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Molecular gastronomy for the masses

Molecular gastronomy for the masses

The new menu at Quattro tranforms its food into gelled spheres and foams. Phorum Dalal writes about some of the hits and misses


Wildlife tourism: Spot the snow leopard and other wild animals

Wildlife tourism: Spot the snow leopard and other wild animals

This season, skip the usual lion and tiger safaris, and instead, set out on an adventurous trail to spot interesting and rare animals and birds, at many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks across India


'Living-in with my girlfriend is posing problems...'

'Living-in with my girlfriend is posing problems...'

I am having issues with my live-in girlfriend. We have been together for three years and ever since we began living together six months ago, I think we have lost the spark in the relationship...


LG invites fans to test and try G4 before its launch

LG invites fans to test and try G4 before its launch

L.G, on April 16, announced that it is offering a few units of G4 to its Indian fans for a 30-day trial before the actual launch of the device


Get Hinged! Singles and India's newest dating app

Get Hinged! Singles and India's newest dating app

This week, the international dating app, Hinge, launched in Mumbai. Kareena Gianani speaks to its CEO, Justin McLeod and India CEO, Samir Kapadia about what it adds to the dating scene in India


Ronnie Screwvala reveals the secret of his success

Ronnie Screwvala reveals the secret of his success

Ronnie Screwvala, founder of UTV Group, Unilazer Ventures and Swades Foundation, is a man who believes in dreaming big and dreaming with his eyes open


Health Special: How travel-fit are you?

Health Special: How travel-fit are you?

If you've planned to hit the road this c, read our checklist based on expert advice from medical professionals and travel planners for a hassle-free trip. Soma Das finds out

Today’s Horoscope



Introspection will be your dominant mood and you shall make every effort to understand your circumstances and people around you. The week ahead: Financial issues may bog you down this week. However, on the personal front, you will be better placed because of your newly found clarity of thoughts. Job insecurity may cause anxiety.Read More



A stressful day at home is on the cards. However, you shall spend the evening relaxing in the company of your beloved, who will help you recharge your . The week ahead: Though you shall share a good rapport with your spouse, things may not be as per your expectations on other fronts especially your career.Read More



Personal matters shall keep you preoccupied in the morning, but once you are through with them, your full focus will be on helping your kids with their studies. The week ahead: This week is all about finances. You will need the money to meet your personal expenses, which may also include spending on some pleasure-seeking activities. Read More



A favourable day is in store for you. You are set to make gains and finish all pending domestic tasks. Your relations with your dear ones shall be cordial. The week ahead: Around Monday and Tuesday, you will be prone to partying and indulging in pleasure-seeking activities. But from Wednesday you will take your responsibilities seriously.Read More



You shall be very conscientious about your career progress, which means you will make plans seriously, and obviously it is going to help in your future progress. The week ahead: Businessmen will be in luck and their projects are likely to come to fruition. Jupiter's influence will help you balance your personal and professional fronts.Read More



Even as you go about fulfilling the demands of your family, your thoughts may keep drifting towards work and how to improve your professional performance. The week ahead: Businessmen may face roadblocks on their way to success.Professionals too may find the going tough. The stars indicate mixed fortunes. Read More



It is going to be all about romance. Your search for a soul-mate may end. A candle-lit dinner shall provide you with the ideal opportunity to open your heart. The week ahead: Expect some mixed fortunes . Though professional work may cause distress, financial gains will cheer you up. You can use this money on your loved ones.Read More



Although you take your own sweet time to gel with others, today you shall be feeling in high spirits and will socialise and make new friends. The week ahead: Your strategies at your workplace will be appreciated by your superiors. Businessmen are likely to feel excited about clinching a deal with a high-worth client. Be prepared to face some obstacles though.Read More



The cut-throat competition of your work environment would have taken a heavy toll on you, so today you shall decide to put your legs up and just relax. The week ahead: Some sort of discontent among family members may disrupt harmony at home and you may have to cough up some money to satisfy the demands of your loved ones.Read More



You shall be inspired to give your 100 per cent. In order to avoid hurting your near and dear ones, avoid arguments at all costs. The week ahead: The unbecoming behaviour of a dear family member may disappoint you, this week. However, your workload will not let you dwell on it too much, which is good.Read More



It is time to rejuvenate yourself and gain solace by engaging yourself in spirituality. This will surely help you to build a better tomorrow. The week ahead: You may be feeling lazy as the week begins. Flooded by negative thoughts, you may also begin looking for a new job or assignment. Weigh the pros and cons first!Read More



You shall be able to establish a good rapport with some big shots at a social gathering, which will help you get your work done with their influence. The week ahead: The cosmos help you in your efforts to resolve personal issues. Professionals may feel uncomfortable at workplace. Multi-tasking would be needed.Read More

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