What Mumbai eats: Our special on the food habits of people around the city

What Mumbai eats: Our special on the food habits of people around the city

We scoure the streets for the best meals, meets citizens from across work profiles to see what they eat, check out places to buy exotic ingredients and come up with a new recipe or two as well


Bird calls, and a city in bloom

Bird calls, and a city in bloom

Every summer, Mumbai witnesses a burst of colours and a beehive of activity, courtesy the diverse flora and fauna that breathe new life into the concrete jungle


'Our long-distance relationship is not working...'

'Our long-distance relationship is not working...'

I am in a relationship with a woman for the past five years. She recently took up a job in Abu Dhabi while I am based in Mumbai. Due to the distance between us, I'm extremely frustrated


This will blow your mind

This will blow your mind

Buying a new set of speakers can be a challenging task. There are so many aspects that one needs to consider — space, size, sound, connectivity, required number of speakers, should it be 2.1 or 5.1, controls and so on. But, F&D’s new 2.1 surround sound speaker, A530U, solves most of these problems, automatically


Home truths about India's married men

Home truths about India's married men

A recent survey by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development revealed that Indian men spend only 19 minutes on unpaid housework compared to Slovenian men who spend two hours. Now’s the time to champion women’s rights from our homes, as famous Indian men reveal


I was judged at every step in court: Zia Mody

I was judged at every step in court: Zia Mody

Grace under pressure and a steely determination to succeed are qualities that have helped the feisty Zia Mody reach the pinnacle of success in the courtroom and boardroom


The summer detox plan

The summer detox plan

With the weather getting hotter by the day, it’s the perfect time to detoxify your body and flush out the unwanted toxins, which will help you beat the heat and stay healthy

Today’s Horoscope



You are likely to feel fatigued today, and would do well to take things easy, because if you work too hard it will affect your health adversely.Read More



You need to give your best shot today and show everybody the full extent of your managerial potential. Just be cautious of not biting off more than you can chew.Read More



Money matters and jointly held property issues may keep you preoccupied today. You shall be over-sensitive, and a slight harsh word may hurt you.Read More



There does not seem to anything exceptional lined up for today, and things may actually get boring. But tomorrow is another day.Read More



In your hurry to finish your tasks for the day, you are likely to over-exert yourself which could harm your health. Make sure you do something to unwind in the evening.Read More



You have a tendency of expressing your thoughts in a bombastic way. Learn to be simple, as it will be more effective. Relieve the monotony of your life by adding some spice to it.Read More



The events of the day shall make you happy. You enjoy a high social status, and today you shall behave totally in a way that behoves it. The time is right to implement your ideas.Read More



You shall become very image conscious today and may decide to go in for a complete makeover. Your desire to look attractive overrides all your other desires.Read More



You may suffer from bouts of extreme anger. It is in your best interests to cool down, and think before you act! A financial crunch may add to your woes.Read More



Today is an auspicious day for house-warming, so if you have been planning about shifting to another house, go ahead today. It shall also relieve the monotony of your work.Read More



With the stars in your favour today, all your wishes are likely to be granted. Later in the day, you may relax with friends.Read More



The stars suggest that if you are burdened with work that has been hanging fire for too long, today is the day to finish it off. You may not be able to neglect your routine work, though.Read More