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Beyond booze and music: Hit these clubs to witness the cool nightlife of Mumbai


Updated on: 29 December,2023 06:55 PM IST  |  Mumbai
Aakanksha Ahire |

The nightlife of Mumbai is a testament to the spirit of this city that never sleeps. While any clubbing scene is incomplete without dance and drinks, the city's nightlife has transcended to serve the youth with a more immersive experience. If you wish to explore it, this curated list of clubs is a handy guide you need

Beyond booze and music: Hit these clubs to witness the cool nightlife of Mumbai

Presently, one can find a nightclub or a bar every few kilometres, indicative of the changing preferences and demands of the audience. Photo Courtesy: DIVE. (Left), Kitty Su (Right)

Key Highlights

  1. Today, the nighlife of Mumbai goes beyond drinking, dancing and music
  2. Nightclubs and nightlife in Mumbai focus more on offering immersive experiences
  3. Wish to explore this side of the city? Here is a curated list of nightclubs to visit

‘Let’s go clubbing tonight’ is a common phrase for most young Mumbaikars. The first thing that pops up in our mind at the thought of clubbing is a late-night plan that involves booze and music. Nightlife of Mumbai however transcends the usual.  
Although clubbing as an activity is undoubtedly incomplete without drinks, music and dance, the nightclubs in the city are weaving in multiple other factors that make Mumbai’s nightlife an immersive experience rather than just another recreational activity.  
An eclectic mix of music, specially crafted cocktails, premium menus, diverse crowds and creative events all makeup for the modern clubbing scenes in Mumbai. Diversification of venues is one of the most noticeable shifts in the clubbing scenes of Mumbai. The city has seen a rise in the number of lounges, rooftop bars, and thematic venues.   
“Nightclubs and nightlife in Mumbai have evolved to focus more on experiences. There is a noticeable shift from merely providing a space for drinking and dancing to creating holistic experiences. Venues are now more focused on curating unique atmospheres, offering signature cocktails, and hosting special events to enhance the overall experience for patrons,” says Alexandre Renoue, beverage manager at AER, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai.  
Seconding to this, Sonali Mullick, head of operations and mixologist at Hitchki Resto-Bar, Mumbai says, “The venues have incorporated cultural and artistic elements, hosting events that go beyond music. This includes art exhibitions, live performances, and collaborations with local artists, adding a multidimensional aspect to the nightlife experience. Mumbai's nightlife has been influenced by global trends in music, fashion, and entertainment. International DJs and artists frequently perform in the city, contributing to a more cosmopolitan and globalised nightlife scene.”  
According to Vardhaman Choksi, founder of Escobar: Tapas Bar and Fine Dine Restaurant, social media's influence has been transformative, shaping trends and driving popularity in unprecedented ways. “We're also seeing a trend in daytime and sunset parties, expanding the concept of nightlife beyond traditional hours. The integration of health and wellness trends, with offerings like non-alcoholic beverages and organic snacks, aligns with the growing health consciousness of our patrons.”  
In a noteworthy transformation, particularly in the realm of bars and nightclubs, Sunny Sara co-founder, The Ribbon Room Bar and Tequileria observes, “There has been a significant shift in the overarching bar culture, blurring the lines between what constitutes a bar and a nightclub. The trend often begins with an establishment functioning as a bar and gradually turns into a high-energy nightclub. Over the past two decades, I have observed substantial growth in the nightclub industry. Initially, there were only a handful of places embracing the nightclub culture, but this landscape has evolved significantly. Presently, one can find a nightclub or a bar every few kilometres, indicative of the changing preferences and demands of the audience. The demographic enjoying these experiences spans from 22 to 50 years old, showcasing a broader and more diverse audience compared to earlier times.”  
Whether you are new in the city or not, if you wish to explore this side of Mumbai, we have prepared a curated list of city clubs that offer a mix of everything to cater to the diverse crowds having a diverse range of interests.   
Aer by Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai 

Located on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel in South Mumbai,  Aer is a rooftop bar that creates a sophisticated and relaxed ambience offering a break from the typical office environment.  
AER offers an array of small plates and sharing platters to complement craft cocktails, featuring inventive twists on truffles, mezze, tacos, and exquisite seafood. Innovations such as the deconstructed burrata, sliders crafted from green bananas, and imam bayildi wraps featuring eggplant and pure artistry cater to Jains, vegans, and vegetarians alike, ensuring universal delight. “I curated AER’s menu while drawing inspiration from these ever-changing skies. This yacht club theme of AER extends to the menu with dishes and drinks that evoke the spirit of sailing,” says Alexandre Renoue, Beverage Manager at AER.  
From a wide collection of cocktails like Cumulus, Thunderheads and Mariner’s Brew Voyage to non-alcoholic drinks like Zephyr, Blue Sapphire Horizon, and Charged Skyline, this rooftop bar has something for every palette.  
The music selection is carefully curated to match the mood of the evening. From the DJ’s take on Trance to Deep House beats, the tunes here are always on point, setting the perfect rhythm for the night.  

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