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Shout-out to all bikers for a weekend camp in the lush forests of Penn

Shout-out to all bikers for a weekend camp in the lush forests of Penn

Moonstone Hammocks is organising the last camping trip of the monsoon season. Titled Sirimiri — The Great Rumble, this bikers-only trip offers an opportunity to camp in the lush forests of Pen. It derives its name from the Spanish word ‘sirimiri’ which means light rain


'I want to date my best friend, but he's not ready'

'I want to date my best friend, but he's not ready'

I really like someone a lot. He is my best friend. I have told him how I feel and I know he likes me too, but he has had some problems with relationships in the past, which is why he says he isn't ready to accept my love...


Relationships: Researchers uncover top 6 facts about sexual selfies

Relationships: Researchers uncover top 6 facts about sexual selfies

Courting lovers by sending flowers is a thing of the past, for teens and adults nowadays. They have found a rather 'sexy' way to lure the object of their affection -- 'sexting' i.e. sending nude or semi-nude selfies of oneself to a boyfriend, girlfriend, crush or casual acquaintance from smartphones. This is also termed by some researchers as a 'sexual selfie'

Today’s Horoscope



Your energy levels will touch a new high. You shall feel extremely self-confident about having a go at whatever fate throws at you today. The Week Ahead: Material gains are in store for you. This is favoured by the Moon in the 5th House from your Sign. Creativity, too, shall get a boost.Read More



Much of your confusion will be cleared today. Consequently, you will quickly complete some pending domestic chores. Dining out in the evening is foreseen. The Week Ahead: The Planets will show you the right direction. There is a possibility of increase in expenses on personal indulgences and habits.Read More



You may feel nostalgic and out of sync. Try not to get adversely affected by your mood today —look forward to better times ahead. The Week Ahead: The stars indicate that you will be more inclined to save. Park your savings in a safe avenue and not blow it up.Read More



Financial matters will keep you occupied today. Your social prestige is all set to get enhanced — you will be respected by one and all. The Week Ahead: For married folks, your relationship with your spouse will strengthen. Both will enjoy pleasures of physical intimacy. Read More



To resolve some domestic issues, you will take all family members into confidence and seek their opinions. Don’t be biased and make an informed decision. The Week Ahead: The moon in your sign inspires you to introspect. If you are spiritually inclined, this is a good time to delve deep into it.Read More



Your creativity will surface today, and you may employ it to give your home a new look. You shall feel proud of your prized possessions. The Week Ahead: Moon in royal Leo inspires you to do some charity work. Charitable and humanitarian efforts could help ward off negative vibes.Read More



Despite the fact that social engagements will keep you preoccupied, you manage to squeeze some time out for your family today. The Week Ahead: You will be tempted to think of new job options, but Ganesha feels that you should stick to your present job for now.Read More



In your quest to increase your fitness and stamina, you are likely to join a gym today. Make appropriate changes in your diet, as well. The Week Ahead: There are big deals, big opportunities in store. Moon in Leo will facilitate businessmen to strike a good and lucrative deal.Read More



Your ambition will be reflected through your actions today. Try to strike a perfect balance between your passion and personal responsibilities. The Week Ahead: Businessmen can now consider implementing developmental plans. However, starting a fresh venture or launching a new product is not advised.Read More



Enjoy the backing of your family members in your pursuit for success and advancement. But, don’t take their presence in your life for granted. The Week Ahead: Venus, in a passionate watery sign Scorpio, could support singles to enjoy romantic moments with a new-found love.Read More



You will be upbeat and enthusiastic today, as you have recently received the rewards and recognition you deserved. This shall motivate you to aim higher. The Week Ahead: Married folks will have a hard time, as both will be adamant about important issues. Ganesha advises you to avoid arguments.Read More



Look forward to making good progress in your career and also expect lucrative opportunities in the coming days. This heralds a positive period in your life! The Week Ahead: Around midweek, Mars enters a down-to-earth Capricorn and gets exalted here. In view of this, circumstances will be favourable from now on.Read More

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