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Restro bar 'Three Wise Men' in Santacruz to reopen this month

Restro bar 'Three Wise Men' in Santacruz to reopen this month

Santacruz's much loved Three Wise Men is set to reopen soon. But, what does it take to launch the same brand, amid much competition, after a six-month break? Recall value with a touch of experimentation, we find out


Travel: Top 5 destinations for camping near Mumbai

Travel: Top 5 destinations for camping near Mumbai

Maharashtra is rewarded with some beautiful camping destinations that promise a serene offbeat getaway at the proximity of the financial capital. Here is the list of top five destinations for camping near Mumbai


'I fantasise about my wife with other men'

'I fantasise about my wife with other men'

Introducing Dr Love, who solves your relationship riddles in a confusing digital age


Relationships: Does a happy sex life come with hard work?

Relationships: Does a happy sex life come with hard work?

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that problems in the bedroom might or might not spell doom in a long-term relationship, as it entirely depends on what a couple believes


Health: Top 7 fruits rich in vitamin C

Health: Top 7 fruits rich in vitamin C

Found mostly in fruits and vegetables, Vitamin C is therefore recommended for daily consumption during winter season. Here is a list of top 7 super fruits rich in Vitamin C

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Today, you should try to strike a healthy balance between work and pleasure. Make sure that you don’t end up mixing both of them, thus enjoying neither.Read More



You may find work to be a drudgery, and thus try every wild idea in the book to simply avoid going to office. Instead, chill out with your pals.Read More



Personal issues will overshadow professional issues. Apart from enjoying a lot of intimacy with your beloved, also spend some quality time with your family.Read More



Today, you may choose to expend extravagantly on your dear ones. It would be prudent to attempt to adhere to a limit in this exercise.Read More



On this tricky day, certain events could easily mislead you — exercise extreme caution. This applies both to your personal and professional affairs.Read More



After giving your 100 per cent to your job during the day, give your 100 per cent to then enjoy a party with loved ones in the evening. Read More



Today, you will shower your love, affection and money on your near and dear ones. Your relationships are bound to be strengthened a lot.Read More



On the superficial level, everyone may feel that you are very disorganised. However, only you know how to resolve issues in the apparent disarray.Read More



Positivity and clarity will enable you to visualise solutions for your problems very easily. There are likely to be some green-eyed monsters — simply ignore them.Read More



At work, you will hit the bull’s eye. Back home, you will spend quality time with family. Expect to be appreciated on this great day!Read More



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, put your heart and soul into your work, and party even harder in the evening.Read More



The planetary alignment foretells that your leadership qualities will surface today. You will successfully lead your team towards its common objectives.Read More

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