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Indulge in mouth-watering waffles at this Andheri eatery

Indulge in mouth-watering waffles at this Andheri eatery

What is it about rains that the tastebuds get extra sensitive and all we can think of, all day, is about bhajiyas and chutney, or a generous dose of liquid chocolate


Milestones on a 50-day Indian trail

Milestones on a 50-day Indian trail

Fifty days, 15 states and a three-person crew — Samrat Parmar and Vishal Sharma undertook a journey across India documenting it whilst promoting backpacking


'I can't take my eyes off this new girl in office...'

'I can't take my eyes off this new girl in office...'

I'm 27 and in a committed relationship. At my workplace, a new girl joined recently. She is 22 and I feel attracted to her


Flipkart raises $1 bn funding; drops plans to go public

Flipkart raises $1 bn funding; drops plans to go public

India's largest e-Commerce firm Flipkart today raised USD 1 billion (over Rs 6,000 crore) in fresh funding from a group of investors, the largest in the fiercely competitive online shopping segment in the country. 


Living through the lens

Living through the lens

Ace photographer Atul Kasbekar reveals how switching lanes from chemical engineering to photography changed his life forever and why his twins are his best friends


Eat these healthy sweets and stay fit and happy

Eat these healthy sweets and stay fit and happy

Eat-a-whey is the latest entrant in the paleo/gluten-free craze that promises to keep you healthy, trim and sweet-happy 

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A lot of money shall flow into your coffers today, and you are likely to spend a big chunk of it on providing creature comforts for your family members.Read More



You may be tempted to throw your weight around today, and your juniors are likely to bear the brunt of it. Be careful, if they feel it is unjustified, you could lose some good hands.Read More



Today you are going to crave for a change, not a job change, but just a change of scenery to relive the monotony of your daily routine.Read More



In order to secure your future, you may plan for some long term investment. However, be cautious of middlemen and agents who may cause a major financial loss.Read More



Health may be a cause of concern today, so be careful about your diet. Barring this, it is going to be a smooth day for you.Read More



A number of emotions may mark your day. You shall have new insights in love. Also, you may feel dejected and lose all hope regarding a particular situation.Read More



Your professional life is going to dominate your personal life. On the financial front, you may become very frugal and avoid all unnecessary expenses.Read More



Your day may be marred by a lack of concentration, due to which your work may get adversely affected and you may miss meeting crucial deadlines.Read More



It is a favourable time, especially for those in business. A loan for which you were waiting since a long time may get sanctioned. Time to celebrate and cherish the memories.Read More



Your talents and hard labour will be recognised by your superiors in the office. However, still, you may feel something is amiss, and may want to change your current job.Read More



The stars portend very favourable and exciting events for you today, such as a huge sum of money coming in from some unexpected source.Read More



You may engage yourself in helping others, even though they may not have been nice to you in the past. Your magnanimous nature shall make you everyone's favourite.Read More