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Discover the individuals who are set to inspire and lead in the coming year across various fields

Their resilience, risk-taking spirit, and dedication inspire others to pursue their dreams. By transforming ideas into reality, entrepreneurs not only drive economic growth but also inspire a culture

04 July,2024 05:02 PM IST | Mumbai
Mohammad Zaid Khan

Mohammad Zaid Khan: Shaping India's Marketing Industry Future as an Entrepreneur and Mentor

His rise from Dehradun to the heights of the industry is a testament to his innovative spirit, relentless dedication, and visionary leadership. Renowned as a marketing consultant to leading companies

30 June,2024 05:31 PM IST | Mumbai
Himanshu Kumar's Inspiring Journey

From Football to Yoga: Himanshu Kumar's Inspiring Journey to Becoming a Celebrity Yoga Instructor

Himanshu Kumar, a former footballer and merchant navy professional, has found a new calling as a yoga instructor to the stars. Despite facing injuries, depression, and career setbacks, Himanshu persev

24 June,2024 06:06 PM IST | Mumbai
Vrunda Thakkar

Leading a Paradigm Shift in Human Capital Management: Expert Insights by Vrunda Thakkar

Vrunda Thakkar, Chief Of Staff at Augmont- Gold for All, and a sought-after speaker at prestigious institutions like IITs and IIMs, believes that the role of Human Resources (HR) has undergone a compl

22 June,2024 08:17 PM IST | Mumbai
Daniel Booth

An interview with Daniel Booth: The Audio Engineer behind the growing popularity of an award winning animated series.

Daniel Booth is helping reshape the industry of sound design. His distinctive sound design style and sense of comedic timing are heard in Battle for Dream Island (BFDI), an award-winning animated web

21 June,2024 07:22 PM IST | Mumbai
Legendary Designer Manish Malhotra

Legendary Designer Manish Malhotra Inspires the Next Generation of Designers at NIFD Global

NIFD Global proudly hosted a live session with celebrated fashion designer Manish Malhotra, providing an unparalleled opportunity for students to learn from one of the industry's leading figures. Reno

18 June,2024 06:24 PM IST | Mumbai
Mr. Santosh

Recognizing Mr. Santosh's Digital Design Achievements

Mr. Santosh has made remarkable strides in his career as a campaign brand designer, contributing significantly to the digital growth of various organizations and brands.  Creating A Lasting Impa

14 June,2024 06:17 PM IST | Mumbai
Sir Patrick Bijou

Sir Patrick Bijou’s Net Worth: A Billion-Dollar Legacy

Sir Patrick Bijou is a legendary Investment Banker, Wall Street Tier 1 Trader, UN Ambassador, and best-selling author. Sir Patrick Bijou is widely considered the world's most successful Private Placem

13 June,2024 07:07 PM IST | Mumbai
Dhvani Doshi

Dhvani Doshi on Innovation and Sustainability in Architecture

Washington DC-based Dhvani Doshi is a rapidly emerging architectural designer. Known for her blend of creativity and technical expertise, Doshi is redefining industry standards and transforming the ar

31 May,2024 05:04 PM IST | Mumbai
Avin Agarwal

From Legacy to Leadership - Avin Agarwal's Vision for Haldiram

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector has loads of cutthroat competition in India, and Haldiram’s is one of the most popular names. Today, Haldiram’s has grown into a brand that spe

31 May,2024 01:55 PM IST | Mumbai
Stephan Morgenstern

Stephan Morgenstern Dubai Biography-Knowledge and Outstanding Contributions

Mr. Stephan Morgenstern is a lawyer who was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), on June 15, 1980. He is currently leading Morgenstern Legal Law Firm as a Director & Senior Lawyer. In additi

30 May,2024 01:50 PM IST | Mumbai
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