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Try the Ramen Burger at this famous South Mumbai eatery

Try the Ramen Burger at this famous South Mumbai eatery

Tuck into different versions of the world famous Ramen Burger, now introduced at Olive's Japanese pop-up eatery


'There's this cute guy in class...'

'There's this cute guy in class...'

There's this boy in my class who I really like. I always wanted to know him and now finally we've become good friends...


Handshake can find if she is made for you

Handshake can find if she is made for you

Do you know that the handshake -- limp or firm -- can sniff people out? According to a fascinating study, people use the touch of a handshake to sample and sniff chemical signals that could explain why the greeting evolved in the first place


Riding the great Indian wave

Riding the great Indian wave

Rob Lynes, director, British Council India, tells Kareena Gianani about his impressions of an emerging India, life during the Cold War and the Gulf War and more in a candid chat


Health Special: Tips to stay fit during SSC Board exams

Health Special: Tips to stay fit during SSC Board exams

Feel the need to increase your writing speed or does your feet hurt from all the walking around while studying? With the SSC examinations beginning today, the guide seeks expert opinion to help you beat the stress and max your performance, each time

Today’s Horoscope



The reason why you work so hard is because you wish to give your family members the best of creature comforts, especially children. Your feel happy to see them happy.Read More



Despite the fact that you shall give your work your best, people may try to belittle you. There is no need to get disheartened by it. The evening will be more kind to you.Read More



Your sentimental nature is likely to get the better of your rational faculties today, and you may find yourself leaning increasingly towards spiritual and devotional activities.Read More



With almost everything going in your favour, perhaps at the cost of someone else, it is but natural for some people around you to start feeling jealous. Just ignore them.Read More



You should express gratitude to the Almighty for giving you strength to counter all odds in your life. Meditation may help you to connect with your spiritual side.Read More



You shall be brimming with positive energy today, and what better way to channelise it than taking off on an expedition with your beloved. Expect a surprise.Read More



Though you may be very good at what you do, there is always scope for improvement. You could join some short-term course to hone your skills or refresh your knowledge.Read More



Today you may want to satisfy your desire to taste exotic cuisines, and therefore you are likely to visit a multi-cuisine restaurant. Financial gains are on the cards.Read More



With high-level meetings on the cards, your life shall be abuzz with hectic activity. In the evening, much to your happiness, there shall be substantial financial gains.Read More



Your zeal for perfection and passion for work shall inspire a lot many to follow your footsteps. However, be careful not to miss out on any lucrative opportunity to make money.Read More



Even though, you plunge yourself whole-heartedly in meeting the tight deadlines at work, it shall prove to be insufficient. You may have to do some explaining to your boss.Read More



It is a favourable day for starting new ventures and implementing your plans. In the process, try to win the priceless goodwill of the people who matter.Read More

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