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From Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Rider in the storm

From Kanyakumari to Kashmir: Rider in the storm

Mumbai girl, Merryl D’Souza fulfilled a long-held dream of riding solo across India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. She negotiated 6,886 km of uncharted, and mostly, inhospitable terrain. Looking at some of her favourite snapshots from the ride


'My husband's laptop has sexy pictures of a woman...'

'My husband's laptop has sexy pictures of a woman...'

My husband often works on his laptop till late night. He says it is office work. Last week, he received a call and stepped out of the room. His laptop was on and I just happened to see that there were numerous images of a semi-clad woman...


What to catch at Big Boys Toys Expo at BKC's MMRDA grounds

What to catch at Big Boys Toys Expo at BKC's MMRDA grounds

From funky scooters and 3D selfies to super cars and sexy customised bikes, the Big Boys Toys Expo at BKC’s MMRDA grounds, is every guy’s dream destination. Hassan M Kamal creates a wishlist that spells cool and drool


Health: Twirl your way to fitness with Indian folk dance

Health: Twirl your way to fitness with Indian folk dance

Traditional Indian folk dance forms, Garba and Bhangra are not just exhilarating to perform, they also make for a fun-filled workout. Say haalo! to fitness

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Today promises to be a fruitful day for you. However, you are likely to feel somewhat moody, and may long for some solitude to meditate or introspect on recent events.Read More



Try to avoid doing things simply for the sake of it, as it will only drain your energy and resources. Consult experts, and only then proceed in your endeavours today.Read More



Domestic matters shall keep you preoccupied in the morning, but once you are through with them, your full focus will be on work.Read More



With perfect planning, you shall make steady progress at work. In fact, so competent you are going to be that no one will be able match your high standards.Read More



Today you shall be very conscientious about your career progress, which means you will work very sincerely, and obviously it is going to have a salutary effect on your organisation.Read More



Even as you do your work sincerely in your office, your thoughts may keep wandering to your family and what to do to make them more happy.Read More



You are very likely to feel attracted to a member of the opposite sex, and you may develop a serious relationship with him/her.Read More



Social life will be the top priority for you. You shall spend the entire day planning a get together with your near and dear ones, sidelining your work.Read More



You shall be brimming with zest and enthusiasm to such an extent that you shall infect your co-workers too, which is good for your company.Read More



A hard day's work is likely to leave you not just fatigued but also to a certain extent frustrated as your labours may not be fetching you the dividends you may be expecting.Read More



As a mediator, today you are very likely to resolve many conflicts both at your home and office, thereby restoring the peace which recent events may have disrupted.Read More



As you tie up the loose ends today and your projects reach their logical conclusion, your superiors shall pat your back, but instead of getting carried away, just carry on.Read More

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