lacks personal hygiene...'

I am friendly with this guy in college. We get along well and always hang out together. He's a cool dude except for the scant attention he pays to personal hygiene


Gadget Review: Decoding the new One Plus 2 smartphone

Gadget Review: Decoding the new One Plus 2 smartphone

Much has changed since One Plus launched its first device, but the company manages to gain an upper hand with its second offering, the One Plus 2 — aesthetically as well as in performance


Health: Recharge your muscles with this spinning workout

Health: Recharge your muscles with this spinning workout

High-tech imported bikes, amped up music and an ambiance to match the groove — recharge your muscles with a high-intensity, and surprisingly fun, spinning workout at this new South Mumbai studio

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Share your deep feelings with your close ones today, as repressing them will only make you burst sooner or later.Read More



Although you may feel sentimental about your near and dear ones, it would be wise of you to not blindly overlook their mistakes today.Read More

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