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Sample tasty North Indian curries at this Phoenix Marketcity eatery

Sample tasty North Indian curries at this Phoenix Marketcity eatery

Amaya Indian Grill & Kitchen at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla offers flavoursome and authentic North Indian curries, which are styled on the gharana school of cooking


Explore the frescoed walls of Shekhawati

Explore the frescoed walls of Shekhawati

The sleepy hamlets of Shekhawati are a treat for any art lover. Ananya Ghosh travels to this off-the-tourist-map destination in Rajasthan and peeps into this painted padlocked world that was once home to one of the most prosperous merchant communities of the country


'I don't know if he likes me...'

'I don't know if he likes me...'

I am 23 and have just taken up a job at a travel agency. I don’t have a boyfriend, but have quite a few male friends


Women want sex at 11.21 p.m., men at 7.54 a.m.: Survey

Women want sex at 11.21 p.m., men at 7.54 a.m.: Survey

When it comes to sex, most women prefer to make love precisely at 11.21 p.m. before hitting the sack while men love to get romantic at 7.54 a.m. for a perfect office start, an interesting survey reveals


The conspiracy of silence has been broken: Vibha Bakshi

The conspiracy of silence has been broken: Vibha Bakshi

As Vibha Bakshi receives the 62nd National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues today for her documentary, Daughters of Mother India, Anju Maskeri catches up with the filmmaker who hopes to make the viewers think about how India can be made a safer place


Awesome twosome or two much?

Awesome twosome or two much?

Be it the reluctance to take frequent career breaks during pregnancies, the ticking biological clock or the notion that raising two kids together leads to better bonding, Mumbai couples are warming up to the idea of back-to-back pregnancies. Mumbai experts break down the pros and cons

Today’s Horoscope



Romance is in the air, as you go all out pleasing your beloved, and wooing your partner through some creative and well thought out ways. You may go out for dinner.Read More



There may be a lot of work burden on you today. It will certainly not be beyond your capacity, but you may be feeling too tired to go through with it.Read More



Although you are of a reserved nature generally, today you shall be in a very extroverted mood. All the socialising will give you a very positive outlook.Read More



Today could be a turning point in your career, so be alert, otherwise you may miss out on some golden opportunities. Don't decide anything impulsively, though.Read More



It is going to be a wonderful day, which your may spend in the company of your friends. Acquaintances made today have the potential to turn into life-long friendships.Read More



You may be unclear today in your understanding of what is expected of you. Therefore, you need to sort it out with your superiors as soon as possible.Read More



After a rather hectic Sunday, today your most dominating desire shall be to get together with your sweetheart and chill out. Understandably, work will not feature high on your agenda!Read More



Due to a series of challenging alignments, you may continue to feel low today. Try to discard this negativity, instead focussing on some serious soul searching.Read More



Long-distance travel is on the cards today. Though it may be unexpected, rest assured that it will prove to be of great benefit for your business.Read More



You shall be in a mood to throw a party today, maybe without any reason. Businessmen involved in property dealing can expect to reap some good profits.Read More



It's time to celebrate, for some great news is on the way. It could be a promotion, increment or even the news of the wedding of a good old friend.Read More



While you may lean towards spirituality today, you shall be conscious of your family's material needs, and you will have to strike the right balance.Read More

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