Seekh kebab to malpua: 13 mouthwatering iftar dishes to try at Mumbai's Mohammad Ali Road during Ramadan

With the onset of Ramadan, the famous khau galli at Mumbai's Mohammad Ali Road is oozing with lip-smacking dishes. The savoury fragrance of chicken cutlets, the sweet aroma of malpuas and the refreshing scent of mohabbat ka sharbat mingle in the air and holler foodies from every corner of the city. Here, are the top 13 delicious iftar treats to try at this khau gali during the month of Ramadan. Image Courtesy: Manjeet Kumar Thakur

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Food lovers flock to Mohammad Ali Road for sizzling kebabs, sweet treats and refreshing drinks all made fresh for iftar. Image Courtesy: Manjeet Kumar Thakur

Mohabbat ka Sharbat is a signature drink available only during Ramadan at Mohammad Ali Road. Your visit to the khau gali remains incomplete if you haven't savoured this sweet, refreshing drink that instantly energises you. Made with Rooh Afza, sugar, milk, watermelon and ice, the drink is priced at Rs 20 and can be availed at Zam Zam Sweets & Bakery. This drink is a major crowd favourite as the shop sells approximately 2000 glasses per day

Just a stone's throw away from the pulsating sharbat is the iconic Sulaiman Usman Mithaiwala. Established in 1936, this sweet shop is one of the oldest and most revered ones in South Bombay. They offer a wide variety of exotic desserts like kesar firni, khwaja, fruit bowls, rabri all within the range of Rs 40 - Rs 100

Khwaja: One of their desserts to dig in is the exotic Khwaja, the colorful indulgence that can be spotted from a distance. This delicacy is a combination of mawa filling on the inside and flaky pastry on the topside

Firni: This slow-cooked Indian dessert made with pudding, basmati rice, milk, nuts, sugar and scented with cardamom or saffron tops our list of must-try items at Sulaiman Usman Mithaiwala. It is priced at Rs 90 and Rs 100 depending upon the toppings one goes for

Mutton Seekh: After walking approximately 100 meters into the gali, you will come across a quaint shop called 'Bismillah Corner' on your right which serves some of the juiciest kebabs, khiri gosht, kaleji and tandoori chicken. Indulge in succulent mutton seekh kebabs, charred over flames and served piping hot with onions and zesty green chutney priced at Rs 120

Chicken sticks: A heaven for non-veg lovers, Janata restaurant has a myriad of munchies to cater to your iftar needs

Cutlets and fritters: Treat yourself to a platter of chicken sticks, chicken cutlets, chutney kebab, crispy chicken, chicken roll, chicken kandi, chicken lollipop, baida roti and more at Janata restaurant. These items are priced at a range of Rs 40 - Rs 80 and make for an unmissable Ramadan delight

Chicken Shawarma: As the food begins to settle in, we are reminded that this was just snacks and there is a massive line-up of food waiting to be savoured. Move over to 'Masha Allah cuisine' where the highlight dish is the chicken shawarma. Cooked slowly, this shawarma is another crowd favourite and has a long waiting time. Along with the shawarma, the outlet serves mutton items like chaap, seekh and rolls also

Haleem: Haleem is a traditional Hyderabadi delicacy made from minced mutton. Savour this rich and aromatic dish, a traditional Ramadan delicacy, simmered to perfection with tender meat and lentils at Hyderabadi Badami Haleem priced at Rs 130

Fried potato swirl: Vegetarians may find it tricky to navigate the streets of Mohammad Ali Road that are donned with meat delicacies. However, a variety of lip-smacking options are also available for vegetarians. One of them is fried potato swirls which can be spotted from afar and serve as quick bites of tangy-spicy delicacy

Firni at Modern Sweets: Enjoy the creamy delight of firni, a classic Indian rice pudding infused with fragrant cardamom and garnished with nuts at another celebrated sweet shop at Mohammad Ali Road: Modern Sweets (Rs 50 per cup)

Shahi tukda: Wash down your spices by indulging in a delectable plate of Shahi tukda at Modern Sweets. One bite into it will fill you up with the oozing goodness of bread dipped in chashni (caramelised sugar). Maximize the experience of having Shahi Tukda with a dash of mawa and dried fruits priced at Rs 50 

Rabdi Malpua: In pursuit of scrumptious malpuas, we arrived at Modern Sweets. Their rabdi malpuas are a heavenly delight that can potentially give stiff competition to pancakes. Made with eggs that are tossed in palm tree oil, these malpuas are light on the stomach and are priced at Rs 100

Mawa Jalebi: Have you ever indulged in Mawa Jalebi which comes packed with the richness of Khoya? If not, you are in for a sweet ride that only goes up. Mawa Jalebis at Modern Sweets are thick and huge, with one jalebi almost the size of your palm. On the exterior, the Jalebis are neither too hot nor too cold but when you bite into them, the oozing goodness of hot mawa fills your mouth wholesomely. Just about two of the big brown jalebis are enough to satiate your sweet cravings and they are priced at Rs 320 per kg

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