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Travel: Take a stroll at Bhandardara this long weekend

Travel: Take a stroll at Bhandardara this long weekend

As the long weekend is approaching, we have crafted a handy Bhandardara travel guide to help you plan a pleasant long weekend trip on the lap of nature


I think my girlfriend is cheating on me again

I think my girlfriend is cheating on me again

I am 23 and my girlfriend is 21. We have been dating each other for 8 years. During my school days, I used to cheat on her, but stopped after we finished schooling...

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You will become environment conscious. Conserving natural resources and planting trees shall be on top of your mind. It will encourage others too. The Week Ahead: If you are aiming for something big, you need to build your team, which includes talent from the concerned fields, says Ganesha.



You shall be very possessive, which is not likely to go down well with close ones. Remember that everyone needs space, and freedom to blossom. The Week Ahead: The time is good for buying fixed assets like a dream apartment. However, you should double-check all legal documents, says Ganesha.



You will become spiritual in your outlook. Attending or organising prayer meetings is likely. You shall even visit places of worship in search of peace. The Week Ahead: You may say something hurtful to someone which may adversely affect a relationship. So, be careful in relationships, says Ganesha.



It may be very disappointing to see that your sincere feelings are not appreciated by your loved ones. Be patient, your time will come soon. The Week Ahead: You may buy irrelevant things just to derive illusive satisfaction. One needs to mark out priorities about their need, says Ganesha.



On this awesome day, you will be applauded for your selfless service. Both your friends and relatives shall be extremely impressed. The Week Ahead: You may develop differences in a good relationship. Refrain from reacting critically. Have faith, and don't be a skeptic, says Ganesha.



Although you will excel in whatever you do on this fantastic day, it may require something major to motivate you to take the initiative. The Week Ahead: Pleasures of mind and body will not attract you much. And, even if they do, you will be in them just for mental relaxation.



From dawn to dusk you will be brimming with exuberance and ebullience. You shall be very active in your social life and also gain immense popularity. The Week Ahead: Refrain from instinctively handling matters related to finance. Business-persons will need to keep a plan B ready in case of a crisis.



Success is foreseen in everything you do on this eventful day, giving a big boost to your self-esteem. Don't become over-confident, though. The Week Ahead: You may face unexpected expenses. However, you should try not to get too stressed. Avoid saying anything hurtful to anybody, says Ganesha.



You are going to be in the spotlight. Fighting for justice here, helping the hapless there, and generally involving yourself in myriad public causes. The Week Ahead: You may face disruptions and confusion in your life. This may affect your daily work. However, you love challenges, so can take care of it.



Be very careful and avoid disputes or debates with your near and dear ones, as a single word may be blown out of proportion. The Week Ahead: This seems a good time to meet and greet friends and plan picnics. However, midweek onwards, routine life will call for your attention.



You have still not explored the limits of your potential. Push yourself, and you will be amazed to see that your potential is limitless. The Week Ahead: Things may not be great in a certain bond, says Ganesha. Don't push matters. Just go slow, and be willing to compromise for now.



Financial matters shall keep you busy. You will now understand the importance of investing wisely for securing the future of your loved ones. The Week Ahead: This dreamy and buoyant time may keep you immersed in intuitive thoughts. You may not be willing to act as of now, says Ganesha.

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