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Restaurant review: A lightning-paced eatery in Fort

Restaurant review: A lightning-paced eatery in Fort

Ballard Estate icon Britannia & Co gains a neighbour in new takeaway joint Kaboom that offers delicious flavours and a daily change of cuisines delivered in a flash


Travel special: Trekking the mighty one - Salher fort

Travel special: Trekking the mighty one - Salher fort

As part of our ongoing series on forts around Pune, we trek up to one of the highest forts in Maharashtra — the Salher fort


'My girlfriend is extremely suspicious...'

'My girlfriend is extremely suspicious...'

My girlfriend feels that I am two-timing her. She has it in her head that I am having a romp with some woman somewhere


Irretrievable breakdown of marriage 'debatable' ground for divorce: SC

Irretrievable breakdown of marriage 'debatable' ground for divorce: SC

With the government set to reintroduce the marriage laws amendment bill in the Lok Sabha to amend the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act to make irretrievable breakdown of marriage a ground for divorce, the Supreme Court has urged a rethink if it was an expedient ground for untying the matrimonial knot


Parmesh Shahani on the lessons of life

Parmesh Shahani on the lessons of life

The maverick, who managed to turn Vikhroli into a cultural hub within just three years, tells Rinky Kumar why he derives great joy from connecting dots...


World Anti-Obesity Day: Common weight loss diet myths busted

World Anti-Obesity Day: Common weight loss diet myths busted

On the eve of World Anti-Obesity Day, Hassan M Kamal looks into some of the most common weight loss diet myths, and why an improved lifestyle is as important as changing one's diet plan

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Today, you shall realise that even though success is important for you, the fact that you have the love and affection of your near and dear ones is far more precious.Read More



A hectic day is on the cards for you. Working hard is not bad, but going overboard with it and neglecting your health is something you should avoid.Read More



Owing to your past good deeds, you shall enjoy all the love and attention that your near and dear ones will shower on you today.Read More



Being cool and calm in adverse circumstances shall help you tide over them effectively. At your workplace, try to maintain cordial relations with all co-workers.Read More



You need to let go of the past and start afresh to bring back vitality to your vital relationships. Love will make its presence felt!Read More



Some unexpected event may cause you a great deal of distress. Don't let the adversities take a heavy toll on you; there is still a lot of hope.Read More



A pleasant trip or excursion with your loved ones shall help you banish stress! Try going to a silent place where you can enjoy both privacy and the scenic beauty.Read More



A favourable day is on the cards! You shall be able to express all your thoughts and emotions freely. Spend some quality time with your near and dear ones.Read More



Peace, balance and harmony shall prevail today, leading to a smooth and relaxing day. You shall be able to strike the ideal balance between your work and personal duties.Read More



Get in touch with your old friends today; you will feel a lot happier. A blissful love life will add further to your happiness quotient.Read More



Consider situations from a long term perspective, instead of focussing merely on narrow and short term gains. In a project, proceed ahead, only after adequate groundwork.Read More



Are things not as you would want them to be? Try to stay calm, and speak out what's on your mind. You will only do yourself a world of good.Read More

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