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This Prabhadevi eatery offers healthy, tasty Chinese fare

This Prabhadevi eatery offers healthy, tasty Chinese fare

The next time you’re in the mood for tasty, authentic Chinese food minus Indian flavouring or ingredients, give Mr. Chow’s a call


Travel special: Mapping the Deccan Plateau

Travel special: Mapping the Deccan Plateau

Earlier this month, the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) had organised a workshop on the neglected ecosystem of the Deccan Plateau. The guide delves deeper to gauge why it’s crucial to protect this region that is home to abundant flora and fauna


'My guy beat me black and blue...'

'My guy beat me black and blue...'

My boyfriend hit me after a heated argument. We were shouting at each other and in a fit of rage, he beat me black and blue...


Get Hinged! Singles and India's newest dating app

Get Hinged! Singles and India's newest dating app

This week, the international dating app, Hinge, launched in Mumbai. Kareena Gianani speaks to its CEO, Justin McLeod and India CEO, Samir Kapadia about what it adds to the dating scene in India


Anupam Mittal plays Cupid with Shaadi.com

Anupam Mittal plays Cupid with Shaadi.com

Anupam Mittal became India's number one matchmaker with his matrimonial website. The businessman, who wears many hats today, shares his life's biodata with Phorum Dalal


Experts share tips on sunscreen and its effectiveness

Experts share tips on sunscreen and its effectiveness

The mercury is rising. Now's time to dab sunscreen and block the menacing sun. the guide invites experts to spell out the importance of applying sunscreen and also picks out the best buys in the market

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A sense of contentment shall keep your spirits high today. Romance is in the air, but much depends on how you approach it. Stay positive to radiate positive vibes.Read More



Even if your schedule does not permit it, your health may demand that you take some time off to recharge your batteries. You will enjoy the evening with your family.Read More



You shall be extremely clear in your head about your goals in life, and exactly how to go about achieving them. Some unforeseen rewards may be in the pipeline.Read More



You may have noticed that when you become too emotional, you manage to garner a lot of sympathy, but today it is going to prove to be a hindrance, so avoid it.Read More



Your self-confidence shall soar so high today that nothing will seem impossible to you. You shall also be firm in your decisions, and will not let anyone influence you.Read More



Putting your professional life on the back-burner for the day, you shall occupy yourself with personal affairs. It is time to solve all prickly problems.Read More



The stars are in your favour today, and you shall taste success in whatever you do. You may develop an artistic bent. Matters under litigation will turn in your favour.Read More



After a day in which you shall put your heart and soul in your work, you may expect to enjoy the evening entertaining yourself in the company of your close friends.Read More



With competition getting tougher, you may take it for granted that there shall be many challenges. However, you are made of stern stuff, and shall be able to cope.Read More



You shall feel bored because nothing exciting may be happening in your life. However, this is not a negative sign; it quite possibly is the lull before the storm.Read More



Your path may be fraught with dangers today, but you shall have the innate courage to confidently overcome all sorts of dangers and hurdles.Read More



Your personal life shall be smooth, but on the professional front, you may need to muster all your courage and ask for an increment which you so richly deserve.Read More

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